Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction

1 WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER New York Times finance editor David Enrich s explosive expos of the most scandalous bank in the world, revealing its shadowy ties to Donald Trump, Putin s Russia, and Nazi Germany A jaw dropping financial thriller Philadelphia Inquirer

The Scientist and the Spy: A True Story of China, the FBI, and Industrial Espionage

A riveting true story of industrial espionage in which a Chinese born scientist is pursued by the U.S government for trying to steal trade secrets, by a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in nonfiction In September 2011, sheriff s deputies in Iowa encountered three ethnic Chinese men near a field

Designing Your Work Life: How to Thrive and Change and Find Happiness at Work

From the authors of the 1 New York Times best seller Designing Your Life Life has questions They have answers The NYT a job changing, outlook changing, life changing book that shows us how to transform our work lives and create a dream job that is meaningful without necessarily changing the


From acclaimed author Kate Messner comes the powerful story of a young girl with the courage to make her voice heard, set against the backdrop of a summertime mystery When Mia moves to Vermont the summer after seventh grade, she s recovering from the broken arm she got falling off a balance beam.

Wildpreneurs: A Practical Guide to Pursuing Your Passion as a Business

For the rising number of free spirits seeking inspiration and a road map to leave their safe but soul crushing day jobs and chase their dreams, real life Wildpreneur Tamara Jacobi shares her insights on what it takes to successfully make the leap Wildpreneurs illuminates how surf guides, ski

Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments

When it comes to innovation, relying on intuition won t cut it any Whether it s improving customer experiences, trying out new business models, or developing new products, even the most experienced managers often get it wrong This is especially true in the online world, where predicting

How to Go to Work: All the Advice You Need to Succeed at Your First Job

How to Go to Work is a practical guide to equip you with everything you need to know to choose and achieve the career you want The world of work is changing faster than ever before and it can feel overwhelmingly competitive out there That s why Lucy Clayton, a founding CEO, and Steve Haines, an

Before and After the Book Deal: A Writer’s Guide to Finishing, Publishing, Promoting, and Surviving Your First Book

Everything youve ever wanted to know about publishing but were too afraid to ask is right here in this funny, candid guide by acclaimed author Courtney Maum Before and After the Book Deal A Writer s Guide to Finishing, Publishing, Promoting, and Surviving Your First Book has over 150 contributors

Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future

There is no better guide than Paul Krugman to basic economics, the ideas that animate much of our public policy Likewise, there is no stronger foe of zombie economics, the misunderstandings that just wont die In Arguing with Zombies, Krugman tackles many of these misunderstandings, taking stock of

Billion Dollar Brand Club: The Rebel Startups Disrupting Industry Empires

A leading business journalist takes us inside a business revolution the upstart brands taking on the empires that long dominated the trillion dollar consumer economy.Dollar Shave Club and its hilarious marketing Casper mattresses popping out of a box Third Loves lingerie designed specifically for

Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know

Malcolm Gladwell, host of the podcast Revisionist History and author of the 1 New York Times bestseller Outliers, offers a powerful examination of our interactions with strangers and why they often go wrong How did Fidel Castro fool the CIA for a generation Why did Neville Chamberlain think he

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

No matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for improving every day James Clear, one of the world s leading experts on habit formation, reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to

Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals

I believe we can change the world But first, weve got to stop living in fear of being judged for who we are Rachel Hollis has seen it too often women not living into their full potential They feel a tugging on their hearts for something , but theyre afraid of embarrassment, of falling short

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World

Listening Length 1 hour and 53 minutes If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed On May 17, 2014, Admiral William H McRaven addressed the graduating class of the University of Texas at Austin on their Commencement day Taking inspiration from the university s slogan, What