Brazen Temptress (Brazen, #3)

Brazen Temptress (Brazen, #3) She Came To Betray HimNo One Could Have Known The Truth That The Beauty Who Swept Into The Elegant Ballroom Was A Pirate Queen With A Treacherous Plan To Save Herself From Execution By Identifying An Infamous Privateer Attending The Ball In Disguise Only Maureen Hawthorne Could Expose The Double Life Of Julien D Artiers, The Toast Of The Ton After All, She Was His WifeBut He Caught Her Heart UnawaresJulien Was Stunned When He Beheld The Love Of His Life, The Wife He D Presumed Dead But Here She Was, Her Turquoise Eyes Blazing Across A Crowded Ballroom, A Woman Determined To Bring About His Complete Ruin She Blamed Him For Her Father S Death, Swore To See Him Hang But He Took Her Into His Arms And Made Her Dance Instead, Tormenting Her With Memories Of The Passion They D Once Shared, Determined To Make Her Love Him Again Willing To Do Anything To Keep From Losing Her Again

Elizabeth Boyle was an antipiracy paralegal for Microsoft before settling down to write full time Her first novel, Brazen Angel, which won Dell s Diamond Debut Award in 1996, also won the Romance Writers of America s RITA Award for Best First Book, and was a finalist for Best Long Historical Romance She lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington She is also the author of Brazen Heiress.

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  • 10 June 2017

10 thoughts on “Brazen Temptress (Brazen, #3)

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    I have no memory of this book except there were pirates And oral sex But I have a great story about it regardless.I d been reading this on someone s recommendation someone who preferred her romances spicier than I and there was something wrong with the kitchen sink in my apartment So I called for maintenance and they showed up one morning just before I left for work Seeing my pile of bedside reading topped with a book called Brazen Temptress, and knowing the maintenance guy to be rather shy, I tucked the book under the bed so I looked like the kind of person who reads serious literature first instead of reading all the trash first before moving on to healthy good stuff I mean, good impressions might get my sink fixed faster I promptly forgot about the book Weeks later, my boyfriend was lying on the ground watching TV, turned his head and asked, amused, Why do you have Brazen Temptress under the bed He was very skeptical of my explanation, and now that it s 15 or so years later, and we are married, and I fix the sink myself, still refers to all romance novels as Brazen Temptress if given the least opportunity Or Hard Riding Margot, another title of awesomeness we ran into at a Crown Books remember those lo those many years ago.

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    I wasn t crazy about the trilogy, but this was the best of all the books These were my first Elizabeth Boyle books She seems to write a lot about politics in France and that s just my thing I m a bigger fan of the English books.

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    This is a lovely story about a male and a female pirate falling in love and what happens after that.Very exciting, many unexpected twists and turns and lots of amusing parts to it A real cat and mouse story that kept me turning pages until the very end.Very entertaining and I can safely recommend it.

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    Great adventure I loved this story of Maureen and Julien finding eahother again A great swashbuckling ta e But I think a little said about Lady Mary in the end would have been nice.

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    DNF Not like the first two in the series

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    this one was a hard push to finish, because it was just a tad too over the top plotwise for me but hey, it was totally different that s for certain.

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    Great book and great series with talented heroines.

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    For awhile there, I thought I had discovered another keeper Unfortunately, the random flash backs started to irritate and the over the top, unreasonableness of the heroine started to annoy me At the start of the book, she was a free spirited girl, lovable, and wild, but of course this didn t last When the book opens, its 8 years since she has seen the hero, and she has turned into just another one of those typical TSTL, bitter woman with a secret baby, who feels her baby is hers and no one else s business This is a huge pet peeve of mine, so consequently, I couldn t find much enjoyment out of this book Jealous heroine the hero never seemed to show any jealousy in this bookHero thought she was dead for 8 years

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    Maureen knew she had a chip to play when she got caught Not only does she know who the infamous pirate is, but she s the only one who can identify him, her husband He thoguht she was dead The love of his life, his wife, and now a pirate queen Now that she s back he s going to not only keep his own head, but he s going to get his wife back to No matter how much she hates him.With a great story line, treason, and twists, this novel is a great adventure.

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    Really loved this book stayed up late to finish Married couple, separated by perceived betrayal, meet again Julian is known as the privateer deReyes, an American Maureen is Captain Hawthrone, smuggling alonng the English coast After capture she volunteers to identify him to save her crew, ship and herself Julian is stunned to find out she is still alive he though she was dead for 8 years Together they outwit the villian and find each other.

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