Conversations with God: Two Centuries of Prayers by African Americans

Conversations with God: Two Centuries of Prayers by African Americans Destined To Stand As A Major Contribution To African American Literature, This Stirring Collection Of Than Prayers Portrays The Spectra Of Human Emotion Some Of The Prayers Have Famous Authors, From WEB DuBois To Alice Walker, While Many Are Of Anonymous Origin, Passed Down From Generation To Generation

James Melvin Washington, Ph.D was Professor of Church History at Union Theological Seminary and Adjunct Professor of Religion at Columbia University.

[Reading] ➶ Conversations with God: Two Centuries of Prayers by African Americans By James Melvin Washington –
  • Hardcover
  • 347 pages
  • Conversations with God: Two Centuries of Prayers by African Americans
  • James Melvin Washington
  • English
  • 01 January 2019
  • 9780060171612

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    Conversations with God now in its twentieth anniversary edition is a collection of prayers by African Americans that, as author James Washington states, reflect the central crisis out of which and to which these prayers come This book covers two centuries of African American history from slavery, emancipation, and reconstruction to Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement, and the postmodern African American world of the 1980s and 1990s.James Washington s epic anthology includes a wide range of contributors who include musicians, writers, spiritual leaders, community organizers, scholars, educators, abolitionists, and most importantly, fugitive slaves While each visceral prayer varies one from the other depending on the circumstances and time periods, they are joined together by one common thread a heartfelt cry for freedom and justice from a people whose generational history has been and continues to be marred by racial persecution Although Washington did not live to see the reprinting of his project, this collection would not have come to fruition if it were not for the painstaking archival research that he embraced as a work of love Unquestionably, Conversations with God is a must read by all, both at home and in the classroom.Originally posted on San Francisco Book Review.Anita Lock, Book Reviewer

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    I found this book book to be both inspirational and well written This compilation of prayers is assembled in chronological order and details the history of African American growth through the interesting lens of prayer There is a wealth of resources for further study and plenty of historical context provided I found it easy to complete in one sitting because few prayers are longer than 2 pages The variety of subject matter and levels of education created a reading experience full of diversity.

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    An excellent collection of prayers over several centuries It causes you to think about the prayers said by individuals who were living in different times of our nation s history I truly enjoyed this book and learned a few things about me and my relationship with God.

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