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Beau GesteReread Dec 2012, loved again What a fabulous book I am SO enjoying building up my reactionary library see article pasted in below Beau Geste was an ultimate boy man book to be much enjoyed by women who love real men too While I have to admit that there wasn t, perhaps, anything mind blowingly profound in this book except maybe that it s so very different from the messages found in most modern lit , there were a few things I thought made this book one I want the little men I m raising to learn and emulate 1 Honesty Every one of the heroes in this book was a man of strict honesty His word was bond 2 A Man s Role as the Protector of Women Oh boy, that was SO anti feminist of me Oh well I would also spoil the book if I spilled why this was such an important part of the story Nevertheless, this role isn t acted out in a self righteous, nasty sort of way, but as a device used to truly protect a much loved and respected woman s honor in her misfortune 3 Manhood Like I stated in the beginning these guys were MEN Men who didn t go seeking for trouble or fame or honor but who found it and earned it by living up to high standards of conduct and Christian moral ideals 4 Brotherhood friendship between men This is a story of 3 brothers and another set of 2 friends who are as good as brothers I don t believe I have EVER read a story in which brothers or male friends are ever true, loyal, kind, and non competetive It seems we always get some story of jealousy, competition, deception etc This was a story of three brothers who loved and honored each other so much that they couldn t stand to see one of them blamed for an act they knew none of them did, so they all tried to shift the blame on to themselves instead I totally loved this book Can t wait to get my boy to read it, he ll love it too Only problem was that my copy had quite a lot of French and no footnotes Doggone it, I don t know French IT WAS AWESOME I enjoyed every single second I love reading a totally thrilling adventure story where there is not ONE SINGLE INSTANCE of chagrin or the feeling that one should probably be ashamed for reading it Again, that s why I am totally loving my budding Reactionary Library In my review to Prester John I put a link to an article entiteled Adventure Books for Boys That article references another article that explains that tradition further I have pasted it below for your enjoyment The Book of Virtues A Treasury of Great Moral Stories book reviews by Digby Anderson The Book of Virtues A Treasury of Great Moral Stories, edited, with commentary by William J Bennett Simon Schuster, 873 pp., 27.50 SOME ten years ago I noticed a copy of Baroness Orczy s Scarlet Pimpernel in a second hand bookshop As I picked it up and leafed through it, I remembered just how much I had enjoyed it at the age of ten What I had enjoyed was not just the adventure but adventure infused with morality I bought it and read it again expecting to find it nonsense It is not nonsense In fact it is all the better today since its genre is so rare Slowly the names started coming back not just Baroness Orczy but Rider Haggard, Anthony Hope, Rafael Sabatini, G.A Henty, Harrison Ainsworth, Conan Doyle, C.S Forester, John Buchan, P C Wren, Percy Westerman, and a dozen others What had happened to all those books I suppose I must have thrown them away Some I never owned but borrowed from libraries or other boys You can have my Henty, if you lend me your Buchan Anyway, I started to look for replacement copies And the first point of this personal note is that re collecting them was hard There are surprisingly few about Of course, you can find them if you are prepared to visit countless bookshops and sift through the filth and inanity that fill them and the unpleasant people one finds in bookshops these days Of course, you can find them if you are content to wait But you are not content to wait Read Greenmantle or She and it s so good you want now, and not just the well known ones such as Prester John and King Solomon s Mines, but the many less well known The Courts of the Morning and The Prince of the Captivity, Nada the Lily and Moon of Israel Ten years later I have them most of them in a tall Victorian bookcase, eight shelves entirely filled with reactionary novels.Suppose you wanted to do something similar Suppose you wanted to collect the books that gave you so much pleasure as a child and did so much for your moral formation not perhaps quite my stories but shorter stories suitable for younger children Suppose you wanted to do this not for yourself but for your own children You would face a long and a daunting task to find them Or you would have done till now For William Bennett has done all your work for you In one volume he has collected a wealth of short moral tales and poems suitable for young children There are 873 pages of them.They are ordered under the virtues they illustrate and encourage self discipline, compassion, responsibility, friendship, work, courage, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, and faith Each section starts with stories suitable for adults to read to young children or for the young children to read for themselves, then goes on to ones suitable for older children For instance, Responsibility starts with Olive Wadsworth s Mother Toad, the Three Little Kittens, and Orphan Annie, proceeds through St George and the dragon and Alfred s burnt cakes, through Damocles and The Charge of the Light Brigade, and goes on to Thucydides, Plato, and Jefferson.Mr Bennett has created a treasury no conservative parent would want to be without For conservative parents know the role such stories can play in moral education The early building of character depends heavily on examples, both in this world and in literature Children and adults to some degree emulate people, net ideas Modern societies are going through a period of grave social disorder shown in crime, marriage collapse, gender confrontation, community disintegration, and drug abuse The way back is through the rediscovery of the good, of the virtues Virtues are taught by good laws, by stern punishments, and by moral tales What Mr Bennett has provided, then, is not just a source of enjoyment and literary education, but a contribution to moral literacy and a path back to social order for future generations.One can always find fault with particular collections I would have liked sections on courtesy, hope, and service, for instance The token non Christian readings are a mistake This is overwhelmingly a Christian book, and Mr Bennett should not be afraid to say so But there are two general drawbacks both minor I was struck by how little it resembles my own reactionary library This is largely because mine are mostly full length novels and many are English But there are few tales in the Bennett collection that have the spirit found in Buchan, Hope, and the others in the Victorian bookcase The blood and morality novels have a moral energy some of his tales lack I was