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Camp FollowerThis story of the American Revolution is authentic, suspenseful, and completely engrossing This is the second of Suzanne Adair s books I ve read They had a couple of characters in common, but the first was of an American patriot, and this was of a British Loyalist Widow Helen Chiswell, originally from England follows the British army officially related to an officer, but actually as a journalist to record what she sees Naturally, she sees a lot, and ends up in danger for her life, and not just from the enemy But I won t say any , except, excellent read When impoverished widow Helen Chiswell is given the opportunity to travel with Lt Col Banastre Tarleton and the British Legion in 1780 she sees it as a chance to improve her finances and write about something exciting than social events.But her publisher has devious plans, which only become apparent the deeper she travels into the path of danger Her travel escort, posing as her brother, is the brutal Lt Dunstan Fairfax, who has plans of his own Fairfax is using her as bait to ensnare her sometime lover, David St James, and other members of his rebel family.Before long, Helen also becomes aware of spies in their midst, the plight of families torn asunder by the war and the truth about her feelings toward her longtime friend and tutor, Jonathan Quill.Told from the viewpoint of Loyalists, the novel gives a fresh and accurate portrait of life during the period and explodes various myths, most importantly, emphasizing the positive role of women both in daily life and in the war.Suzanne Adair has crafted a novel brimming with suspense, intriguing characters and enough action and romance to satisfy the most discerning readers This is the third of Adair s Revolutionary War series set in the South It isn t necessary to have read the previous novels to enjoy this one, but one would seem to recommend the others. Good book, slow start but I would recommend reading Characters are well developed Most historical novels side with the Patriots, rebels during the American Revolution but in this novel the characters were on the side of Loyalists Great to see a strong feminine character who is also likeable. Camp Follower by Suzanne AdairThis novel is one in a series of books by Suzanne Adair that take place in the British southern colonies during the American revolutionary war Ms Adair s extensive knowledge of the era and the locale is evident in the depth of description and detail The everyday life of two and a half centuries ago is neither romanticized, nor sanitized for our modern sensibilities.As with her other work, Camp Follower tells the story of an independent woman caught up in the political and military intrigue that was rife in lands fiercely fought over by the British and Colonial armies Helen Chiswell is in her early thirties, widowed and driven to find any means possible to make a living in those perilous times Fortunately for her, she is a gifted writer and the local publisher of a magazine is eager to employ her skills Perhaps too eager Helen is offered a handsome, hefty fee if she will take on a dangerous assignment She is to travel across rebel held territory and join the camp of charismatic Colonel Banastre Tareton, a rising young officer under the command of General Cornwallis At twenty six, Tareton is quickly becoming a hero back home in England for his dashing exploits As a cover, she will masquerade as the sister of a certain Lt Dunstan Fairfax, a member of Col Tareton s command.Readers of Ms Adair s other novels will certainly recognized Lt Fairfax as he not only appears in the other works, but also in some ways is the unifying constant between them Cold, intelligent and possessed of incredible physical strength and abilities, Lt Fairfax is a secret, sadistic murderer who delights in maim and torture.Love for Helen does not lack for amorous suitors, danger, arduous travel and military action combine in this fast moving and entertaining story of America s past. I think if I d known at the time I started reading this book that it was 3 in a series, I wouldn t have felt so confused about certain issues and characters I admit that I kept thinking the whole time that this was an historical romance and that the author was getting around to setting up the Fairfax character and the female protagonist to be a couple So I was confused when he ended up being a villain and there was no romantic connection to be had between them though the female did seem to have lustful feelings for him as well as a couple other men in the book, which also kept me guessing about her Also, there were a few people who had names that started with the name letter names that were similar enough to make me stop and think a moment about which character I was reading about.At any rate, the book was quite interesting and I plan to check out the others in the series. Sold at the age of 17 to a colonial merchant, Helen Chiswell soon finds herself widowed after her husband is killed in a duel Since her husband s death, Helen barely makes a living writing a society column for a Wilmington newspaper When her publisher offers financial compensation to travel to the British Legion encampment to interview and write about Lt Col Banastre Tarleton, Helen quickly agrees Although the funds promised are much needed, Helen is excited at the chance to prove her worth as a journalist Lt Dunstan Fairfax, aware Helen s lover is David St James, a renowned rebel, is than willing for Helen to pose as his sister while she travels with him into the backcountry of North Carolina Helen embarks on a treacherous journey, unaware that her publisher has devious reasons for sending her into danger and that Fairfax is intent on proving her a spy while capturing St James Adair takes her reader on an exciting adventure, filled with historical fact wrapped around an intriguing plot Once , Dunstan Fairfax does not disappoint as the bloodthirsty British officer who delights in torture and murder Helen Chiswell makes for an interesting character, a woman dealing with demons from her past while trying to make the best of the situation she has been forced into. A Deadly Assignment A Land Poisoned By Treachery And Battle She Plunged In HeadfirstLate In , The Publisher Of A Loyalist Magazine In Wilmington, North Carolina Offers An Amazing Assignment To Helen Chiswell, His Society Page Writer Pose As The Widowed, Gentlewoman Sister Of A British Officer In The Seventeenth Light Dragoons, Travel To The Encampment Of The British Legion In The Carolina Backcountry, And Write A Feature On Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton But Helen S Publisher Has Secret Reasons For Sending Her Into Danger And Because Helen, A Loyalist, Has Ties To A Family The Redcoats Suspect As Patriot Spies, She Comes Under Suspicion Of A Brutal, Brilliant British Officer At The Bloody Battle Of Cowpens, Helen Must Confront Her Past To Save Her Life Camp Follower is one of a loosely connected series of books, set in North and South Carolina during the American War of Independence I knew little about this aspect of that war when I started, and found the setting fascinating Allegiances were fluid, and the civilian population might suffer at the hands of both sides.Suzanne focuses mainly on personal relationships, using the military actions as a backdrop to these The plot of this book is built around the central character s journey as a female journalist with a contingent of the British army, during a particularly unsuccessful campaign.The books combine elements of crime and mystery writing alongside the historical fiction, and this extra dimension gives the reader the opportunity to try to deduce the bigger picture ahead of the characters.An enjoyable read, and one where you have to keep your wits about you as the story twists and turns. Helen Chiswell poses as the sister of a British officer to write a feature on another British officer This was my first historical novel set during the Revolutionary War It s set in the CArolinas, what was known as the Southern Theater of the War, a lesser known region for many Seen from a loyalist perspective adds an additional twist I loved the protagonist, a strong survivor, and the detail of the setting The author is an experienced Revolutionary War reenactor and I appreciated her attention to detail Camp Follower is one of a series featuring Helen. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book that follows Helen Chiswell as she travels to join Tarleton and the British Legion As a Loyalist, she does not like being accused of both spying and hiding rebel spies She is desperate for money which is why she agrees to travel report on the British Legion Helen hides her original identity from several people who could destroy the life she has created in the colonies She is brave and tries very hard to discover the spies who use her desk to hide messages Suzanne has done a lot of research in writing this book.

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