Cherish the Land (Lang Downs Book 5)

Cherish the Land (Lang Downs Book 5) Sequel To Conquer The Flames Lang Downs Book Five Seth Simms Never Wanted To Be A Cowboy, Although To Listen To His Best Friend, Jason Thompson, Tell It, He Isn T One He Just Happens To Have Lucked Out In Coming To Live On Lang Downs With His Brother Ten Years Ago He Found Enough Stability To Finish High School And Go Off To University, But He Never Really Believed Lang Downs Would Be The Same Haven For Him That It Had Become For So Many Others He S Too Messed Up In The Head No One Would Accept Someone With His Issues All His Life, Jason Has Had One Goal To Come Home To Lang Downs As Resident Veterinarian When They Need His Skills And Jackaroo When They Don T And It Means He Gets To Spend Time With Seth During His Occasional Visits, Even Though His Dream Of Going From Friends To Lovers Is Hopeless Since Seth Is Straight When Seth Unexpectedly Comes Home To Stay, Jason Takes It As The Boon It Is But Juggling A Relationship With Another Jackaroo And His Friendship With Seth Isn T Easy, And That S Before Jason Realizes How Deep Seth S Issues Run And How Dangerously Seth Chooses To Cope With Them

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[EPUB] ✹ Cherish the Land (Lang Downs Book 5)  By Ariel Tachna –
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  • 255 pages
  • Cherish the Land (Lang Downs Book 5)
  • Ariel Tachna
  • English
  • 14 October 2019

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    4 stars Cherish the Land is the fifth book in Ariel Tachna s Lang Downs series I ve been a fan of this series for the last couple of years and I always love visiting the Lang Downs men.Seth and Jason s story has been on my radar for a while now When I heard book five was going to be their book, I was ecstatic And I m so glad Ariel Tachna finally gave us their story.Seth and Jason are best friends They have been since they met in book two Friendship isn t all that s between them, though But neither is willing to admit it out loud Both of them are with others in the beginning, though Seth is broken up with his girlfriend after the prologue But Jason is dating a jackaroo, Cooper, for a while It bugged me And I couldn t take to Cooper at all for that reason I didn t want him and Jason I wanted Seth and Jason.When they finally get together, it isn t easy Even though everyone on the station is happy for them because they re finally together, they still have things to overcome Mostly Seth s demons There were times it was hard to believe he was suffering so much because I never really sensed it in the other books But it did make sense.Luckily, Jason was patient and loving with Seth When everything came out, he was there And he loved Seth.There was also a bit of a side story with Sam and Jeremy, the couple from book three It was a little surprising, but the resolution was great I really felt for Jeremy and everything he was going through.This sort of feels like it could be the end of the series, which is a little sad, but at the same time, I m happy with it ending here if that s what the author decides The epilogue with Caine and Macklin was perfection I love those two and since they re the original couple, it seemed fitting.I really liked this book Maybe not as much as some of the others, but it was still really good and left me in a happy place I m so glad Seth and Jason got their happy ending A copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    Ok first thing I want to get out of the way here is one of my pet peeves, mostly because it didn t happen and I soooooooooo appreciate that When I look on GR because yeah, it is my main reference source for book info it tells me this book is 220 pages long Now when I open the book it tells me there s somewhere around 242 pages and you know what I don t care because I know going into this that I m getting 220 pages of story and that s what I got I didn t feel cheated at the end because I thought I was going to read 242 pages I knew that I wasn twell, ok I did moan a little but that was because I was really, really enjoying the story and I wanted not because I was under the false impression that there was So enough of that let s get to the good stuffThis book was a busy one as there was in fact two stories going on When you read the blurb it tell us that the story is about Seth Simms whom we met in book 3 when he and his brother became a part of the Lang Downs family and Jason Thompson who is Seth s best friend and has been a part of this series as a background character since book 1 We get to see these two boys now grown as men Men who each for their own reasons believe that they can only ever be best friends and nothing despite the fact that they are very much in love with each other and everyone but them seem to be aware of this Their story is slow to build as they dance around the issue until circumstances force them to confront their feelings for and with each other But things don t end there and they still have obstacles to overcome before they can be together but once it happenswell, let me just say get yourself a cold shower folks you are going to need it The sex between these two is hotsmokin , steaming, scorching hot and worth the wait Ok so that s one of the storylines that runs through this book and I loved it start to finish.Now as for the second one I m simply going to say if you remember and liked book 3 Outlast the Night This was Sam Emery and Jeremy Taylor s story so if you re really partial to these two men You re going enjoy the amount of page time they have view spoiler However, sorry to disappoint there are no hot and sexy scenes between these twowell, except there was that one time in the showerbutno, you ll have to read the story to find out about thattheir lives get thrown for a change that no one really saw coming and the strength of the love and commitment between these two men is wonderful to see as they struggle to adjust to events that may take them away from Lang Downs indefinitely hide spoiler