going to say his are suitable for little girls than little boys but it is not quite that There is a slight tendency to preciousness in the new collection Here s a revealing test Both sorts of books would infuriate progressive persons, but while Mr Bennett s would make them retch, the Hopes and Haggards would make them explode.That is related to the other tendency The longer stories are edited to bring out their moral parts, the punch line Each story is preceded by a little introduction which explains its moral point This plus the collection of so much morality in one volume does make for a sort of earnestness I can t see how this could be got round but it is unfortunate, because morality should not be earnest It can be carried, if not lightly, apparently lightly That is why Sir Richard Hannay, Sir Percy Blakeney, Allan Quatermain, and the other swashbucklers make such good moral heroes they are good and attractive And if morality mixed with adventure makes for easier reading, so does morality mixed with humor Two poems about truth show this well One shows the rewards of honesty, the other, the fate of liars But the difference is that the first is flat and earnest, the second, teasing and amusing The little boy with a curly head and pleasant eye who never never told a lie and therefore had lots of friends p 601 is a rather repulsive prig Belloc does much better with Matilda pp 607 8 She, of course, told dreadful lies and called the fire brigade when there wasn t a fire, and so when there was one the fire brigade wouldn t come For every time she shouted Fire They only answered Little liar And therefore when her aunt returned, Matilda and her house were burned It is very important that those who exhibit the virtues in real life and in literature do not exhibit the grim earnestness of their progressive and politically correct opponents One of the lesser known titles of Christ was the attractive one or He who attracts The best stories in this excellent collection are those with characters who are good and fun, good and attractive.Mr Anderson is the editor of The Loss of Virtue Moral Confusion and Social Disorder in Britain and America National Review Books There is to this article, a sequel if you will, but it was too long to fit in here I ll paste it under my review of The Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchan Note to self Joel read this just after I did He LOVED it I could hardly get his nose out of it. This is one of those books I ve been meaning to read sincewell since i was a kid Gary Cooper is Beau Geste for me I ll say thisthat old movie isn t too far from the book and it captures the book s adventure.Told from the beginning by a Frenchman who of course gets the compliment that he s like an Englishman telling the spooky, frightening, foreshadowing climactic tale of Fort Zinderneuf He lead the relief column to the fort which he found unfallen with it s gates closed and lockedbut entirely manned by the dead I suppose the story plot is familiar to many who ll read this from the movie I mentioned and others though if the only movie you ve seen is The Last Remake of Beau Geste staring Marty Feldman you may not have exactly the idea of the plot found in the book It s a classic story of honor, bravery and self sacrifice Why only 3 starswell, I just couldn t get past the story telling writing style that is very dated I felt the same way about The Four Feathers The story is moving and exciting The story telling style is slow and dated than readers today will be used to It sort of drove me crazy at times.I hate to admit that.So, good storydated story telling Enjoy. A stirring historical mystery, a tale filled with adventure The story of three brothers who for reasons of their own run away to join the French Foreign Legion This is a rollicking good tale of loyalty, honour, love and mateship Reminded me of one of those boy s own adventure tales A few lulls in the pacing and delivery but a wonderful premise Far exceeded my expectations.I regret that it s taken me so long to get around to reading this IMO unappreciated classic. I stayed up till a quarter to midnight to finish it, so I think that says something for the blend of mystery and adventure Is this book why I named my son Beau I don t know but I m pretty sure it was in the back of my mind when it came time to name him I read this when I was around 13 to 15 I loved it and am planning to read it to my boys as soon as I think they can tolerate the language A great adventure story with the French Foreign Legion What could be better It s not a perfectly crafted novel but is wonderful anyway. The book the helped create the lure of joining the French foreign legion A gem disappears and brothers, not knowing who is guilty, go off and join the French foreign legion to try and protect each other and unravel the mystery Among the cut throats and the insanity, brothers grow close and make a couple of American friends who they owe their lives to over and over again It s real adventure and told in a way that keeps you wondering how and why up until the very end If you like swash buckling type adventures and deserts, this is for you You might discover that you like them than you realized. Best Books, Beau Geste By P.C Wren This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Beau Geste, Essay By P.C Wren Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You When people talk about running away and joining the Foreign Legion, they re probably referring to this book, even if they don t know they are Stirring British Empire stiff upper lip stuff There is a fantastic scene near the end which I often think of. Cleverly structured and engrossing adventure mystery story with an intriguing set up for the main story of three brothers joining the French Foreign Legion Terrific British flair in speech and action carry this story through it s occasional lulls Wren also uses a lot of French terms and phrases in the book to give an appropriately exotic flavor While there are no footnotes in the text I read, context clues and being able to see the spelling of the words helped in deriving appropriate meanings for them and didn t cause me any undue delay in reading I would have hated to listen to the book I was enthralled from beginning to end.Definitely one I would consider reading again at some point though there are two sequels to read before that happens. helloOH where is Max Perkins when you need himwordy slogadventure storyfar too much dead spacenothing nothing is happening does not age wellsee the Gary Cooper movieits much better than the bookyours trulymac

Percival Christopher Wren 1 November 1875 22 November 1941 was a British writer, mostly of adventure fiction He is remembered best for Beau Geste, a much filmed book of 1924 involving the French Foreign Legion in North Africa, and its sequels, Beau Sabreur and Beau Ideal.Born as plain Percy Wren, in Deptford, South London, England, Percy was the son of a schoolmaster After graduation with a

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