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Cherguis Child Thirty Something Olivia Is Recovering From A Traumatic Event Five Years Earlier, When She Is Summoned To The Bedside Of Her Dying Aunt, Dorothy Shortly Afterwards, She Learns That Her Aunt Has Left Her A Large Sum Of Money And A Letter With A Startling Revelation From Morocco To London To The South Of France, This Is The Story Of One Woman S Journey To Make Her Life Whole Again

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  • 19 December 2019

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    Given to me by Author of honest reviewAn Emotionally Captivating story Journey The author has managed to develop complex, flawed personalities, both in the main character and the supporting ones She makes it easily to like and or dislike them The author is specially skillful at evoking a sense of place, and she regularly excites every one of your senses as she describes, in brilliant but spare detail, each restaurant, each food dish, each sandy beach At times this impedes the action, but, since the scenes change fast, it rarely slows the reader for long.The flashbacks are well done, but I don t think they were necessary, I was so invested in Olivia s quest, I didn t want to be interrupted and dragged back in time five years ago none the less The ending is still satisfying,This a refreshing read and would recommend to readers that is looking for something different with a great nail biting plot twist.

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    A wonderful story, rich in emotional experiences, full of love and hope.Olivia discovered some news after her beloved aunts death that turns her already precarious world upside down.We follow Olivia on her journey started by her aunts letter As the story unfolds aided by flashbacks, Olivia makes discoveries.Will she find what she seeks Can things ever come right I will leave it there as I would only be repeating what previous reviewers have already said Suffice to say this is a book you can t put down and I really enjoyed it.

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    Spoiler Alert Chergui s Child is a rich and engrossing story of unrequited love, painful expectations unfulfilled, and a journey in search of a lost child.Olivia receives startling news upon the death of her aunt a baby she thought died at birth has in fact lived, and is being raised by her ex lover in places unknown This is the chronicle of Olivia s quest to find her five year old daughter and hopefully work out some kind of arrangement to be a part of her life.We learn much about Olivia as she reveals, in pieces, details of her relations with a domineering mother, a cad of a married man whom she is currently seeing, and this despicable man who snatched her daughter five years earlier.It s a well written tale that reveals the strengths and frailties of Olivia, who struggles through many uncomfortable situations in her search, which leads her from London to the South of France and other locales, always seemingly a step behind Richie the smooth, heartless father of her out of wedlock child.Strong supporting characters lend body to the narrative, which is divided between first person recitation of events, and third party exposition in which Olivia often comes off as a hapless victim, too easily steered by the men in her life.In France, she hires out as a nanny for a short time while searching for a lead as to Richie and her child s whereabouts Here, she gives a lovely turn as a surrogate mother to a neglected neighbor child, and tries out her latent mothering skills, which actually are quite good.There is such good writing in this book The characterizations are especially delicious In her pink maternity dress, with her unruly wavy Tahitian hair and youthful skin, she resembled an overgrown primary school girl who d won a prize And, Talking to her was like navigating cobbles in stilettos The author is especially skilled at evoking a sense of place, and she frequently excites every one of your senses as she describes, in vivid but spare detail, each restaurant, each food dish, each sandy beach At times this impedes the action, but, since the scenes change rapidly, it rarely slows the reader for long.The ending is both surprising and satisfying though not without suspense You ll be cheering for Olivia all the way.I enjoyed Chergui s Child and, like the other reviewers, give it five stars.

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    Upon her aunt s death, a young woman learns information about her own troubled past that changes the course of her life.It s almost impossible to talk about CHERGUI S CHILD without revealing pivotal details, but I ll try Olivia, the heroine, is a complex character Life has been a struggle for her on many levels As the book opens she seems confident and capable, but we learn bit by bit that her appearance of control masks deep psychological wounds and an ongoing struggle to maintain a normal life Her efforts are hampered by her overbearing, intrusive mother Matters are forced to a head when Olivia s aunt s death leads to a huge revelation centered on what appears at first to be a simple failed romance but, as we learn through flashbacks, is actually much Olivia has a choice she can go on with her rather empty life or act upon what she s learned and possibly reclaim something precious She decides to act and in the process transforms her life and that of several others.CHERGUI S CHILD is an emotionally rich story full of complex characters and unexpected plot twists Riddell excels at two things in particular a evoking a wonderful sense of place and populating it with fascinating individuals The people we meet here aren t necessarily likable, there s too much infidelity for my taste, but they are REAL That s important You pay attention to Riddell s characters You want to understand them.I would have preferred a linear narrative The flashbacks are well done, but I don t think they were necessary and found them a drag on the story s forward momentum I was so invested in Olivia s quest, I didn t care to be interrupted and dragged back in time five years Also the plot turns on three separate letters Here I may be tiptoeing too close to spoiler land, so feel free to skip to the next paragraph The first one, written by Olivia s aunt, initiates the main conflict The second one written by her ex lover is fairly benign and offers Olivia some sense of closure The third also by the ex lover seems too convenient and ends up letting the air out of what should have been the most suspenseful event in the book, the one that decides whether or not Olivia will be granted what she s fought so hard for The ending is still satisfying, but that third letter robs it of some of its power.CHERGUI S CHILD is a powerful exploration of how the past and the stories we tell ourselves about that past both shape our present.

