A Secret Scottish Christmas (Agents of the Crown, #4)

A Secret Scottish Christmas (Agents of the Crown, #4) I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book A love triangle set during the Christmas season, A Secret Scottish Christmas by Regan Walker, provides a sweet romance with the Powell twins vying for the affection of a fair Scottish lass.I m not normally a fan of a love triangle, but there really wasn t any other way to describe the romance aspect I kind of felt sorry for Aileen for the tough task of choosing which twin she was compatible with Both twins had their charming aspects Robbie, the rogue and Nash, the grounded one I would be remiss if I didn t mention that both Robbie and Nash are spies It would help to know that this series is set around characters who have all been spies at one time or another With the pretense of a family holiday vacation in Scotland, the Powell twins set out to capture a wanted man Aileen is the unexpected boon and both brothers start a little competition.As with all of Regan Walker s stories, I always look forward to learning something She always incorporates part of history that takes place around time frame of the story The subplot being the aftermath of the Peterloo Massacre which ultimately leads the Powell brothers to Aileen and towards the end is the cause of the contention Despite the serious undertones, the lighthearted family vacationing in the countryside was a nice glimpse into the holiday traditions of both the Scottish and English If you ve not read the previous stories in this series, fear not, for this can be read as a standalone While most of the past characters are in this story, there are no real series spoilers One can easily enjoy the story, since it s really focused on the Aileen and her twin admirers Reading this, I felt like I was a guest myself at the party At times, the story seemed a bit slow and in want of some action, but I could totally appreciate it regardless It was pretty obvious about who Aileen would end up with, but it was still fun to read about how she would come to her decision Especially looking forward to reading the next installment. This is the next instalment of Walker s hugely enjoyable and highly acclaimed Agents of the Crown Series which tells the stories of a group of Governmental Agents as they risk their very lives, not just for their country but for love too As always Walker stuns with her gift for story telling, she magically entwines historic fact and fiction to create a thought provoking sensual romance, one that will stay with you for a very long time A secret Scottish Christmas brings together all our heroes and their spouses and takes them to Scotland for Christmas, this time we are introduced to the handsome as sin and charming Powell twins Robbie and Nash.This is wonderful The characters are full bodied and meticulously drawn up, and instantly captivating Ailie is a real tomboy She has this great mind and she is so very talented and resourceful Walker has done a wonderful job at separating the twins , personalities Nash being the younger and serious twin, he is thoughtful and kind eager to learn and yet below that serious book loving, designer you sense a volcano that is about to erupt Whereas Robbie has already erupted, his is wilder than his brother, he is the stereotypical rake, charming, arrogant and playful but below all the bluster he has a heart of pure gold and highly protective of his twin brother.The Secret Scottish Christmas is educational as well as romantic, the romance between Ailie and the twin she finally ends up with is endearing and loving, and proves that no matter the differences love of a good person can triumph If you like a bit of a love triangle, handsome spies and artistic heroines, secrets, traditions and romance all wrapped up with a big Christmas bow, then this is the book you need to read.Full review over at Chicks Rogues and Scandalshttps chicksroguesandscandals.wordp A SECRET SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS by Regan Walker has once again, created a story of family, secrets, spies, romance and the magic of Christmas in Scotland I was pulled into this story from page one forward I totally loved twins, Nash and Robbie Powell of Powell Sons Shipping, London, as they set sail with their fellow Agents of the Crown from England to Scotland Aileen Stephen, aka Ailie, the Scottish daughter of an Aberdeen shipbuilder She is clever, devious and determined to gain her place as a designer of highly coveted ships for her family business Nash and Robbie both vie for Ailie s attention, but only one will win her heart Fast paced, written with engaging and memorable characters The plot is simply mesmizing, captivating, and flows seamlessly and effortlessly Ms Walker brings Scotland, shipbuilders and spies to life on the pages of this outstanding holiday romance set mostly in Scotland A definite must read for any historical romance fan and any fans who enjoy holiday read with a HEA, some suspense, a few surprises, some mystery and the return of other beloved characters from the highly anticipated AGENTS OF THE CROWN series While, book 4, it can be read as a stand alone I absolutely love the characters and the storyline Fantastic and mesmizing romance.Rating 5Heat rating MildReviewer AprilR Regan Walkers fourth installment of the Agents of the Crown Series is a delightful read Ms Walker masterfully merges meticulous detail, lovely characters, and a compelling plot For those of us who ve enjoyed the prior books we get to spend time with other much adored characters All while being pulled forward in a story that has romance, intrigue, and Christmas spent in Scotland This book can be read as a stand alone or part of the series Either way this lighthearted story is yours to enjoy and I highly