Crónica de una muerte anunciada

Crónica de una muerte anunciadaA Man Returns To The Town Where A Baffling Murder Took Place Twenty Seven Years Earlier, Determined To Get To The Bottom Of The Story Just Hours After Marrying The Beautiful Angela Vicario, Everyone Agrees, Bayardo San Roman Returned His Bride In Disgrace To Her Parents Her Distraught Family Forced Her To Name Her First Lover And Her Twin Brothers Announced Their Intention To Murder Santiago Nasar For Dishonoring Their SisterYet If Everyone Knew The Murder Was Going To Happen, Why Did No One Intervene To Try And Stop It The That Is Learned, The Less Is Understood, And As The Story Races To Its Inexplicable Conclusion, An Entire Society Not Just A Pair Of Murderers Is Put On Trial On the day they were going to kill him, Santiago Nasar got up at five thirty in the morning to wait for the boat the bishop was coming on A grand wedding A gruesome murder And a multitude of lives changed forever Chronicle of a Death Foretold is a novella which recounts a fictionalized account inspired by an actual incident of honor killing in Colombia back in 1951, now immortalized in this 1981 novella.The story is about the series of events leading up to a murder, and its aftermath It is written in pseudo journalistic style in the form of interviewed accounts staged 20 years after the tragedy.Fun fact The novel led to a 17 year legal battle after a man claimed unlawful use of his life story for the novel. I own about 70 copies of illegally photocopied versions of this book so I can use it with my students in class And unlike most books I teach, I read this one every year.Why Cuz it s an unbelievable text.I firmly believe that Santiago Nasar is one of literature s greatest Christ figures Many of Garcia s books have Christ figures, of course, but Santiago is Jesus with a twist When the book starts, Santiago is portrayed as a bad man who is wasteful and immoral and violent When he is fingered for taking the virginity of a non whore, any reader would believe in his guilt.But by the end of the book, it is obvious that Santiago did not commit the crime Garcia hides the line where this is stated unequivocally, but it is there But he is killed nonetheless multiple times, actually and the entire town, who did not stop the attack on Santiago, feels guilty for their inaction for the next twenty years.It s such a brilliant idea that is told so exquisitely, that I can t think of a better sub 100 page book to read over a two day period And my students can t, either, as I have never had a disappointed student Ever. Truth in the title the title tells us exactly the plot of the novel A man is stabbed to death He s a fairly wealthy young man he s 21 who runs a cattle ranch inherited from his father There s an interesting ethnic twist His father s family speaks Arabic at home and his Spanish mother on occasion calls him white man Although the locals call his family Turks, because they are Catholic, it s likely they were Lebanese and arrived in Colombia where the story is set from the great mixing and melting pot of the Caribbean The title tells us all we need to know and very early on in the story we know why he was killed, so I m not giving away any plot Another wealthy man in town has just had the most extravagant wedding ever seen in the town But the next morning the bridegroom returns the bride to her family because she has been deflowered by the young man who will then be killed by her two brothers The day of the murder the brothers make no secret of their intentions They wander around town telling people what they intend to do By mid morning just about everyone in town has heard them say they will kill him So why is nothing done Everyone has an excuse There s a big commotion in town because the bishop is coming by riverboat to wave at folks and give the town a blessing So even the priest thinks this is a criminal matter that doesn t concern me Most folks assume it s just drunk talk The mayor has the police chief take away their hog butchering knives when they are seen sharpening them But they have plenty of knives Also it s assumed they are talking to so many folks that someone will stop them and maybe they want to be stopped.The story is told retrospectively from almost 30 years later A fascinating read that under the author s masterful writing, makes the entire story perfectly plausible We killed him openly, Pedro Vicario said, but we re innocent A good read Small town in Colombia from arrangedtravelers.comPhoto of the author from There had never been a deathforetold Santiago is murdered in the market of a Colombian town The perpetrators are two brothers His crime The supposed defilement of their sister, whose marriage to a young man was broken because she wasn t a virgin M rquez does something extraordinary here He creates one of his finest works, a crime mystery where the question isn t who or what but why Why did everything happen in such a way Why do people have to resort to such actions Why are we worse than the wildest animals M rquez is concerned with human nature and the origin of truth and lies, In nonlinear narrative, written in first person account, based on real life events, M rquez creates a masterpiece whose title entered our everyday speech, whose inevitable violence still shocks usLowlifes shitty animals that can t do anything that isn t something awful When I first read this novella, some 10 odd years ago, I was studying in university and a colleague asked me why on Earth would I ever read a book whose outcome is known beforehand There is an idiot in every corner and M rquez seemed to know that well The portraits of the town residents couldn t have been darker They condemn Santiago because his origins aren t the same as their own He is an Other, therefore he is guilty without the benefit of doubt Does this ring a bell Everybody knows what is to come but no one warns him The police do nothing, the priest forgets the most fundamental of Christ s teaching and does nothing When the mob condemns you, you don t stand a chance M rquez s contempt and disgust are evident throughout the novella.M rquez also touches on the themes of gender equality and purity Santiago isn t painted in favourable colours, his contempt and violence towards women are often mentioned Angela is a rather controversial character too You cannot take a solemn vow whether she speaks the truth or not, she is fickle and empty headed and as much of a tragic character like Santiago Was she raped Was she in love with an other man These are the actual mysteries of the storyI saw the knives in the light from the street lamps and it looked to me that they were dripping blood M rquez is the writer who paved the way for Magical Realism, incorporating its elements to each story in a subtle, poetic way, making the narration flow without turning into Fantasy This became a common feature in Latin American Literature and quite a few writers tried to mimic him with poor results In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the omens acquire an almost Biblical significance The weather, the animals primarily dogs the prophetic dreams bring to mind the fables of the signs that precede a catastrophe Think of the omens described in Shakespeare s Julius Caesar, in the night before the vile murder took place.Every book by M rquez requires patience, dedication and a close attention to the story in order to fully understand the wealth and magic of his writing M rquez is a Latin American Dostoevsky, a writer that should be required reading if we want teenagers to ever become accomplished readersGive me a prejudice and I will move the world My reviews can also be found on


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