All Kinds of Families

All Kinds of FamiliesWith Irresistible, Rollicking Rhyme, Beloved Picture Book Author Mary Ann Hoberman Shows Readers That Families, Large And Small, Are All Around Us From Celery Stalks To Bottle Caps, Buttons, And Rings, The Objects We Group Together Form Families, Just Like The Ones We Are A Part Of And, As We Grow Up, Our Families Grow, Too Mary Ann Hoberman Gives Readers A Sense Of Belonging In This All Inclusive Celebration Of Families And Our Role In Them Would have given one star except at the end it talks about actual families, where they can come from continent , family tree, and potentially having one of your own when you grow up Did not like the illustrations or the random groupings of objects. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello, friends Today s book is called All Kinds Of Families , written by Mary Ann Hoberman and illustrated by Marc Boutavant Told in a playful yet slightly complicated rhyme scheme, the book explains that all manner of things can be families stars in the sky, yams in the cupboard, twigs and sticks and yes, of course, people.Honestly, this book was pretty disappointing Anyone who has read this blog knows that I love to see diversity in children s books, so when I saw this one s title, I got excited Unfortunately, while the book is happy to explore the diversity in families of inanimate objects, human families do not get the same treatment Families of people are shown and described as typically nuclear and as something a child is born into adoption, fostering, and step families are not mentioned And though the book dedicates half of its pages to families made up of slices of bread and buttons in a jar, non traditional and multicultural families are relegated to a single page that squishes in the book s only examples of single parent, adoptive, blended, POC and or mixed race families, without a single example of a same sex family to be found ANYWHERE I mean, one would assume that a book titled All Kinds Of Familieswould explore, you know, all kinds of families And while there are some nice moments to be found here the description of family trees is one , and the 60 s style illustrations are cute and colorful despite a cringe worthy page that depicts a white child dressed as an Indian , I can t say that we recommend this one even JJ was beginning to get bored by its end, and I was frustrated with a lackluster book that didn t quite live up to the promise of its title Oh, well We ll hope for better luck tomorrow.Be sure to check out The Baby Bookworm for reviews This book was about the many types of family dynamics and structures and although the stories illustrations matched the text, the authored used items that were not human to display diversity in families I don t think those are good representations of what real life families are like I believe young children should be exposed to books that depict reality Also the story uses the banking method in showing diversity in family instead of telling a story and allowing readers to gain their own perspectives on what difference in families are. I love Marc Boutavant But this is kind of odd, and includes a strike out a kid dressed up as an Indian no Insanely fun to read rhyming book about families of ALL kinds Especially for my 5 year old daughter who will happily make a pile of pine cones into a family It s perfect for her. All Kinds of Familiesis a children s picture book written by Mary Ann Hoberman and illustrated by Marc Boutavant It is a book about families of all sorts from people to objects from a similar group Today is Family Day in Canada 18 February , so I thought it would be apropos to read a book about families.Hoberman s text is rather simplistic, straightforward, and poetic With simple rhymes, Hoberman describes the many different families as well as similar objects grouped together that also forms a different sort of family Boutavant s illustrations are rather simplistic, but depicted the narrative rather well.The premise of the book is rather straightforward It tells a story about a child observing the world and grouping things into different families including the families that the child meets along the way It is a wonderful book of inclusion and of family.All in all, All Kinds of Familiesis a wonderful book that celebrates inclusion and families. There are some really interesting ideas and concepts in this book It s a bit longer, so I was able to read it to both my 5 year old and my 7 year old The images are engaging and the language is well paced Even though it is longer, there is a repeating phrase to give it a sing song appeal and keep it moving quickly Overall, I liked the cerebral aspects of this book It s very unique. This book was very interesting The story was about different types of families The author used objects bottle caps and buttons as examples along with humans I did love the illustrations and that it rhymed From the title, I was expecting a story about same sex, heterosexual, families etc Overall, this a good book. This rhyming poem is for young readers who are advanced It is somewhat lengthy and uses longer sentences and phrases with bigger words It is a good poem, however, as it describes all sorts of families and how families do not necessarily have to be a family of people or even of animals.

Work with her local Connecticut chapter of the Literacy Volunteers of America inspired her to create this series of books to encourage reading She enjoys reading with her grandchildren.

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  • 24 June 2019
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