Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown

Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown Betsy, Tacy, And Tib Are Twelve Old Enough To Do Lots Of Thingseven Go Downtown On Their Own There They See Their First Horseless Carriage, Discover The Joys Of The Public Library, And See A Real Play At The Opera House They Even Find Themselves Acting In One Best Of All, They Help A Lonely New Friend Feel At Home In Deep Valley The Most Wonderful Place In The World To Grow Up Ever Since Their First Publication In The S, The Betsy Tacy Stories Have Been Loved By Each Generation Of Young Readers

Maud Hart Lovelace was born on April 25, 1892, in Mankato, Minnesota She was the middle of three children born to Thomas and Stella Palmer Hart Her sister, Kathleen, was three years older, and her other sister, Helen, was six years younger That dear family was the model for the fictional Ray family.Mauds birthplace was a small house on a hilly residential street several blocks above Mankatos

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  • 03 October 2019
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    9 2012 Six stars Ninety six stars Down Town is my favorite of the first four books and ranks near my favorites in the series entire I m prissy about my copy, which is, in fact titled Down Town None of this namby pamby Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown stuff Nope, just Down Town, because like Winona, I like to go in doors marked Private, Keep Out There are so many good stories twining though this book Mrs Poppy s, of course We meet Miss Sparrow here, the librarian who gets so many great lines Tom Sawyer classic going to be and we learn some things about Mrs Ray s childhood The Christmas shopping trip The bobsled, where we first meet Betsy s trick ankle What fun these people have, and how they love each other.And did you ever notice how in this book Lovelace draws attention to Margaret s thick and lovely eyelashes 12 2009 This is my favorite of the pre high school Betsy Tacy books Among the BT cognoscenti, whole weeks have been devoted to debating which books in the series are the best This does sometimes devolve into name calling and braid tugging, but generally Down Town ranks near the top.The girls are 12 and they don t quite fit anywhere not with Julia and Katie who are being walked home from school by boys, and not with Margaret and Freddie who are rioting through the streets shouting They want to be one or the other but they can t quite decide which Their parents are becoming interesting, with backstories of their own but at the same time less central to the lives of the girls Betsy is developing some of that tender empathy which will both help her and break her heart in future books Tacy is settling into her role as champion and cheerleader and Tib is just like Tib, forever and ever, amen The lost uncle plotline makes me weep as hard as the Ladies Home Journal story in teeny tiny writing makes me laugh.

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    I continue to be amazed at how much I ve been enjoying this series on this long overdue rereading of it I feel like I know the characters so well, but I found I didn t remember the incidents at all, so it all felt fresh and delightful My favorite part of this particular book was the Christmas shopping chapter, but I also was very amused at the part when Betsy Tacy and Tib attempt to hypnotize Winona I m not particularly a fan of Lois Lenski s illustrations, which I find blocky and wooden and writing this, I realize that this probably contributed to a false impression on my first reading that the text was correspondingly wooden However, the picture of the three girls staring at Winona is hilarious.

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    I think that Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown may be my favorite book yet, in Maud Hart Lovelace s series of children s novels devoted to the adventures of three young girls growing up in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Minnesota Now twelve years old, Betsy, Tacy and Tib find their horizons expanding, as they venture into town on their own, see a horseless carriage for the first time, attend a thrilling performance of Uncle Tom s Cabin at the Opera House, and in Betsy s case discover the joys of the new Carnegie Library The girls find a new playmate in Winona Root, the sometimes exasperating daughter of Deep Valley s newspaper editor, and a true friend in plump Mrs Poppy, who gives them a lovely Christmas party But the most thrilling experience of all comes when they are chosen to participate in a performance of Rip Van Winkle , and make a surprise discovery with implications for Betsy s familyLike some other reviewers who first read this as an adult, I was able to guess all the developments well in advance But somehow, the pleasure of discovery was in no way diminished a testament to Lovelace s immense skill as a storyteller I enjoyed all the adventures chronicled herein, particularly the Christmas shopping expedition, and was charmed to follow Betsy s growth as an author I laughed over her attempted sentimental novel, The Repentance of Lady Clinton, and thrilled to her first success, with the publication of the poem, The Curtain Goes Up As Lovelace observes at the close of this entertaining and heartwarming story, the curtain is going up on the girls adolescence, and I, for one, am looking forward to watching it

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    This wonderful children s young adult series makes me nostalgic for the childhood I never had.

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    I m surprised at how much I liked this, considering the first three were all in a style that could justly be described as plodding Lovelace is proving herself to be rather witty and ever fantastic at characterisation, so I m going to lean towards the generous side and give this four stars.In the next book, we meet the long anticipated Joe Will Gilbert Blythe be surpassed Find out in my next review

