The Down Days

THE BOOK OF M MEETS DISTRICT 19 IN A FAST PACED, CHARACTER DRIVEN LITERARY APOCALYPTIC NOVEL THAT EXPLORES LIFE, LOVE, AND LOSS IN A POST TRUTH SOCIETY n nIn the aftermath of a deadly outbreak reminiscent of the 1962 event of mass hysteria that was the Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic a city at the t


A new dystopian sci fi YA series from the New York Times bestselling author Colleen Houck n nWarning all Astronauts nCOLONY BOUNDARY WARNING nPERMISSION TO ENTER ALIEN FOREST IS REQUIRED nNOTE NO RESCUE ATTEMPTS WILL BE MADE n nIn the future, a terraforming ship lands on a perfectly green planet nTwo p

Fractured Tide

n Lost n meets Stranger Things in this eerie, immersive YA thriller, thrusting seventeen year old Sia into a reality where the waters in front of her and the jungle behind her are as dangerous as the survivors alongside her n nSia practically grew up in the water scuba diving, and wreck dives are ru