限りなく透明に近いブルー [Kagirinaku Tōmei ni Chikai Burū]

限りなく透明に近いブルー [Kagirinaku Tōmei ni Chikai Burū] Almost Transparent Blue Is A Brutal Tale Of Lost Youth In A Japanese Port Town Close To An American Military Base Murakami S Image Intensive Narrative Paints A Portrait Of A Group Of Friends Locked In A Destructive Cycle Of Sex, Drugs And Rock N Roll The Novel Is All But Plotless, But The Raw And Often Violent Prose Takes Us On A Rollercoaster Ride Through Reality And Hallucination, Highs And Lows, In Which The Characters And Their Experiences Come Vividly To Life Trapped In Passivity, They Gain Neither Passion Nor Pleasure From Their Adventures Yet Out Of The Alienation, Boredom And Underlying Rage And Grief Emerges A Strangely Quiet And Almost Equally Shocking Beauty Ryu Murakami S First Novel, Almost Transparent Blue Won The Coveted Akutagawa Literary Prize And Became An Instant Bestseller Representing A Sharp And Conscious Turning Away From The Introspective Trend Of Postwar Japanese Literature, It Polarized Critics And Public Alike And Soon Attracted International Attention As An Alternative View Of Modern Japan

is a Japanese novelist and filmmaker He is not related to Haruki Murakami or Takashi Murakami.Murakami s first work, the short novel Almost Transparent Blue, written while he was still a student, deals with promiscuity and drug use among disaffected Japanese youth Critically acclaimed as a new style of literature, it won the newcomer s literature prize in 1976 despite some observers decrying it as decadent Later the same year, Blue won the Akutagawa Prize, going on to become a best seller In 1980, Murakami published the much longer novel Coin Locker Babies, again to critical acclaim.Takashi Miike s feature film Audition 1999 was based on one of his novels Murakami reportedly liked it so much he gave Miike his blessing to adapt Coin Locker Babies The screen play was worked on by director Jordan Galland However, Miike could not raise funding for the project An adaptation directed by Michele Civetta is currently in production.Murakami has played drums for a rock group called Coelacanth and hosted a TV talk show.

➦ [Ebook] ➡ 限りなく透明に近いブルー [Kagirinaku Tōmei ni Chikai Burū] By Ryū Murakami ➱ – Salbutamol-ventolin-online.info
  • Hardcover
  • 126 pages
  • 限りなく透明に近いブルー [Kagirinaku Tōmei ni Chikai Burū]
  • Ryū Murakami
  • English
  • 27 December 2019
  • 9780870113055