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    I remembered gap with no book between Betsy s childhood and teenagerhood, but I d forgotten that this volume takes place in Betsy s twelfth year, and it is appropriately transitional While Betsy, Tacy, and Tib still get into childlike scrapes and indulge in flights of fancy, they are also capable and independent, taking trips downtown by themselves Betsy is as irrepressible as ever and there are certainly charming moments in this book, but I have a few gripes with it rare for a Betsy book, I know Lovingly meticulous description of super racist media A major plot point involves getting to go see the play Uncle Tom s Cabin, which seems to be played by white actors in blackface The entr acte entertainment is a blackface band playing minstrel show standards The girls consider putting on a play themselves with blackface It s just really creepy all around If gifting or read alouding this to a child, you ll have to pair it with a Talk Unnecessary, Little Women esque put down of genre fiction Betsy s writing at this time centers around mimicry of contemporary ten cent novels like Lady Audley s Secret which, by the way, I loved The titles are things like The Repentence of Lady Clinton and Hardly More than a Child I would LOVE to read these Unfortunately, she BURNS IT after her mother expresses disappointment that she isn t reading imitating The Classics F that Imitating genre fic is what kids this age do see the Bronte Sisters AMAZING juvenilia , PLUS it s a legit way to make money unlike dull imitations of Homer or whatever, PLUS art is subjective, so stuff it, Betsy s Mom Except I guess the themes are a little adult for a twelve year old Saccharine long lost uncle subplot Although Maud Hart really did have an estranged theatrical uncle, it s clear that the reunion scene is fake here, because it s just so book y It s not terrible, it s just rare for Maud to stray into overwrought, cliche kids book territory that I don t expect it That said, there are some classic scenes here, like Betsy Tacy Tib attempting to hypnotize Winona, and them inducting Winona into their method of Christmas window shopping, and Betsy going to the new library by herself

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    This ode to books and love letter to libraries opens with a crisis Betsy has read all of the books in her house What is an aspiring writer to do She borrows some scandalous dime novels and Tacy follows Betsy s example, with disastrous results a wink and a smile to fellow fans of Victorian sensation novels You remember, she said, Rena loaned me Lady Audley s Secret Well, Papa found it Tacy began to sob Papa said he was amazed and astounded He said he thought he had brought us up to appreciate good literature He said there was a set of Dickens in the house, and Shakespeare, and Father Finn, and how did a child of his happen to be reading trash Trash cried Betsy I m trying to write books just like it The very first library in town finally opens and saves Betsy s literary life She tried to act as though it were nothing to go to the library alone But her happiness betrayed her Her smile could not be restrained, and it spread from her tightly pressed mouth, to her round cheeks, almost to the hair ribbons tied in perky bows over her ears She seated herself in the chair nearest the fire, piled the books beside her and opened Tanglewood Tales But she did not start to read at once Before she began she smiled at the fire, she smiled at her books, she smiled broadly all around the room Betsy opened her book and forgot the world again.The literary references throughout are charming There s even a reference to a new song called The Rosary , of The Rosary fame Betsy s passion for books of all sorts makes her a kindred spirit indeed.My only disappointment in this book is the unexplained absence of their friend Naifi and the lovely Syrian community, all of whom we met in the previous book Such a lovely series

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    This is the last of the younger Betsy books, taking us to turn of the century Minnesota, horse less carriages, and many wonderful new friends BTGD introduces us to Winona Root, Mrs Poppy, and some of the places and items we will know and love in the high school books A wonderful look at the transition into adolecense We also read about the tradition of the annual christmas shopping trip that Betsy and Tacy take together On a personal note, this is a tradition that my sisters and I do every year in honor of the books and it s a blast The Betsy Tacy books were highly autobiographical and Lovelace perfectly captures the innocence and magic of childhood If you read this book and love it, please read the series It will be books that you will never forget as long as you live I also recommend the Betsy Tacy Companion which is an amazing book that disects each book and compares it to it s real life counterparts, including pictures of the real Betsy, Tacy, Tib and all the gang I had the pleasure of visiting Deep Valley aka Mankato, Minnesota for a Betsy Tacy convention back in 1996 It was incredible to step back in time and enter Betsy s world We toured the city and I was actually able to step foot in Tacy s bedroom and sit on the famous bench at the top of the big hill It was truly a life altering experience I have to thank my sister, Julie for introducting these books to me and changing my life It s obvious how much these books mean to me My first born child was named Tacy Kelly Maloy Please read and enjoy They are a treasure

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    I loved this book when I was growing up and read it many, many times I always wanted to write stories like Betsy did.3 10 20 While sorting through storage bins in the garage, I came across this childhood favorite It s the only book in the Betsy and Tacy series I ever read and as far I m concerned that s fine with me It was an absolute perfect book for this born reader and writer wannabe I loved Betsy I knew exactly how she felt making her first trip to the town s brand new Carnegie library I still remember my mom taking me to ours and how excited I was to get my first library card with a metal piece in it and the ka chunk noise the machine made when the card was used to check out books I, too, had little notebooks in which I wrote miniature stories For me, it was mysteries featuring the Crime Club a group of friends not too unlike Trixie Belden and her Bob Whites Unlike Betsy, I did not shove them in the fire and move on to writing classic like stories But I have no idea what happened to those little notebooks with The Diamond Bracelet Mystery and others in themThere are so many things to like about this book The friendship between Betsy and Tacy and Tib The way they try to hypnotize Winona Root into taking them to the theater and the friendship that develops thereafter Winona s surprise for Betsy and her poem Tib s ride in the town s first ever horseless carriage Mrs Poppy, her quest to belong in her new town, and the heart warming surprise she makes happen for Betsy and her family The girls Christmas shopping trip The Christmas traditions of Betsy s family And Betsy s love of books and story telling A truly heart warming book that was just as much fun to read as an adult as it was when I was young First posted on my blog My Reader s Block.

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    Unfortunately, there s blackface.

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