A Charmed Life (The Ashland Witches, #1)

A Charmed Life (The Ashland Witches, #1) Loved itIt s so nice to read a book that has characters I can identify with As a Pagan who loves women it is rare to find this The characters are well developed and the story has just the right amount of romance and magick without going over the top into woo woo territory The characters are also relatable in that they deal with family conflict I loved it and can t wait for the next one Fiona is one of four lesbian witches in a small Nebraska town I know, but stay with me here Each of the four has a power related to a specific element wind, water, earth and fire Fiona is fire After the four become close in high school, they part for college, but then all of them return to the town except Fiona, who becomes a freelance writer and travels the world, with a girl in every port, but none of them a serious relationship When her father dies, she returns determined to settle his estate and leave But she s pulled in by the alluring Gabe Gabrielle , amazingly the 5th lesbian witch in the small town.There s a lot that both Fiona and Gabe must reconcile and deal with about themselves before they can have their HEA Most of the book is about their inner struggles with past family trauma and the reader has to trudge through this with them endlessly The other 3 in the circle have their own issues, but apparently those are just introduced and won t be dealt with until future books are released, leaving the reader with a to be continued feeling.I usually like books abut witches, both straight and gay, but this one felt a bit flat, both on the witch part and the romance part I couldn t get invested in Fiona, Gabe or their relationship I was drawn to the enigmatic but logical Avery and I hope the next book is about her. Can Love Tame Wanderlust Fiona Thought She Knew What She Wanted In Life Travel, Excitement, And A New Lover Every Week Everything Changes When She Loses Her Father Unexpectedly Returning To The Midwest, She Reunites With Her Best Friends, A Circle Of Elemental Witches Whose Talents Balance One Another S Though She S Eager To Settle Her Affairs And Resume Her Journey, Fiona Meets Someone Who Gives Her A Reason To Stay Gabrielle, A Gorgeous Bartender And Fellow Witch Piece By Piece, Fiona Builds A New Life, One She Hopes To Share With Gabe But It Turns Out Fiona Isn T The Only One With Ghosts To Put To Rest Will They Be Able To Release The Past, So They Can Weave The Magick Of Their Present Lives Together This Is A Lightly Paranormal Lesbian Romance About Two Good Witches Falling In Love Good story This is the story of Fiona coming home because of her father s death Saying goodbye to her father enabled her to come to terms with her past and meeting the woman who would become her true love Gabrielle Fiona and Gabe are both are joined by their fellow elemental witches to develop a very sweet and charming story. This wasn t at all what I expected To be honest I expected the typical urban fantasy romance, but with lesbians, and while it delivered the lesbians there was very little magic At first I thought it would be kind of cool to read a book about witches just living their lives like regular people, but it turns out that s really not that interesting The characters were also pretty flat, and I felt like time was spent on the main characters relationships with their families than their romance The book was also very guilty of using descriptors like the older woman and the blonde and others instead of just she her or the character s name, which used sparingly isn t terrible but there were multiple instances of this per page I may go on to read the second one just because my curiosity about the future of these characters has been piqued, but maybe not. A terrific new series about magical lesbians.Book 1 of A Charmed Life left me wanting of the story The characters are captivating Fiona is a fire witch whose life is falling apart, but on the horizon a better life is waiting for her Gabe is an air witch and a fortyish bartender who throws Fiona a life line when she most needs it Avery an air witch, Waverly a water witch and Emma an earth witch round out the fascinating group Since I like both lesbian paranormal and lesbian romance novels, A Charmed Life is a winner for me I m very curious to see where the story goes in Book 2 of The Ashland Witches series. The writing was very good but the romance wasn t as strong as I d hoped The story dwelt too much on the main characters childhood issues rather than the growing of the romance The issues the characters dealt with was handled quite well and it was obvious that falling in love motivated them to move past those issues.The magical aspect was done okay too There wasn t big flash but a display of how magic can be used in everyday life I enjoyed the book enough to recommend it to those who like of the contemporary romance side of witchcraft in their romances. EnjoyableI didn t expect to like this book I m no into anything in the paranormal culture and I thought that I d find that to be off putting Well, it wasn t The characters are well defined and very interesting I found something in each character that I could relate to.I downloaded this bok because I enjoy Jea Hawkins stories, and I m glad I did I am eager to read the next book in the series. Fiona is a journalist and travels around the world She has to return to her hometown when her father dies While taking care of her father s house she reconnects with her best friends and tries to figure out what she wants to do next Fiona also meets someone which complicates her decisions.This was a good start to the series and a quick read I m looking forward to reading about the Ashland witches. 2 2.5I was a little disappointed in the story because I just expected There were a couple places where I rolled my eyes because it was annoying Like when Fiona went to see her mom after she was abandoned decades before and the first word she says is mom but later she says oh I haven t called her mom in 24 years when she had just called her that a few pages ago.Or when Gabe runs away in sudden fear because Fiona asks her to move in with her and tells her that she can t move in Until literally a chapter later she s like oh yeah I want to see you wake up in the morning, I do wanna move in.I do think this story is magical realism than lightly paranormal Like what does that even mean

Lucy True.Regardless of genre, if love conquers all, then she d like to think her heroines can rule the world one day An east coast transplant to the Midwest, she loves to write about complicated women and settings that feel like home Her historical contemporary romance, As Long As Love Lasts, has been nominated for a GCLS Literary Award.Personal addictions include genealogy, autumn, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, and the Sims 3 She s both an avid reader and gamer, and hopes readers don t mind a few geeky references here and there in her work.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 197 pages
  • A Charmed Life (The Ashland Witches, #1)
  • Jea Hawkins
  • English
  • 14 May 2017

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