Het verstoorde leven: Dagboek van Etty Hillesum, 1941-1943

Het verstoorde leven: Dagboek van Etty Hillesum, 1941-1943 For The First Time, Etty Hillesum S Diary And Letters Appear Together To Give Us The Fullest Possible Portrait Of This Extraordinary Woman In The Darkest Years Of Nazi Occupation And Genocide, Etty Hillesum Remained A Celebrant Of Life Whose Lucid Intelligence, Sympathy, And Almost Impossible Gallantry Were Themselves A Form Of Inner Resistance The Adult Counterpart To Anne Frank, Hillesum Testifies To The Possibility Of Awareness And Compassion In The Face Of The Most Devastating Challenge To One S Humanity She Died At Auschwitz In At The Age Of Twenty Nine

Esther Etty Hillesum was a young Jewish woman whose letters and diaries, kept between 1941 and 1943 describe life in Amsterdam during the German occupation They were published posthumously in 1981, before being translated into English in 1983.Etty spent her childhood years in Middelburg, Hilversum 1914 16 , Tiel 1916 18 , Winschoten 1918 24 and Deventer, from July 1924 on, where she entered

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  • Het verstoorde leven: Dagboek van Etty Hillesum, 1941-1943
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    The writing is wonderfully alive It is like having a conversation That Etty Hillesum was a young Jewish woman suffering the terrors of Nazi occupied Holland and finally the death camp, that she was engaged in the most peculiar relationship with therapist Julius Spier, that her age, circumstance, background and education are so different from my own, I feel makes no impact on the sense of my conversing with a contemporary Her psychological insights, particularly her guards against vanity, self preoccupation, depression, and lack of centred stability seem for me the best I have read Her spirituality, simply by being expressed obliquely, seems in that expression to suggest the universality of a genuine inner life as guide and comforter which is so important today, as it was then, when we are assailed by spiritual entertainment , spiritual selfishness, spiritual hedonism Her gradual acceptance of suffering and dread as part of the whole of her Being is marked equally as genuine precisely by its being itself glimpsed by her obliquely, partially, through eyes misted with doubt and distrust never did it become a lump of proud truth, a mere formulaic centre or hieroglyphic scribble of empty nonsense She seemed the best of humanbeingness And she has returned me to Rilke.As the diary crosses over into her letters from Westerbork, the transit camp where Jews were brought en route to the concentration camps, the pathos becomes almost unbearable It is in the tiny details She becomes overwhelmed by the madness, the horror, the dread, the continuous losses, the ever increasing scarcities, bureaucratic randomness, yet still has moments where she wonders at the beauty of the world while witnessing mass murder before her eyes I can t recommend this book to anybody, It must come by chance or fortune You get to witness not a memoir, a looking back, but a situation where the writing and thinking make up the situation itself.

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    Una giovane donna Etty Hillesum con il proprio diario ci ha donato un affresco interiore con la testimonianza dei suoi ultimi due anni di vita Un carico di profonde riflessioni personali che vengono da un cuore costantemente pronto ad irradiare a e volont di vivere Etty muore ad Auschwitz nel 1943 ma prima viene deportata in Polonia quando consapevole che il cerchio della sua famiglia va stringendosi consegna i suoi diari all amica Al termine della guerra gli amici cercheranno invano di fare pubblicare questo documento , ma passeranno 40 anni prima che ci accada Etty una personalit luminosa una ragazza solare e vivace con molto amori alle spalle e tanti sogni nel cassetto tra cui viaggiare in oriente e diventare scrittrice Il suo diario comincia ad essere scritto sotto consiglio dello psicologo Julius Spier, un uomo famoso , che riesce a leggere attraverso le mani la psiche de suoi pazienti E cos che egli diventa un punto fondamentale nella vita di Etty , che se ne innamora e raccoglie il suo stimolo ad intraprendere un lungo percorso di introspezione attraverso la scrittura Quindi il diario noto per affinit terapeutiche , non un resoconto dettagliato delle persecuzione degli Ebrei ,il tema affiora comunque soprattutto nell ultimo anno di vita , ma la colonna portante l ostinata e dolorosa ricerca di s Quello che mi ha lasciato pi stupita nel diario il suo continuo insistere sulla bellezza della vita nonostante tutto Quindi ho ritrovato in lei una capacit tipicamente femminile di superare le avversit della vita con grazia e semplicit.

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    The record of a beautiful, questioning soul who sees life as whole and meaningful, even when it s most visibly divided and meaningless She kept the diary in the two years before she was sent to Westerbork camp and then sent letters from the camp in the year before she was sent to Auschwitz and died there She is humble and proud and fearless and scared and yearning, entirely human and brimming over But I still suffer from the same old complaint For the one word that sums up everything within me, the overflowing and rich sense of life Why did you not make me a poet, oh God But perhaps You did, and so I shall wait patiently until the words have grown inside me, the words that proclaim how good and beautiful it is to live in Your world, oh God, despite everything we human beings do to one another The thinking heart of the barracks 1942 People here fritter their energy away on the thousand irksome details that grind us down every day they lose themselves in detail and drown That s why they get driven off course and find existence pointless The few big things that matter in life are what we have to keep in mind the rest can be quietly abandoned And you can find those few big things anywhere, you have to keep rediscovering them in yourself so that you can be renewed And in spite of everything you always end up with the same conviction life is good after all, it s not God s fault that things go awry sometimes, the cause lies in ourselves 1942