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    4.5 painful starsI can t believe I hadn t read this book already I had been waiting for Seth and Jason s story for so long, yet I bought it and completely forgot I ve read it now, and I loved it Not that I m surprised This series is like manna for me I just want it to keep going Seth has issues These issues are heart breaking Jason is a super sweet all around awesome guy There s one plot thread that wasn t resolved, but it was really important to Seth It s as if it was mentioned, but then dropped Or cut from the final product Not sure what happened, but that did bother me.

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    Audiobook review3,5 stars I have been looking forward to Seth and Jason s story for a while now I liked the idea of best friends being in love with each other but both also totally clueless about the other s feelings Hiding it for fear of rejection Add in some self harm and this book was calling for me for a long while There s just something about troubled characters that draws me in.Jason has lived on the station for his entire life, it s his home, and it s where his family is And apart from going away to uni to become a vet it s all he s known, all he wanted Until one day when he was fifteen and Seth and his brother joined the station Instant best friends and soon thereafter the crush to end all crushes He know nothing can happen though, his best friend is straight, and he d rather have him as a best friend than nothing at all.Seth recently made a huge decision in his life, breaking up with his girlfriend of three years and deciding to head back to Lang Downs, the only place he ever felt like he belonged City life just isn t the right fit for him He s also decided to take a chance on Jason, finally telling him that he was bi, and not only that was also in love with him Things doesn t work out as planned, when he arrives home Jason is already seeing one of the jackaroos leaving Seth to try to mend his broken heart.Sadly Cherish the Land wasn t everything that I wanted it to be but isn t that also the danger with expectations I expected and wanted Seth and Jason, to feel their longing, the passion Tachna didn t quite get us there with her words Sure she told us how they and we felt, were supposed to feel, but we couldn t be there for it It wasn t in the pages and that s just not enough for me I want of a connection I want to be there and feel it I never felt any depth to the story or characters, the intent was there for sure but the plot was all a bit too scattered for it to really happen This in turn made me feel that their relationship was lacking, that there wasn t any deep connection part from friendship between them What also bugged me was the speed of their relationship it went from believed unrequited to first kiss to moving in together in just a few days It also felt a bit like this book suffered a bit of an identity crisis, of who this book was supposed to be about Now I know that for all of the prior books part from the first one have had multiple POV s and not only the main characters Those times were annoying sure, but they were short interludes to catch up In this book there is a sub plot involving Sam and Jeremy that at times takes up space than Seth and Jason do Sure it was interesting and I enjoy the couple and wanted to know all about it, but this book wasn t the place for it I think that it would have been better suited as a novella where we could delve deeper and have of a coherent story As it stood now there was no real flow of the story, it was jumbled and miss matched and it kept me from becoming invested, to feel for the characters like I wanted and had hoped As previously, I loved William James Aussie accent Loved his voices and feelings he added to his narration Some parts of the books sounded very stilted, there wasn t any natural flow of the words I don t think that was due to James s narrations as such, but on choppy writing It wasn t all the time, but it was still noticeable when it happened I do know one thing for sure, and that is that I m going to look for of his narrations to listen to possibly even another Aussie book.It s been a nice journey to take with these men and I ve, for the most part, enjoyed the hours I spent listening to their stories However I can also say that I m ready to say goodbye and leave them to their lives, to pick up the next set of strays and just in general living their happily ever afters A copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Lang Downs still stands as a place for people who need it most Thank you Ms Tachna for a beautiful trip back home to visit with the family This series is one of my all time favorites Well written books about a growing band of misfits that find a true family in one of the most unlikely places on earth These books just leave me smiling and feeling good.