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    I put the thin fragment of glass, dripping blood, in my pocket, and ran out into the misty road The doors and windows of the houses were shut, nothing was moving I thought I d been swallowed by a huge living thing, that I was turning around and around in its stomach like the hero of some fairy tale Almost Transparent BlueA warning to any potential readers of this book There is explicit, graphic sex in the first half of this novel If you are prudish about group sex, alternative sex, or say sex involving a foot that will be seared into your memory for the rest of your life you should avoid this novel If you have issues with rampant drug use and drug alcohol induced vomiting you should avoid this novel The first cool thing about this novel is the fact that it was published in 1976 almost a full decade before Bret Easton Elliscame up out of his own drug induced haze to write the novel Less Than Zero I read Ellis and I read Bright Lights, Big City, and later The Secret Historyand enjoyed them to varying degrees I d heard of the other Murakami, but his books were somewhat elusive to me in the 1980s So finally here in 2012 I read this book and discover that if I had read this book back in 1985 I would have laughed at the feeble attempts of the brat pack to write edgy novels I wonder did Ellis read this book before he wrote Less Than Zero This book kicks you in the nuts and as your falling to the ground you catch a knee to the chin that stands you back up so Murakami can slug you a few times before letting you fall into bloody heap wishing you could reach that syringe full of smack just beyond your blood dripping reach Our characters get into an altercation with a security guard They break his arm, but they don t stop there By the time they are done he is a mess The blood smeared and dripping over the lower half of his face was a black mask The veins in his forehead bulging, he tried to pull himself along by his elbows Perhaps seized by some fresh pain, he mumbled, lay on his side, his feet trembling His vomit covered belly heaved up and down.There is a lack of humanity running through this novel The main characters are horrible to everyone including each other Ryu, the main character and also the stand in for the author, does show some real tenderness towards his friends, but not without some sensual benefit to himself There is a lack of soul, not in the religious sense because that is all silly nonsense as if my life force can be bartered with , but in the lack of substance in these characters I read a book several years ago, part of a trilogy of which only two parts have been published, by a guy named James A Mangum In one of the two books, memory escapes me, he talks about these soulless creatures walking the Earth, the offspring of Angels and human females They lack a soul because they are not exactly human, but they are able to assimilate with their soul carrying brethren They lack that important part of humanity that allows us to really care about each other I think we ve all met people that resemble that description The really scary part about accepting any of this as potentially true is that as these soulless creatures mate with other humans their offspring is also soulless With each generation humanity is lost.I read Less than Zero for a second time a couple of years ago before I read Imperial Bedroomsand I thought about the Mangum concept then as well There is something missing in these characters and of course the drug use, the promiscuous sex, random violence, alcohol induced vomiting is all an attempt to feel something, anything The crew goes to party with some American black men from the military base that is near where they live Ryu is sharing a description of the scene I was completely stoned I felt as if my insides were oozing out through every pore, and other people s sweat and breath were flowing in Especially the lower half of my body felt heavy and sore, as if sunk into thick mud, and my mouth itched to hold somebody s prick and drain it While we ate the fruit piled on plates and drank wine, the whole room was raped with heat I wanted my skin peeled off I wanted to take in the greased, shiny bodies of the black men and rock them inside me Cherry cheesecake, grapes in black hands, steaming boiled crab legs breaking with a snap, clear sweet pale purple American wine, pickles like dead men s wart covered fingers, bacon sandwiches like the mouths of women, salad dripping pink mayonnaise.There are cockroaches that spew different colors when crushed There is a pet rabbitcide There is a doctor that explains to Yoshiyama, being treated for a suicide attempt, the absolute best way to kill himself next time They ingest mescaline, acid, heroin, Hyminol, Nibrole, glue, marijuana, and something called a Crystal Ship They don t want you looking at them, but they do everything they can to insure that you are watching.Even moments of beauty are seen with jaded eyes At the edge of the wide grounds was a pool, and around it flowers were planted Like the eruptions on a rotting corpse, like a serum with multiplying cancer cells, the flowers were blooming Against the background of a wall that rippled like white cloth, they scattered on the ground or suddenly danced up in the wind I m cold, as if I were dead. The Other MurakamiI was uncertain of this book for the first fifty pages If I were one of those reviewers that reviews books that they don t finish I would have given it two stars, but as the book moves forward I started to begrudgingly change my mind about the book It is hard to adjust first impressions, but the accumulation of stark images started to impress me You may toss this book across the room a few times hopefully not the first edition hardcover as it is becoming rather rare , but let it set for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days and then pick it back up again This book broke ground and the imitators that came later don t measure up If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    There is a shrill noise often lost in the background of the important noises in the world This piercing cry found abundantly around no matter where you go like pigeons flocking empty streets at the break of dawn, for whatever reason, seems to be relegated as insignificant and unworthy of the spotlight and stages of the world s short attention span Many names have been given to this jarring sound, but for the purposes of this cajolery or whatever this is, let us call it the reckless abandon of youth The accumulation of mistakes, the period to be reckless and stupid, to burn out, be wild, to explore the often dissonant and sometimes psychedelic essence of youngness, free from responsibilities and pretensions Perhaps it is the most beautiful moment in life, or perhaps it might be a dark nightmare to be a spurned and forgotten When I was a bit younger I had my fair share of teenage angst that led me to a path of abandon, partly because of hubris, I wanted to have experienced life and all it had to offer me if I wanted to write something that would matter, because somewhere I d read that a writer is only the sum of his experiences, and partly because I craved the thrill Those days are over, but there are days when I still feel the call of youth Days when I would look at the sky and think Is this it Days when I d want to forget everything They don t come often, but when they come, I feel like I m being gripped by the past, gripped by a part of myself slowly fading away and I get this bitter taste in my mouth Almost Transparent Blue is a novella about this ragtag, exhilarating time of life filled with anger, confusion, and fear Ryu Murakami takes the shrill noise and puts it into a record and plays it, only he amplifies it and puts it in the highest volume possible that your eardrums could burst The vibration of the speakers working on their threshold imitating an earthquake keeps you on the edge and awake As you might have suspected, it is very raunchy and somewhat episodic Moments of drug induced euphoria, drunken revelries, to descriptive orgies and dark reflections fill the pages of this colorful book And from the all of the colors of a psychedelic rainbow, to all the shades of intense darkness at the heart of an empty soul, surprisingly, a feeling of peace stems out And this feeling of peace has the hue of an almost transparent blue This is a rewarding book, but at times it was painful to read Not because the scenes were too much for me, but rather it reminded me too much of a part of myself I am no longer in touch with, a past that I do not regret, but a past that sometimes I want forgotten.

