Bein' With You This Way

Bein' With You This Way On A Beautiful Sunny Day, An African American Girl Visits The Park And Rounds Up A Group Of Her Friends For An Afternoon Of Fun And Playground Games As They Play, This Happy Crew Discovers That Despite Their Physical Differences Straight Hair, Curly Hair Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes Light Skin, Dark Skin They Are All Really The Same

W Nikola Lisa s interest in writing books for young readers began as an elementary school teacher He is the author of numerous books, including the award winning Bein With You This Way Lee Low , Shake Dem Halloween Bones Houghton Mifflin and the How We Are Smart Lee Low , recipient of the prestigious Christopher Award As an accomplished storyteller and musician, Mr Nikola Lisa

[Epub] ➝ Bein' With You This Way By W. Nikola-Lisa –
  • Paperback
  • Bein' With You This Way
  • W. Nikola-Lisa
  • English
  • 27 March 2017
  • 9781880000267

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    I was able to help my children learn about their physical appearance We discussed similarities differences in hair textures, eye color, body structure read some new words It s fun to read sing, Bein with you this way.

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    This book is recommended for children 4 8 years of age and has won the Child s Best Award from Child Magazine It is a playground rap that demonstrates how all people are different, yet the same.Overall, I did not like this book It did introduce the idea that all people are different, yet the same by concluding the book with the phrase, Light skin Dark skin Long legs Short legs Thick arms Thin arms Brown eyes Blue eyes Big nose Little nose Straight hair Curly hair Different Mm mmm , but the same, Ah ha Now isn t it delightful, simply out of sightful, bein with you this way However, I don t think this message was strong and bit superficial because the book focused on only physical traits I read this book in the form of a CD, and I did not like it at all The reader was monotone, boring, and did not emphasize or inflect her voice at all when reading For a book that is supposed to be a playground rap, the reader did not read with any sort of rhythm Even though the illustrations were vibrant, interesting, and added to the book, the overall book left me very disappointed since the represented theme is very important.

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    The Illustrations were very beautiful I appreciated seeing the diversity in the illustrations, and the interaction between the variety of different people within the illustrations The message of the story was very nice of although we are all different, it is nice that we can all be together However, I feel the words could have been better I felt the words in comparison to the illustrations were a little weak However, overall the message of appreciating diversity is very clear, and I think it is a beautiful book to show younger children and encourage them to love and appreciate everybody, no matter how different.

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    Reading this story put a big smile on my face W Nikola Lisa as author and Michael Bryant as illustrator have created a joyful, rhythmic journey which celebrates our differences I would recommend for pre k 2 students as that is the age depicted in the story Read aloud with hip hop rhythmic rap beat, this story is sure to please all young readers I can t wait until tomorrow to read this to my ELL students This text could be tied into a multicultural unit incorporating rhythm and rhyme I would collaborate with the music teacher in our building to build additional background knowledge through song.Great website which focuses on African American culture and stories Child s Best Award winner

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    The genre of Bein with You This Way is poetry It is about a little girl who visits the playground and invites her friends and others to sing along with her as she sings about and celebrates the differences of everyone s physical features Some people have dark skin, some have light skin, some people have a big nose, and some have a small nose, some people have straight hair and some have curly, everyone is different but the same This book is related to my topic in that is celebrates differences and encourages one to embrace them and that it is ok This book is appropriate for young children and gives them many things to think about The language of the story is written in the form of a song rap and would be captivating and catchy for children, however, I don t like that it repeats that our differences are perfectly, remarkably, strange I feel that young children may miss the point behind the saying and think that our differences are strange instead of receiving the full message The setting of the story coincides with the setting portrayed in the illustrations The park and playground are locations where all kinds of people come and this is accurately and realistically depicted in the illustrations The illustrations are very colorful and vibrant and they match the text The individuals in the book are very diverse and represent different cultures The author is a from a different racial background than the main character, but other aspects of his expertise such as being a musician and teacher are entwined throughout the book.

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    This picture book is about a young African American girl who visits the park While at the park, the young girl looks for friends to play with As she finds playmates, she notices that they all have differences They had different hair, different skin colors, different size noses, and different color eyes However, in the end, they were all pretty much the same I loved the diversity that this book had It includes a wide variety of cultures Also, I love that it shows that even though we may look different, we are still the same The illustrations were also very detailed for showing the differences described in the book This book could be used at the beginning of the school year This would be a great book to read to talk to students about how we all look different, but we are all the same on the inside.

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    Summary This is a story about multiracial children playing with one another and accepting everyone for who they are, not what they look like It explains that it doesn t make a difference the color of your skin, size or race, you should enjoy having fun with one another Every child is beautiful just the way they are.Review This book is such a positive book to read to every child I think starting the beginning of the year with your whole class would be beneficial and a life long lesson I think all children will feel happy and positive after hearing this book.

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    I absolutely loved this book It was a great multi cultural book that discusses the difference among children tall short, long short hair, ect I would like to use this book in my classroom to show that even though students make look different they still have the same feelings and wants playing as they do.

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    This story follows a young African American girl who sings on a playground with her friends While she sings, she points out that although we may look different, we still all enjoy laughter, love, and spending time with one another This is a cute story that you could sing with a child, appreciating diversity around us.

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    We are different but the same Fun book

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