Auctioned Omega (Mount Liberty Pack #1)

Auctioned Omega (Mount Liberty Pack #1) I know my rating is absolutely exaggerated and this book is not at the same level of other 5 stars books but what can I say I loved it It is an insta love insta lust wolf shifter story, I loved the soul mate element mine, mine, mine , the mpreg, the sweetness and the steam The world that the author built is crude and unforgiving and I found it very interesting and intriguing.No complaints at all, if you like mpreg shifter stories I recommend this book for sure Briar Can Only Watch In Terror As The Wolves Who Attacked His Pack Fight In The Omega Auction For The Right To Own Him When The Dust Settles, The Largest, Most Savage Fighter Steps Forward, And Briar Realizes With Horror That He S Been Won By A Rogue Alpha But Rohan Isn T The Monster Briar First Takes Him For In Fact, Rohan Is Unlike Any Alpha Briar Has Ever Met Rohan Slowly Begins To Earn The Frightened Omega S Trust Through Patience And Tenderness But With Secrets And Danger Surrounding Them, Their Bond Will Be Tested Repeatedly As They Run From The Violent Packs Trying To Reclaim Briar The Two Lovers Are Pushed To Their Breaking Point, Fleeing For Their Lives, And Briar Discovers One Challenge For Their Perilous Journey He S Pregnant Auctioned Omega Is An Action Filled K Gay Shifter Mpreg Novel With Steamy Scenes Between Two Men, No Cliffhangers, And No Cheating It was ok, but bought nothing new to the table for me to feast on or salviate over, so it s 3 overall. 2 2.5 stars There were no details in this book It was so confusing.They shifted back and forth without mentioning, so in one sentence they would rest their head on their paws and in the next sentence they would be cradling their stomach with their arms.It is never mentioned where they got clothes, or if they were even wearing clothes when they were in human form And Briar was pregnant, but there was no mention of him not fitting into his clothes any I would have had no idea where they had to get maternity clothes since they were on the run the entire time, but still, it was weird that it wasn t mentioned at all.They could talk in wolf form, but how No idea..At some point I was convinced they were with an entire group of omegas, when they started having sex Apparently they were outside and alone, while I thought they were inside and surrounded by other people.But besides all of this, my biggest issue with this book was that Rohan and Briar were on the run from beginning to end The relationship angst also felt drawn out and unnecessary It was tiring and I felt exhausted when I was done. 3.5 stars Ummmmm Ok I read this book in one setting so the story was engagingthe problem I had was nothing was really explained about the world these wolves were living init was confusing no world building Then how were they having conversation while in wolf formI was so confusedthat went on thru out the book..I guess I m use to consistency or minute their human but then their in wolf formconfusing. I really enjoy this author s PNR m preg books but for some reason, this one just didn t grab me Well it did until they ran into the rogue army, then it went down hill from there I know they want pack land but they have no omegas so they just run off on the word of 1 omega And then the village that they end up living in is only 1 alpha the rest omegas It just seemed very odd. Shows promise 2.5 So, the story shows a lot of promise Of course it needs editing and refinement in regards to the story itself. Cruel AlphaSubjugated OmegasThis is my first Wolf shifter story in awhile While I ve been reading nonshifter Alpha Omega books the cruelty and viciousness are unparalleled when the main characters are Wolves who live by their own rules A world controlled by Alpha Wolves and kept going by terrified Omega Wolves There doesn t seem to be the balancing tempering presence of any female Omegas or Alphas.The Bloody Fang Alphas were preoccupied with being Conquerors and holding Omega Auctions They raid weaker packs, kill the Alphas, kidnap the Omegas and Alpha pups In order to avoid being targeted by Bloody Fang, other packs pay protection by bringing food to the large pack of killers and are given the chance to fight to win one of the kidnapped Omegas.In this story somethings I ve come to see as Alpha Omega lore are debunked pregnant Omegas can shift, Alphas eat only meat, Omegas need a balanced diet of berries, veggies meats, in order to carry a cub to term the Omegas need to mate repeatedly with its sire, Omegas are needed to care for Alphas to keep them fed medically cared for, and the pups don t need milk to substain them.While this is definitely an erotic romance novel A lot is going on There is a great deal of violence, horrible treatment of Omegas, mating of convenience It is fast paced, with a need to trust a stranger, rely on someone who has withheld truths, cold distant Alphas who only cared about what they could get from the Omegas and giving them just bare necessities to live Rescue attempts, running for their lives, trying to escape enemy territory, needing to hide out, arrogant savage leadership, and surprising strength intelligence in the Omegas I enjoyed this book It took turns I didn t expect If you love Wolf shifters, mpreg, excitement, erotic interludes, and danger then this story is a must for you.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Auctioned Omega (Mount Liberty Pack #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Kellan Larkin author readers around the world.

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  • Auctioned Omega (Mount Liberty Pack #1)
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