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    If I could only take 10 books with me to a deserted island, this would be one Sort of Anne Frank for adults, it is the journals of a young Dutch Jew caught up in the Holocaust She is brilliant and outgoing and living life to the full, when Hitler s ugly shadow begins to fall over her world The struggles and dramas that ensue highlight the development of her soul into a loving and courageous being,who was able to write, even as the net drew tighter around her I know that those who hate have good reason to do so But why should we always have to choose the cheapest and easiest way It has been brought home forcibly to me here how every atom of hatred added to the world makes it an even inhospitable place And I believe, childishly perhaps but stubbornly, that the earth will become habitable again only through the love that the Jew Paul described to the citzens of Corinth in the thirteenth chapter of his first letter We need this kind of thinking and living as much in our 21st century world as they needed it in Europe in 1942.

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    This is a diary of Etty Hillesum, 27 Sometimes she s talking to herself, sometimes to God, sometimes self analyzing, sometimes just recording events She teaches Russian, has a lover, has had lovers before, and yet than half, I think, of this diary is devoted to the object of her love infatuation sexual desire a man about half her age older, who reads palms, who wrestles with his students as part of their lesson in his psychology class, and who removes his false teeth before he prays They eventually became intimate In one of the entries she hinted of having had an abortion, making as one of its justifications that insanity runs in the family.This, indeed, sounds like what a city dwelling, call center type of young woman would write today in her diary except that this was in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation and Etty Hillesum was Jewish She was probably writing this diary at some point when Anne Frank was writing hers while in hiding.Amidst evil, yet so like us It brings the horror closer to us and our time That, I think, is where the power of these innocent musings come from The entries ended where she began writing letters instead Also preserved for posterity by her non Jewish friends who had survived These were letters she wrote from Westerbork the transit point before her eventual transport and death at Auschwitz.

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    I m glad I finally got to read her diaries after reading her letters I have to say, start with the diaries I actually read An Interrupted Life but goodreads wouldn t let me add it twice for some damned reason.Reading her diaries is like having a conversation with a close friend She was an amazing, interesting person The same things she talks about twentysomethings are still grappling with She had such a tender, sweet soul All the time I was reading this, it just kept hitting me that she was forced to die in such a terrible way Out of all the holocaust books I ve read and I ve read a lotI have no idea what this says about me as a person , I d have to say this is the most human viewpoint of it all I related to this than The Diary of Anne Frank, perhaps because Etty had had a bit experience in her life and while Anne was no saint, she has still been unofficially canonized as one by society could not be seen as a saint She was complicated and very neurotic, also a philosopher and a bohemian I think I ll go back to this book many times in my life.

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    Probabilmente le mie aspettative erano superiori Francamente paragonarlo a Il diario di Anna Frank mi sembrato un po azzardato Le pagine che ho letto finora parlano molto della sua attrazione per S , forse pi avanti lo riprender , ma, per il momento, lo abbandono.27 settembre 2018 Ripreso Vedi commento su altra edizione All inizio ho avuto lo stesso pensiero di Emmapeel, e l avevo sospeso un po delusa Poi tre amici GR Emilio , Krodi80 ed Evi mi hanno scritto delle parole cos belle su questo libro, meravigliati che non mi piacesse siamo abbastanza in sintonia con i gusti letterari illuminando qualcosa che non avevo colto ho riletto la bellissima recensione di Evi con pi attenzione e.l ho ripreso ed ora non faccio che sottolineare continuamente.Grazie a tutti Mi avete aiutato a non perdere qualcosa di veramente bello less

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    Di rio de uma grande intensidade e dor Sente se de uma forma quase aud vel o enorme desespero que vai crescendo de dia para dia, e que vai terminar na morte num campo de concentra o Surpreendentemente fala muito pouco do seu quotidiano di rio de horror, e muito mais naquilo que sente e n o consegue controlar Recomendo a todos aqueles que gostam de literatura do holocausto.