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    I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review, Generally, I avoid reading than one book by the same author too close together I feel there is a danger the writing would be too similar and I wouldn t get the enjoyment I sought from it Having recently finished Daughters of the Lake, I was concerned that Chergui s Child would be of a similar offering However, I am delighted to say that I was very much mistaken and I just couldn t put this one down.The plot captured my imagination straight away Following Olivia s story, both in present day and six years previous, Riddell vividly portrays a woman s love for her family Olivia is determined to follow her aunt s final wishes and through her journey, readers learn of her fragility and innocence to love She was such a likeable character and, without wanting to give away the plot, I could really understand the feelings Olivia describes as her a journey becomes a web of mystery.Riddell s descriptions of Morocco and the south of France are delightful, making Chergui s Child a definite summer read Cosied up at home, I felt myself being transported to warmer climes and could easily imagine the exotic scenes of Morocco and see Olivia s travels through France.This is a pacey drama that will not disappoint The emotionally charged roller coaster that both the reader and Olivia experience keeps you gripped right until the final pages It is difficult not to share Olivia s frustrations as she travels across France and the ending leaves you satisfied that she has finally found closure.

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    I was supplied with a free copy to review this for Rosie Amber s Book Review TeamGenre Family relationship drama, with themes of extramarial affairs, pregnancy, death, eating disorder Chergui s Child is the story of Olivia, whose aunt has just died to her surprise, she is left a large amount of money in the will Olivia is a troubled woman her relationship with her mother is difficult, to put it mildly, and she has an eating disorder Early in the book, she receives a letter that reveals a startling revelation this sends her on a life changing journey.The novel alternates between her present dilemmas, which include her mother contesting the money left by the aunt, and the past, when she was a medical student having an affair with her tutor, Richie, whose wife had her own problems I m a fan of this structure, and in this case the slow building up of the past that led to the present made it much interesting than just a straight story.Olivia travels to France and to Gibraltar as revelations provide missing pieces in her life s jigsaw Generally, the family dynamics of all characters involved are well drawn I did think that, generally, there was too much domestic conversational minutiae that was not needed for the plot, and slowed it down Some of the characters came alive to me Martin, Richie, Dorothy and Roz , some didn t alas, for me, Olivia fell in the latter group The only emotion I felt towards her was slight irritation at her na vet she didn t understand that age old clich and truth of the mistress of a married man that once you become problematic or needy you no longer supply the romantic fantasy, and are, thus, dispensible Mostly, I felt no connection with her.I was a little unsure about the feasibility of some elements Olivia is told about her inheritance by her own solicitor two days later after her aunt dies, and the funeral is the next day In my experience, it takes a couple of days even for the death certificate to come through, before you can begin to arrange funerals, which takes a week at the very least, and I would have thought that Olivia s solicitor would have had to wait for instruction from executors, etc Also, in the flashback chapters, a tragic death takes place in Mexico that is central to the plot, but I was unconvinced by some practicalities and subsequent reactions of the character involved.I liked many parts of this novel, but on the whole, for me, it lacked a spark that would have made it memorable But the writing flows well, and I am sure readers who like easy read, emotional family dramas would enjoy it.

