A Moment in Time (Aberdeen Pack #5)

A Moment in Time (Aberdeen Pack #5) I didn t enjoy this remotely as much as the previous one It was still nice enough it s always a big plus when I don t fly into a fury over a book Unlike in the animal world or romance novels, mates were not given to them by fate Ugnnf Stop that Love at first sight certainly becomes interesting again when fate is not involved I just wish the characters remembered as much The way they talk and think you could mistake this for a fated mates deal The one man destined to be mine It has to be said There s a rape issue here that is completely glossed over A decent person does not have sex with someone who s falling down drunk view spoiler Much less claim him, although supposedly that only works because Apollo somehow wanted it, too Hm hide spoiler Shameful editing I expect better, far better Not only was the line editing crap, so was the content editing At one point both Grayson and Apollo are talking in the same paragraph There are incorrect dialogue punctuation marks and some flat out missing Grayson tells Brandon on the phone that he can get back to the forest shack in 30 minutes due to the first attack in the woods yet then it takes him a few hours to get there Plus anyone with a spec of sense knows a forest on a mountain area means no cell towers so how did Brandon call in the first place Then we have the Apollo topping scene Disaster after disaster First, Apollo never blindfolds Grayson, yet pushes a blindfold off at the end He also calls him his sub right at that moment which was totally random and didn t fit the story which did deal with dominance but not D s We also get to read completely illogical and physically impossible actions of Apollo seeing Grayson s erection grow even though he was fucking him from behind, and then he turns his head to sink his teeth into Grayson It s pretty hard to bite sideways or see through a body And what the hell is up with purposefully pointing out that this shifter world doesn t involve destined I smell you as my mate and have that be the exact thing that brings them together so they can blurt out they love each other during a few short weeks where they don t get to spend much time at all together Methinks the author protests too much, cause hello insta love This got 2 stars only because the plot finally progressed beyond seemingly random attacks, and we got some damn explanations of the council s motives Plus I liked the little scenes with the pups.It s sad to say, but Stormy Glenn is going on my list of experienced authors who know better but are clearly concerned about quantity over quality, which is a crying shame. Definitely a favorite in the series for me I adored Apollo and Grayson plus getting to see of Iben, Zack, Ares, Simon, Djal, and Rory, always makes me happy I loved the little extra mystery the author threw in as well.I want to live in that pack with the beautiful lake and gorgeous mountains Pretty sure I could be very happy there Now, I have to bug Stormy to write in this series I think Brandon s story needs to be told, plus they haven t weeded the bad apples out from the Wolf Council Just sayin Hmmm what to think, what to thinkNot to be stereotypical just hard to switch relationship roles up from the start of this relationship to later on Grayson s strong dominant wolf personality, lacking the drive to be an alpha, is how we start off with Apollo certainly seems to like it and enjoys the submissive side.THEN the disappearance A few things bothering me here Once Grayson gives in to see his mate, and coincidentally makes a comment about a lack of security, it makes me question WHY Apollo is considered an elite soldier This certainly makes him and the bros look bad in that area.NEXT explanations During explanations Apollo takes the lead I didn t have a problem with changing the leaders on the board, but the movements to get there I didn t like In other words, the WAY it was handled, I didn t like PLUS as another reviewer meantioned about editing errors the sex scene here definitely had some issues What I noticed was view spoiler lack of lube Grayson is on his KNEES so Apollo can t watch his erection fill back up after orgasm the word SUB there was never any bdsm type play started so the word is coming out of nowhere not to mention Grayson does not give out sub vibes to me Again Grayson is on his KNEES, so Apollo can t hear Grayson s heartbeat against him or kiss his collarbone the sudden appearance of a BLINDFOLD at the end of this sex scene hide spoiler Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Werewolves, HEA When Apollo Roman Woke To A Gorgeous Man Cooking Breakfast In His Kitchen, The Thought That The Two Were Mates Was The Farthest Thing From His Mind The Only Thing He Was Thinking About Was Being Claimed By The Bear Of Man, Especially When Grayson Spreads Him Out Like The Guy S Own Personal Buffet But Happiness Comes With A Price Apollo Learns This When Grayson Disappears Soon Afterward Grayson Sanchez Snuck Into Aberdeen Valley So He Could Speak To Alpha Khenti And Convince The Man To Give Him And His Surviving Pack Sanctuary What Started As A Scouting Mission Soon Turns Into A Fantasy Come True When Grayson Not Only Finds The Man Of His Dreams, But Claims HimBut In Order To Keep His Dream, Grayson Will Have To Fight An Unknown Enemy, Defy The Council, And Commit To Something Bigger