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    Etty Hillesum s extraordinary diary and letters are a chronicle of the Holocaust unlike any other I ve read They are devastating, uplifting, and above all distinctive Her voice comes through so clearly and powerfully, as she initially describes her daily life in Amsterdam and then in the Westerbork labour camp Her final letter was a postcard thrown from the train that took her to Auschwitz, where she, her parents, and her brother were killed in 1943 As circumstances for Jews in The Netherlands deteriorated, she attempted to protect her family and friends, while retaining an incredible inner strength Her spirituality appears from her writing quite bible centric, yet her view of suffering recalled Buddhism Not that I know a great deal about any religion in particular, but I was strongly reminded of The Book of Joy Lasting Happiness in a Changing World, a conversation between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu How strange that a book chronicling one of the most horrific crimes against humanity should remind me of such a title In that dialogue, the essential similarity between Christian prayer and Buddhist meditation is emphasised Etty Hillesum cultivated habits of introspection and prayer that seem a lot like meditation and her acceptance of suffering while rejecting hatred echoes the Dalai Lama For example, she wrote in 1942 Does this mean I am never sad, that I never rebel, always acquiesce, and love life no matter what the circumstances No, far from it I believe that I know and share the many sorrows and sad circumstances that a human being can experience, but I do not cling to them, I do not prolong such moments of agony They pass through me, like life itself, as a broad, eternal stream, they become part of that stream, and life continues And as a result all my strength is preserved, does not become tagged on to futile sorrow or rebelliousness.Her diary and letters confront the reader with complex questions about the nature of resistance in extreme circumstances Etty refused opportunities to potentially escape or hide, despite knowing that if she stayed in Westerbrok she would almost certainly be transported to Poland and killed Her love of life, even the horribly degrading life inside the camp, did not prevent her accepting death She clearly wanted to help others for as long as she could, while also having reconciled herself to death s approach after careful thought In this respect and others, her diary reminded me of The Journal of a Disappointed Man A Last Diary, another voice of one long dead that seems so close by as you read their words Etty wrote this extraordinary passage shortly before being sent to Westerbork I shall always be able to stand on my own two feet even when they are planted on the hardest soil of the harshest reality And my acceptance is not indifference or helplessness I feel deep moral indignation at a regime that treats human beings in such a way But events have become too overwhelming and too demonic to be stemmed with personal resentment and bitterness These responses strike me as being utterly childish and unequal to the fateful course of events.People often get worked up when I say it doesn t really matter whether I go or somebody else does, the main things is that so many thousands have to go It is not as if I want to fall into the arms of destruction with a resigned smile far from it I am only bowing to the inevitable, and even as I do so I am sustained by the certain knowledge that ultimately they cannot rob us of anything that matters But I don t think I would feel happy if I were exempted from what so many others have to suffer They keep telling me that someone like me has a duty to go into hiding, because I have so many things to do in life, so much to give But I know that whatever I may have to give to others, I can give it no matter where I am, here in the circle of my friends or over there, in a concentration camp And it is sheer arrogance to think oneself too good to share the fate of the masses.There is so much in Etty s writing to move the reader and inspire introspection She rejected binaries and generalisations, always seeking deeper and nuanced understanding A world is in the process of collapse But the world will go on, and so for the present shall I, full of good heart and goodwill Nevertheless, we who are left behind are just a little bit destitute, though inwardly I still feel so rich that the destitution is not fully brought home to me However, one must keep in touch with the real world and know one s place in it it is wrong to live only with the eternal truths, for then one is apt to end up behaving like an ostrich To live fully, outwardly and inwardly, not to ignore external reality for the sake of an inner life, or the reverse that s quite a task.Throughout the diary and letters, Etty found solace in reading, however she emphasised the importance of books for study in pursuit of understanding rather than escape I found this especially stimulating All this devouring of books from early youth has been nothing but laziness on my part I allow others to formulate what I ought to be formulating myself I keep seeking outside confirmation of what is hidden deep inside me, when I know I can only reach clarity by using my own words I really must abandon all that laziness, and particularly my inhibitions and insecurity, if I am ever to find myself, and through myself, find others I must have clarity, and must learn to accept myself.Even while falling victim to the horrific murderous system of Nazism, Etty exhibited incredible empathy That was the real import of this morning not that a disgruntled young Gestapo officer yelled at me, but that I felt no indignation, rather a real compassion, and would have liked to ask, Did you have a very unhappy childhood, has your girlfriend let you down Yes, he looked harassed and driven, sullen and weak I should have liked to start treating him then and there, for I know that pitiful young men like that are dangerous as soon as they are let loose on humankind But the blame must be put on the system that uses such people What needs eradicating is the evil in man, not man himself.Something else about this morning the perception, very strongly borne in, that despite all the suffering and injustice I cannot hate others All the appalling things that happen are no mysterious threats from afar, but rise from fellow human beings very close to us That makes these happenings familiar, then, and not so frightening The terrifying thing is that systems grow too big for men and hold them in a satanic grip, the builders no less than the victims of the system, much as large edifices and spires, created by men s hands, tower high above us, dominate us, yet may collapse over our heads and bury us.I hardly need to point out the continued relevance of these comments today Perhaps the most powerful theme in Hillsum s writing is the strength that comes from understanding oneself through a combination of introspection and discussion with a wide circle of loved ones To read her words 75 years after she was murdered is a reminder of an appalling genocide that must never be allowed to happen again, as well as an insight into the mind of a fascinating, complicated woman who I would love to have known as a friend She retained her distinctive voice even as the end neared and she wrote, For us, I think, it is no longer a question of living, but of how one is equipped for one s extinction Yet the phrase from the book that most struck me is this Somewhere deep inside me is a workshop in which Titans are forging a new world That s one of the most beautiful expressions of hope that I have ever read I can hardly recommend Etty Hillsum s writing highly enough.

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    Un anima fatta di fuoco e di cristalli di rocca una cosa molto severa e dura in senso vetero testamentario, ma anche dolce come il gesto delicato con cui la punta delle sue dita sfiorava le mie ciglia.

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