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    Aw, the silly depravity of youth How do I count the ways What is it to read this book To imagine a decadence I never experiencedto be young and frivolous, to exchange idealism with nihilism so that I can make my depravity a pool of vomit to swim in As I reach out to grab the syringe I ve never used to shoot up once words that aren t heroin, I think about my 17 year old self He s reading Trainspotting in a place that doesn t feel like home, wondering if he can ever go home He images a 16 year old self He s reading A Clockwork Orange , his eyes peeled open by mechanical claws.I bring out those mechanical claws so that I can see once again the literary uses of bodily juices semen, vomit, blood, and bile of different colors, purple, brown, greenand Almost Transparent Blue I m not sure bile comes in that color In order to get to great moments of beauty, we have to be presented with the bile of Mr Murakami Ryu s life.a real life This wasn t fiction Was Trainspotting fiction Is this book review fiction Ryu Murakami writes I took a fragment of glass about the size of my thumbnail out of my pocket and wiped the blood off it The little fragment with its smooth hollow reflected the brightening sky Under the sky stretched the hospital and far away the tree lined street and the town The horizon of the shadowy reflected town made a delicate curving line Its curves were the same, the same as the time I d almost killed Lilly on the runway in the rain, that white curved line that burned for an instant with the thunder Like the wave filled foggy horizon of the sea, like a woman s white arm, a gentle curve All the time, since I didn t know when I d been surrounded by this whitish curving The fragment of glass with the blood on its edge, as it soaked up the dawn air, was almost transparent It was a boundless blue, almost transparent I shouldn t have typed out those lines You didn t work to get there You didn t have to read about semen and bile on the way to work You didn t have to look on as a security guard was beat half to death and girl was almost beat half to death, and the sex and the orgies, not really erotica there was nothing sexy about those orgies, just the absurd, awful, depraved depravity ofaw, decadent youth You reach for a syringe and it s Ryu Murakami s youthful literary exploits, or it s Trainspotting , or it s A Clockwork Orange Someone said that this was a stream of consciousnessI doubt that this was a stream of consciousness It seemed to me like a book It felt like a book It could be a stream of consciousness But I think it was a book It could have been a diary, it could have been the sound of an airplane or a fly buzzing behind my ear It could have been a Sunday in May with me staring at a coffee shop worker She s wondering what I m doingI m a fly buzzing behind your ear, ma am I m a fly trying to remember what it s like to be a 17 year old contemplating the Almost Transparent Blue of loveI just hope that I can get through the other shades of bile to get there.I reach for a syringe with the latest drug of choice and find this book I try to turn its pages and it turns me blue.

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    Soundtrack for this review Do you want to know what I don t give a shit about This book I made it a little than a quarter through it 35 pages to be exact I found the writing to be blah to be fair, I think it is the translation , the type to be a bit too small and the font to be faintly illegible I dreaded having to go on break and read of this book, and did internal backflips when I noticed the a new Harpers just went on sale before I went on break and saw there was a new DFW story in it I broke my irrational ban on reading newly published DFW work in order to not read this book It s about drugs Which is kind of a boring subject Especially when it s about drugs and rock n roll in the late 1960 s early 1970 s Yawn ville People from the hippie generation acting like drugged out assholes Oh, so fucking counter culture Even if the book is in Japan, some assholes different country There isn t even any kind of cultural difference because it s all part of the universal culture of idiocy This book did make me a little sad that because of some misguided decisions that I don t know nearly enough to really comment on, a country with it s own culture went into a war, lost, were occupied by a vacuous country that exported the worst they had to offer and undermine future generations I could have plowed through this book Instead my disgust with the book made me remember this quote from one of the members of Born Against FUCK ROCK Fuck cigarettes and slicked back hair that ends in a pony tail and a high door price Maturity and progression do not mean status quo music and ideals Under the false pretense of reaching new audiences, former punk bands bring us closer to square one, throwing out the window the foundation of independance which took years to build This band is an attempt to reinforce those quickly eroding foundations Maybe these rock types don t see it this way, but speaking as someone who has never been lured by the slippery slope of psuedo concerned UPC code post hardcore bullshit, common sense tells me that no matter how many reggae songs you write about human rights, your audience will still rock out and drink wine coolers Then they ll go home and fuck like dogs to your politically concerned kick ass tunes THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE

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    I m sure we all go through these moments in life, where we end up in a dark pit of frustration and fear, wondering where we should be or go, what we should do, why we are here We, whether religious or atheist, have our moments where we feel as if life is without meaning, that we are simply an overly self conscious mammal that walks, talks, breathes and finally dies without feeling like we have accomplished much in our short lives These moments are brief, yet during these precise moments, they feel unbearably long and rip into your soul with almost malicious intent with a goal of searching for something anything, which will help you breathe just that little bit A group of young students are locked in a whirlwind of sex and drugs to the psychedelic music of the counterculture era in the early seventies like The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones All lead a nihilistic existence and Ry Murakami writes with such intensive prose, beautiful in its darkness, dark in its beauty, where our narrator a fictional Ry Murakami as the character, also named Ry and his friends are stuck in a constant crop rotation of despair, hallucinations, paranoia, surrealism and misery.Ry Murakami questions our existence through these characters, crushing their hopes of a meaningful life with violence, emotionless sex, heroin, cocaine, hallucinogens and every other mind or mood altering drug you can think of It s the final ten pages or so that puts all of this near plotless story into a tightly structured end, with some hope and reassuring importance Despite what a lot of people say, regarding a few chapters detailing graphic sex and orgies, Almost Transparent Blue is a literary tour de force, written incredibly well with the finest details on everything in life, rain, cockroaches, lights, the sea, ashtrays, death, toilets, trains are all described with visually strong prose and insight.On top of all of this, Almost Transparent Blue is, most importantly, a truly beautiful postmodern novel, a novel of originality, intelligence and existential emotion.

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    I just have to face it there is no Murakami whom I ll like Let me say how I was rooting for this book but it ended up yet again another disappointment I acknowledge why it should be considered important for the Japanese literature but this alone is not adaquate.Short version Drugs, sex, drugs, sex, promiscuous, dirty and disgusting Long version First of all, this novel was plotless There were just a bunch on people in desperate need of drugs and sex Half of the book was random sex scenes of any kind, even group sex, which is completely fine but it was vain The characters weren t interesting at all and lacked depth The prose was gruesome due to the disgusting scenes and other times beautiful I think the writer tried too hard to shock the reader which was something that I disliked view spoiler In a failed suicide attempt the doctor tells the patient how to be successful next time Ironic Tragic Stupid Shocking indeed hide spoiler

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    I loved and will always love every bit of this book even when the only sratch from it on my memory will be left by images, flashing lights and stomach churning acts of pluckiness but purposeful I am actually dreadfully sad that this had to end, I could go on and on with these youngsters intrepid, grisly life It had a hard not to notice scent of Bret Easton Ellis and Burroughs in it, constantly chasing the reader The only difference is that this is soaked with meanings than many think by only being the onlookers of a junkie s session and mesmerizing pieces of what means to be drugged, depressed, not loved but looking for all of them at once without knowing how to approach any This book is kind of a merged scream of helplessness like some sort of urge by a bunch of youngsters who just actually want to have fun and liberate themselves from their own problems with the use of ignorance or unconsciousness After reading what would this be all about I just thought that this is some kind of a border between sexual complexes and irksome group that would be it, without nothing or less than an endless adventure that will leave no trace in my mind That s why I want to count here some of the facts that prevented me from thinking the same after finishing it To start with, the shakes that this book give to your mind and soul are indelible how they are all together but still alone, how they can always count on each other even if the sense of death throughout the book will creep every single bone of yours With the highly manipulation of one s ability for imaginary visualisation Ryu Murakami manages to bring the reader into the reel of the damned, meaning that wherever you are you are with them, wherever they are you feel how the walls just compress you into their comradely hug, while the drugs just bump into your skin without you even notice the struggle, the joy, the importance of friendship where everything seems like melting away You can just feel the flicker of the neon in your eyes, percolating your body with the infection that s so treacly when it doesn t remind you how small you are there together but all alone Imagine this power of yours touching every character one by one like a joint, but with another density and with another sort of pain at its means Because this book has it all callous true love, brutal sex, jealousy, chase of spirituality e.g Okinawa s covet of hearing Ryu again with his flute, with the aim of replacing the addiction by finding his lost self , desire, fights, friendship in the name of drugs and a guy that wants to see the life with another eyes the writer To continue with, next to the sense of death lays the incapacity of all of them to draw to a close their miserable condition once the methamphetamine is over, when the bordeom finds its throne No matter how much they want to find succour in one another they will never be able to change their character which is seriously lacking stability That s why another layer that convinces the reader that they are not ordinary characters is their bipolarity, expressed poles apart but in the same place By means of that they manage to give a slowly collapsing unity to the whole book which is a masterpiece from my point of view Like Ryu said just like a doll, moving her body, her mouth but maybe I am just a doll You can call this a dark humour book, not because it has jokes in it but because the puzzle in which we are in that appears to be dislocated from the first thrust is funny from nature I do not want to be what Umberto Eco called blur you know the one that always has something good to say and for whom all the books are the best books that he she had ever read , but this book is something, a short unputdownable that has so much to say in few pages A book that thrives in you with all the energy it has, boosting the reader to cogitate at low speed but with acuteness, trust, love all his her values I do recommend this book with all my heart and I will always remember it myself Up to now this is the only book I will want to re read just for the hell of fulfilling myself with all that this can give over and over again.