Than He S Ever Imagined And Even Then, There Is No Guarantee That The Two Will Have Anything Than A Moment In Time This book was ok I wish she would continue the series Would love to read Brandon s Story Title A Moment in TimeAuthor Stormy GlennPublisher Siren Bookstrand publishingISBN 978 1 62741 526 2Buy Link Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb Aberdeen Pack 5When Apollo Roman woke to a gorgeous man cooking breakfast in his kitchen, the thought that the two were mates was the farthest thing from his mind The only thing he was thinking about was being claimed by the bear of man, especially when Grayson spreads him out like the guy s own personal buffet But happiness comes with a price Apollo learns this when Grayson disappears soon afterward.Grayson Sanchez snuck into Aberdeen Valley so he could speak to Alpha Khenti and convince the man to give him and his surviving pack sanctuary What started as a scouting mission soon turns into a fantasy come true when Grayson not only finds the man of his dreams, but claims him.But in order to keep his dream, Grayson will have to fight an unknown enemy, defy the council, and commit to something bigger than he s ever imagined And even then, there is no guarantee that the two will have anything than a moment in time.Summary This story started with a bang when Apollo woke one morning to find a man, Grayson, in his house that he had unknowingly mated to It helped that Grayson fulfilled every dream he ever had for his mate, but when Grayson disappeared without a trace Apollo was left heartbroken Grayson was on a mission to save his pack when he was sidetracked when he saw his mate Apollo When reality intruded he was forced to leave, but their paths were soon to cross finding the Aberdeen Pack at odds with the council as they are attacked for some unknown reason There was to Grayson s motivations than anyone ever expected showing what an incredible individual he was Apollo s desire to find his man was as strong as Grayson s need to keep Apollo safe and they could be perfect for each other if they get a moment to themselves Many of the characters from earlier books played important parts as the pack s lives and adventures continue This fast paced book was a wonderful edition to the Aberdeen Pack series. I am such a fan of the Aberdeen Pack series by Stormy Glenn that I can honestly say I was looking forward to Apollo s story I mean he is part of the deadly trio and with his brothers finding their soul mates I wanted Apollo to find that happiness as well And in A Moment in Time,Ms Glenn did not disappoint with either the story she gave us or the male she gave him Grayson is alpha but not quite I found him to be adorable even as others saw his size and failed to look beneath the surface I found myself chuckling throughout this tale but I must admit I derived much enjoyment as Apollo tried to place who Grayson was and why he was so possessive of him all while not letting on he couldn t remember a thing, hysterical But back to Grayson, I loved the quiet strength he exuded Even as he struggled with his grief,he stepped up to the plate and tried to do what was best for what remained of his pack Seeing him struggle to do it all and be all things was reminiscent of how many woman feel today trying to be superwoman and Ms Glenn handled his struggle and acceptance with a light hand that did nothing but increase my respect for both Grayson and Apollo.Seeing Apollo as something than the sum of his pack status was both refreshing and humanizing In prior books we saw a shifter of strength whom others feared, however, in this story I saw a male with feelings and emotions He learned from the mistakes made by his brothers and fought his nature to show his softer side to his mate Even as he was heartbroken by his missing mate, he was able to put aside his pride and depend not only on his brothers but his pack as well I thought that took a strength and courage few people have I found this story by Ms Glenn to be a wonderful addition to this series While tying up a few threads, Ms Glenn gave us clues She gave Apollo a story well worth the man and set us up on a journey that is beginning to have hope I am so looking forward to where she will take us next Five Shooting Stars I really enjoyed Apollo s and Grayson s story from beginning to end I also liked the new characters introduced and cannot wait to find out what happens with Brandon and the two humans are they really human that Iben called in for backup.There was only one part that bugged me and it was during the 3rd intimate scene when Grayson comes back to see Apollo after taking off I felt like there is a paragraph missing, but it didn t detract enough to ruin my enjoyment of the book.I hope there will be a lot books in this series and cannot wait to continue reading about this growing family. What a disappointing way to end the series it felt like parts had been cut and pasted into this story from other books as there were character name changes and at one point, the alpha was referred to as the sub we had the tall bloke having to pull his mates head DOWN for a kiss and a whole plethora of other consistency issues Given that I had enjoyed the series up until this point, I was sad to see sloppy editing and lacklustre proof reading leaving the story series on such a down note.

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