Cowardly Witness (Pemberley, #1)

Cowardly Witness (Pemberley, #1) Action packedThis story kept my net rest from the first to the last I wasn t expecting so much action and intrigue it was very exciting Feel like Darcy and Elizabeth are characters who are old friends, however, Ayr added a new depth of character that was nice for Elizabeth I as taken aback at first by her lack of support for Darcy s decision but loved how in this story you get to see Elizabeth transform into a Darcy Well done Matthew Poe Is The Only Witness In A Case Of Murder And Corruption In The Lead Mining Industry After An Attempt Is Made On His Life, He Seeks Refuge At PemberleyMr Darcy, Bound By Honour And Duty To His King And Country, Agrees To Take Him In, Though His Presence Puts Everyone At Pemberley In Danger Including Darcy S New Bride, ElizabethWhen Mr Poe S Secret Is Revealed With Disastrous Consequences, Will Darcy Succeed In Protecting His Loved Ones And The Witness, Or Will He Be Forced To Choose Between Family And Honour A post Pride and Prejudice story Matthew Poe, is running for his life when he is shot a witness to the corruption in the Derbyshire lead mining industry.He is sent to Pemberley for safe keeping, in the hands of the married Mr Darcy But who can be trusted. ReviewAuthor Ayr Bray has written a humorous and entertaining novel in her novel Pemberley cowardly Witness Filled with charming characters from Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, this story continues the tale of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, as well as fun and new characters as well Full of adventure and romance, this story will keep readers wondering who can be trusted and what will happen next I would recommend this novel to lovers of Jane Austen s literature, as well as regency novels.Series PemberlyGenre historical fiction regencyPublisher Ayr BrayPublication date June 20, 2015Number of pages 104 Other books in the series 2 Pompous Schemes3 TBDA review copy of this novel was provided by the author. This is a story that takes place after the wedding of Lizzy and Darcy The first part is so seemingly unrelated to PP you may think, is this the right book Apparently Derbyshire is awash in corruption and one man, Mr Poe is out to uncover it view spoiler After faking his death he ends up at Pemberley and Fitzwilliam has some kind of ancient secret landowner honor code where he is bound to give him shelter Now remember this is sometime in the late 18th or early 19th century no photo ids, no google, no telephone So does Mr Darcy say I shall tell my staff and family that you are James Gardiner a distant relative of my wife Or Kevin Fitzwilliam a distant relative of my mother No he tells every one that Mr Poe is staying at Pemberley and they must keep it a secret And then it resolves that Mr Poe and his wife are even ridiculous and stupid than Darcy Meanwhile Lizzy is conflicted about having a hunted man at Pemberley and wants him gone So one person in the book has sense Then she feels guilty and tends his injuries herself Arrrggghhh.Then there are several battles to rescue people, people acting stupidly and lots of bloodshed Until Lizzy realizes that the Darcy s are proud they are responsible and serious and they need to marry light hearted people and resolved to raise her children to be both responsible and fun loving the end hide spoiler Really enjoyed this book I d been craving a story like this, one that doesn t revolve completely around the Darcy s or the Bennet s but that has new characters that add to their lives This series delivers It is sweet and charming and yes a bit too cute at times but I really enjoyed it none the less The fondness that Ayre Bray has for this classic story is evident which I appreciate Will definitely continue on with her series Stevie Zimmerman did a really lovely job at carrying this story At first, I thought she was going about it too slowly, but then I realized it worked well for this story This is a must read for those that love Jane Austen fanfiction. Wonderful A short but exciting adventure A great read for a rest from work It brings understanding and determination to Elizabeth to be the best wife, and better yet, the best mother for the next generation of Darcys. I just read this for the second time because I m finally getting to Books 2 and 3 in this series and wanted to refresh my memory I liked it even better than I did the first time While it s not a mystery, it s a tense situation shortly after Elizabeth and Darcy have married His sense of duty demands that he hide a trial witness at Pemberley even though some powerful members of the gentry are hunting this witness, putting everyone in the Pemberley household in danger It s interesting to see how Elizabeth responds to this first real test when her opinion is at odds with Darcy Their relationship is honest and believable and, really, so is the rest of the book in spite of the eventful plot.It s not a long book and it s very fast paced, so it s an easy read Darcy and Elizabeth are affectionate but not over the top The writing itself is excellent, though it definitely strays into some modern sounded phrasing at times, even within the dialogue I particularly liked the imagery in the portrait gallery with Elizabeth s observations near the end of the book It s a particularly telling characterization of the Darcys and demonstrates how appropriate Darcy s marriage to Elizabeth truly is. The Darcy s in this book are very devoted to each other even when they have to host a unknown man in their midst Darcy tries his best to protect everyone at Pemberley even when it seems like the world is crumbling around his feet Several things happen to threaten the safety of Pemberley, the first being that Mr Poe is there The second is that Mr Poe sends for Mrs Poe even though he is supposed to be dead and that just sends off a chain of events that puts Georgiana in danger along with the Poe s when they decide to leave But in the end all the villains are captured and there is a happy resolution.I enjoyed this book which is odd since I m not a really a big mystery fan at all I loved how Darcy and Elizabeth support each other even though all this stuff is happening at Pemberley I m really eager to read about the Darcy daughter who was mentioned in the last paragraph of the book The only thing though is that I would have loved for the book to be a bit longer Rating 4 1 2 stars out of 5

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