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    Time to get stoned This novel can put you in a catatonic torpor, a drug induced haze near the point where you are about to overdose and die.First person narrative, here is someone named Ryu, not yet twenty, with his equally young male and female buddies Ryu is telling a story You hear him, but do not really understand the story being told The images will distract you and catch your full attention.First there s this cockroach on some unwashed dishes Then it is squashed See the jelly like substance that spurts from its violated body And then the old, cut pineapple, its rancid odor the blood on needles, heroin, hashish, mescaline, Nibrole pills dissolved in gin, Philopon, shooting up, vomit, spittle, saliva, unwashed smelly bodies, rock music, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Mal Waldron, James Brown, Billy Holiday, mouldy soup, rotten bean curd, dirty rooms, leftover roast chicken gone completely bad, old radio, black American studs with huge dicks, Japanese girls with small pussies, sex orgies Pressing her chin on the table, breathin hard, Moko attacked a crab like a starving child Then one of the blacks stuck his shaft in front of her, and she took that in her mouth too Stroking it with her tongue, she pushed it aside and turned again to the crab The red shell crunched between her teeth, she pulled out the white meat with her hands Piling it with pink mayonnaise from a plate, she put it on her tongue, the mayonnaise dribbling onto her chest The odor of crab flowed through the room On the bed, Reiko was still howling Durham pushed up into Moko from behind Her butt jiggled, she held onto the crab, her face twisted, she tried to drink some wine but with the rocking of her body it went into her nose and she choked, tears in her eyes Seeing that, Kei laughed loudly James Brown began to sing On to the glorious ending, a dead moth, a crazed Ryu ingesting insects, contemplates on a dead moth, sees a huge black bird, hallucinates, stabs his arm with a broken glass, bleeds and bleeds until he becomes a boundless blue, almost transparent He survives, but only to write this novel.

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    Good for students of Japanese wanting to expand their vocabulary around drug taking, drunken vomiting and rough sex I rarely participate in two out of these three activities, so for me the book was of limited utility.This book was a controversial shocker when it first came out but I don t see why it was ever quite so popular I think it reflected a lifestyle which Japanese people of that age secretly envied, when they weren t too busy with their math homework Seriously, who takes drugs listening to the Rolling Stones these days The book is redeemed at the end by as good a description of drug induced alienation and confusion as anywhere, so there is that.At least I now have the vocabulary for a great night out in Roppongi dribble noun yodare nausea hakike vomit verb haku vomit noun outomono groan umeku .

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    Those who know me are well aware that I have an almost visceral love of twisted literature Books that are the literary equivalent of a car crash hedonistic revels that fade into subterranean nightmares In other words, such extreme excess that you can t help but approach them with a mixture of sick curiosity and nearly overwhelming trepidation For the longest time that has meant the blasted imaginations of my trifecta of favorite authors Palahniuk, Irvine Welsh and Bret Easton Ellis and occasional one offs by up and coming writers such as Jeremy Robert Johnson s Angel Dust Apocalypse Very rarely do I stumble across an author with a well established body of work of the sort that I like to mainline like a junkie fresh from rehab.Which is why I m than a little excited to have been exposed to Ryu Murakami Within the first three pages of his Akutagama winning debut novel, Murakami s disaffected Japanese youth growing up in the shadow of an American military base huff glue, shoot up some heroin and have sex in a flophouse that Burroughs would feel at home in The next 100 odd pages are packed to the brim with of the same violent orgies with American servicemen, madcap mescaline adventures that end with them crashing a car onto a runway, heroin, flashmobs beating security guards senseless and other signs of impending armageddon Murakami s plotless pointless novella pinballs between the restless ennui of Bret Easton Ellis Less Than Zero and the senseless violence of Anthony Burgess A Clockwork Orange At times extremely disturbing I could have gone my whole life without reading the scene with the foot , Murakami still manages to paste together an interesting tale of cultureless youth emulating what they see as a stronger people, the servicemen who blow a mean sax, have the best drugs, and that suave intoxicating confidence of knowing you can do no wrong A phenomenally quick read, not for the faint of heart, that has me excited to finally get to his well known books such as In The Miso Soup and Coin Locker Babies.

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