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    Beautiful Ending to a Beautiful TaleWhat Caine and Macklin hath wrought at Lang Downs has come full circle with the promise of boyhood pals Seth and Jason coming home after being apart for seven years, home where both of them hope the other might return what has developed into serious obsessions for both of them each other.But that s not the whole story Ariel Tachna unwinds here in what is likely to be and, really, should be the finale of a wonderfully enchanting series of love stories played out on a sheep ranch or, station in Australia Caine and Macklin, whom we met in the first book, have long opened their doors, and their hearts, to those who stumble in looking for help and maybe a home Just happens that most of these stumblers are gay to begin with and find happiness here But life on the station is long and hard, and in this book we are brought back to that reality, and the love of this family of misfits and lonely people, when something happens at the station next to them that sets in motion a series of sub plots that eventually dovetail into a wonderfully beautiful ending.The remarkable thing about this book is that it is NOT concentrated on Seth and Jason alone, but weaves all of the main characters from each of the four other books into a family crisis of one kind or another, and shows that the definition of that word family is not as it often appears to too many people You will renew acquaintances, hurt inside for some of them, but in the endwell, get to the end, and you will see NOTE You must read the previous books in this series to enjoy this one to the fullest, but because Tachna deftly weaves in the back stories here, this could stand alone if you don t want to do that My bet is that if you do read this one alone, you will go back and start at the beginning because you will fall in love with all the Lang Downers.

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    Reviewed at The Blogger Girls.Seth and Jason have been best friends since Seth came to Lang Downs Now years later, Jason s just back from vet school and looking to make a life on Lang Downs while Seth is in the city But when Seth comes home unexpectedly, Jason s left struggling to maintain a relationship with another jackaroo and his friendship with Seth But while Seth came home for Jason, he has his own issues he has to get through and he s not willing to get between a relationship With their feelings for each other, will they be able to get through the obstacles to make a relationship work I ve been waiting for Seth and Jason s story since I read Chase the Stars so finally getting their book made me super excited It s been about ten years since that book so now Seth and Jason are all grown up and have their own problems In this one, we really get to know Seth and realize that while he s lived on Lang Downs, he doesn t exactly feel its home It was interesting to see Seth that way because you d never guess he d have such deep issues from previous books At the same time, I liked seeing how much Jason adored Seth and how much he d go to finally getting Seth There s also a side story with Jeremy and Sam and Taylor Peak that I absolutely adored reading.I really liked this one but I wished there were POVs from Jason, especially after they got together Aside from that, I think I would have liked a little focus on Seth s cutting and why he did it Does he enjoy pain, does it give him pleasure Or was it only a coping mechanism If so, I didn t fully understand why it was a coping mechanism was it just because he feels like he s alone or because he doesn t have a home In the end, I thought it was a great addition to the series I loved finally getting Seth and Jason s story and seeing their relationship change from friends to lovers I absolutely loved, loved, loved the secondary story with Jeremy and Sam I m hoping this isn t the last we see of Lang Downs because I can think of a few characters I d love to see get a story

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    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEStory 4 StarsNarration 3 StarsI find the Lang Downs series a real comfort read and book 5, Cherish the Land, was no different It felt like spending time with the family, albeit a family that is often a little dysfunctional.This is Seth and Jason s story and as is usually the case with the men on the station it doesn t run smoothly Seth and Jason have been best friends since childhood but lost touch with each other when they went off to college Jason has been in love with Seth for years but thought he had kept it well hidden, in reality the only person who didn t know was Seth himself.When Seth walks away from his current relationship and returns to Lang Downs he has to face the fact that the person he has always wanted is his best friend Cooper, Jason s current friend with benefits, is a complication in his plan as is the fact that everyone believes Seth is straight Although both of these things are easily overcome their move from friends to lovers is not an easy road, Seth is living with demons from his past and has less than ideal coping strategies Jason remains calm when coming face to face with this new side of the man he loves and provides the support that has been missing from Seth s life.We get to see how the rest of the men of Lang Downs are getting along and there is a particularly sad and difficult side story for Jeremy that has the men pulling together and starting a new phase in their lives Cherish the Land has a final book in the series feeling about it but I guess we will have to wait and see what Ariel decides.Narration Review I feel like I am repeating myself with every book in this series William James does an excellent job of the narrated parts of this story, he is very easy to listen to and speaks clearly When he hits the dialogue parts of the story, for me it didn t work so well The accents, again for me, were off and distracted me from the story.

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    Did you ever read a series and at the end of every book you have a smile on your face Yeah, that s this series and this book Lang Downs is the home everyone wishes for and only a few find It is family and respect and love all rolled into one The story just flows and the characters are so well written you think of them as real people and want to help with their woes and share in their joys This series may be a little short on action but they overflow with emotions OH, and HOT sex grin

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    4.25 stars Pretty good job writing about si.

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