recommend you do. A Secret Scottish Christmas is the fourth installment from the Agents of the Crown series by Regan Walker I have not read the others in the series yet and did not feel like I was missing anything that had happened previously I will definitely have to go back read them though, because I loved this book It is magical, sweet, and romantic Great read 5 plus stars.I received this book from the author, but was not required to write a review This review is 100% my own honest opinion. The Powell brothers are travelling with their family to Scotland for Christmas They re mixing a bit of spy business along with the Christmas holiday The mission is to apprehend the fugitive that s riling the Scots.Aileen Stephan is the sister to William Stephan and the driving force behind the ship designs at the family ship building business Things get interesting when both the brothers compete for Aileen s affection.Once again Regan Walker has a richly detailed story with beautifully scenic landscapes, historical information intertwined with the story I loved revisiting with the previous Agents and their wives Lots of intrigue some spying a love triangle a matchmaking Countess will keep you entertained A Secret Scottish Christmas is the perfect story you won t be disappointed I received a copy from the author for my unbiased opinion. A Secret Scottish Christmas was a wonderful book to read The love among the family is beautiful Of course the Powells are a wonderful family to like I just loved all the characters and their talents Regan is amazing in the research she puts in her books Write a review A SECRET SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS by Regan Walker is an enchanting novel that has whisked her readers into the romance and magic of an intriguing, but inspirational, family Christmas As a sequel to her Agents of the Crown series, she has pulled readers into a story of a close family of spies with intrigue, shipping, dangerous secrets, historical significance and of course a true romance that reminds us that love cannot be denied Twin brothers, Robbie and Nash Powell of Powell Sons Shipping of London embark on a holiday voyage from London to the quiet, wintery wonderland of Scotland, with her castles and inevitably a ghost or two who remind us of the hardships of the poor, including those who fought to make an oppressive life better Aileen Stephen, aka Ailie, immediately gains the interest of the identical twins who have a wicked propensity for using their identical looks to deceive people But, intuitive Ailie, is watching both of them, certain that the Powell brothers are much than they seem Walker balances well researched history with the dangers of the political climate, seamlessly with a romantic story that has readers guessing until the end about the fate of the beloved characters As a fan of true historical fiction, I particularly enjoyed the contrasts between the Anglican Church and the Presbyterian in the celebration of Christmas The mixed belief families harmoniously share their faith and their traditions, complete with kissing boughs, which enriched the story The traditions, the faith and the love set in a wintery, Scottish seaport has me longing for the holidays with my own family It is truly an inspirational, loving story with a thrilling plot. This historical romance has definitely put me in the holiday mood and I m so glad it was my first holiday story this year Ms Walker s lovely writing was so descriptive that I felt at times like I was right there in the story, enjoying sledge sleigh rides in the snow, collecting greens to decorate our home and eating delicious Scottish fare at the dinner table I use photos of Scottish Castles as my desktop wallpaper and my favorite is one of Dunnottar Castle in Winter, where our hero and heroine Aislie pledge their troth and marry I especially like that the hero is a part of the Powell family about whom we ve heard much in this author s Agents of the Crown series of stories A wonderful story to read at this time of year and not to be missed Seasonally Enchanting And Romantically Perfect Chicks, Rogues ScandalsSpies And Scots And Shipmasters, Oh My Scotland Twin Brothers Nash And Robbie Of Powell And Sons Shipping, London, Sail With Their Fellow Agents Of The Crown To Scotland For A Secret Celebration Of Christmastide, A Holiday Long Considered Pagan By The Scottish Kirk But Than Christmas Is Being Kept Secret The Two Brothers Have Accepted An Assignment From The Home Secretary Lord Sidmouth To Ferret Out A Fugitive Fomenting Rebellion Among The ScotsAileen Stephen, The Only Daughter Of An Aberdeen Shipbuilder, Had To Be Clever, Devious And Determined To Gain Her Place In The Family Business She Succeeded To Become A Designer Of Highly Coveted Ships One Night, A Man S Handsome Face Appears To Her In A Dream When Two Men Having That Same Face Arrive On A Ship Full Of Londoners, Ailie Wonders What Her Second Sight Is Telling Her Is The Face She Saw A Portender Of The Future, A Harbinger Of Danger, Or Both And Which Of The Two Englishmen Is The One In Her Dream Older Than Nash By A Mere Five Minutes, Robbie Has Always Been Protective Of His Twin When He Realizes Nash Is Attracted To The Sister Of Their Scottish Host, He Thinks To Help Matters Along But Nash Wants No Help From His Brother, Not Where Ailie Stephen Is Concerned Because Robbie Is Attracted To The Girl Himself Two Brothers Vie For The Affection Of The Scottish Lass But Only One Stirs Her Passion Which One Will It Be And What Will She Do When She Learns Both Are Spies

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  • Paperback
  • 326 pages
  • A Secret Scottish Christmas (Agents of the Crown, #4)
  • Regan Walker
  • English
  • 09 November 2018
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