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    Chergui s Child is the story on one woman s quest to find the secret that has been kept from her for the past five years.When her Aunt Dorothy dies, Olivia is left a vast amount of money and an accompanying letter revealing an astonishing secret The secret will see Olivia travelling far and wide in search of it.The story switches from present day back to Olivia s life six years ago, and through many different countries, including UK, France and Morocco.Olivia, the main character, has had a very difficult relationship with her mother, since childhood As she grows into adulthood the difficulties do not change, and she relies on her aunt as a substitute mother It turns out that her mother has been keeping a secret from her for the past five years, a secret about an event that devastated Olivia I think if my mother had done what Olivia s did, I am not sure that I would ever of been able to forgive her.Her mother s sister, Dorothy, discovers the secret and writes Olivia a letter about it, to be given after her death Olivia confronts her mother about it, and it is then that her father finds out too After years of being a doormat for his wife, this is the final straw for him and he finally challenges her to find out the truth.I am ambivalent about Olivia, but that maybe because she appeared conflicted for most of the book What kept me interested was wanting to know where the title of the book fitted in, which was only revealed right near the end.The pacing of the book was quick, and had me racing to finish it, as I needed to know how it would end.I liked that the book flitted back and forth in time, and was set in different countries I could almost feel the sunshine on my back in the warmer countries, and had me enjoying the scenery that was so vividly written.Reviewed by Marcia at

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    Loved this book In fact this is the second book by the author that I have read And yes, there is a complete different treatment The plot explores the bond shared by a mother and her daughter akin to Daughters of the Lake But the similarity ends there The essence of this poignant story is the journey a mother undertakes to find her lost child, a child whose existence was kept hidden by her own mother I wish I could say but that would mean spoiling a beautiful narrative Read it to believe it.Jane s narration is really powerful in this story She has brought out the yearning of a mother for her lost child in a manner that would tug your heart strings I cried with the protagonist, I laughed with her and in the end felt really happy for her The imageries are as powerful as the narrative It was as if I was part of a story where I could do nothing except be a mute spectator Felt really desperate Hats off to you Jane for a writing that made me be a part of it.The story belongs to Olivia and her journey of self discovery, her journey as a mother Love has lots of variations but the love of a mother for her child surpasses all kinds Add to it the pain and sense of loss and you have an emotion that is beyond expression in simple language At the same time, the reasoning put forth by Olivia s mother for hiding the truth has a familiar ring to it There are many mothers who would do so to protect their unmarried pregnant daughter from societal ridicule The antagonist in this story is actually circumstances and motives.To sum up, my journey along with Olivia to find the Chergui s child has been a beautiful reading experience It is one that I will revert back to when I feel low because it is filled with hope Hope for a better tomorrow, hope that there is always a silver lining on a dark cloud A truly must read.P.S Jane, loved this story as it helped me embark on a journey of self discovery as wellway to go girl

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    Firstly, I have to say that I really like this cover and how it conjures shimmering heat and the promise of a foreign world The drama explored in the cover is continued in a story which is intriguing and filled with surprises.Olivia Bowden finds that she has inherited a large sum of money from her aunt Dorothy This unexpected windfall gives Olivia the opportunity to try to make sense of her life which has been shattered by a traumatic event which happened some five years earlier Embarking on a journey, Olivia must learn to face the demons of her past before she can hope to get resolution for her future.In Chergui s Child, the author has written a commendable family drama which looks at the vagaries of fate and also of the devastating heartache of being involved with the wrong people Time and place is captured really well and I felt like I journeyed with Olivia as she travels to find what she so desperately craves The hint of mystery in Olivia s life is nicely explored and I liked the way that the novel hinted at events in Olivia s past, so that we were given the reasons for her sadness To say any about the plot would spoil the overall effect of the story and I would hate to give anything anyway.The author has a nice way with words and obviously loves storytelling and this is reflected in the way the story is allowed to evolve gradually.

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    This is the second book by Jane Riddell that I ve read and thoroughly enjoyed Upon the death of her aunt, a young woman named Olivia receives startling information in the form of money and a letter that changes her life forever The purpose of the inheritance is to fund Olivia s search for a baby she had given birth to 5 years earlier.The author has managed, once again, to develop complex, flawed personalities, both in the main character and the supporting ones She makes us easily like and or dislike them For example, Olivia starts out as a fairly confident woman, but as the story progresses we realize how vulnerable she really is, easily influenced by the two less than sparkling men in her life We feel Olivia s maternal yearning and the lengths to which she will go to be reunited with her child.Jane Riddell is a wonderful wordsmith For example, .I struggled not to think about Richie, unable to shift the cleaver from its chopping block in order to obliterate the onslaught of memories Also talking to her was like navigating cobbles in stilettos Beautiful What do winds, Tangier and babies have to do with this book Read it to find out This is a suspenseful, fast moving, heart thumping, emotional tale of sad family dynamics, complex human situations with a satisfying if somewhat surprise ending.

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