Exile Music

Based on an unexplored slice of World War II history, Exile Music is the captivating story of a young Jewish girl whose family flees refined and urbane Vienna for safe harbor in the mountains of Bolivia n nAs a young girl growing up in Vienna in the 1930s, Orly has an idyllic childhood filled with mus

Private Lessons

In a standout debut for the MeToo era, a young pianist devotes herself to her art and to the demanding, charismatic teacher she idolizes n nAfter seventeen year old Claire Alalay s father s death, only music has helped her channel her grief Claire likes herself best when she plays his old piano,

Simon the Fiddler

The reader is treated to a kind of alchemy on the page when character, setting and song converge at all the right notes, generating an authentic humanity that is worth remembering and celebrating n New York Times n n nThe critically acclaimed, bestselling author of News of the World and Enemy Wom

The Lucky Ones

How do you put yourself back together when it seems like you ve lost it all n nMay is a survivor But she doesn t feel like one She feels angry And lost And alone Eleven months after the school shooting that killed her twin brother, May still doesn t know why she was the only one to walk out of t

The Subtweet

Everyone talks about falling in love, but falling in friendship can be just as captivating When Neela Devaki s song is covered by internet famous artist Rukmini, the two musicians meet and a transformative friendship begins But as Rukmini s star rises and Neela s stagnates, jealousy and self doubt

One Good Reason: A Memoir of Addiction and Recovery, Music and Love

In this deeply personal memoir, co written with wife Andrea Aragon, singer songwriter and renowned mental health, addiction, and recovery advocate S an McCann leaves no stone unturned Detailing, in powerful and lyrical prose, a childhood in Newfoundland indoctrinated in strict Catholic faith, the c


From subway to Broadway to happily ever after Modern love in all its thrill, hilarity, and uncertainty has never been so compulsively readable as in New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren s romantic novel n nMarriages of convenience are soinconvenient n nFor months Holland Bakker has

Modern Lovers

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Vacationers, a smart, highly entertaining novel about a tight knit group of friends from college their own kids now going to college and what it means to finally grow up well after adulthood has set in n nFriends and former college bandmates Elizabeth