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Crayons - Color My World Not as effective and emotionally powerful as the author s other book I read, Mike and the Deaf Student, but certainly well told and probably fairly appropriate for what is identified as a four year old child.My family is Hispanic, and I remember the first time my younger sister, and really also my brother and I, saw a lady of a different color walking down the street the opposite side of us My sister exclaimed and pointed to the lady, who thank goodness, smiled, easily seeing my sister and brother and I were simply surprised and curious She could see it in our eyes, and I remember clearly she and our mom exchanged little nods and went their own ways.The author had nice visual emotive cues early on, to express the child s emotions, and I ve no doubt another story could be done with a slightly older child and create the same power as in her first story with the deaf child.But this is a gentle sweet intro to an important topic.Very appropriate for a very young child.Lastly, I missed the two touches at the end of the author s deaf child book an info graphic and a chance to get a colorful button I think that would be a great add for this book also. Alpha Academic Press Is Proud To Release Another Book By Acclaimed Author Sharon Straka Hendricks Capitalizing On The Success Of Mike And The Deaf Student Which Addresses The Topic Of Bullying, Crayons Color My World Takes A Look At A Young Girl As She Discovers The Richness Of Color And Diversity All Around HerSharon S Books Are Tailored For The Young Reader In The Age Group Of Seven To Ten Years Old They Help The Young Reader Discover And Understand Real World Concerns That May Impact Their LivesThese Books Are Not Restricted To Just Elementary School Students They Have Received Rave Reviews By People Of All Ages We Recommend That You First Read The Book, Then Let Your Child Read The Book Now Enter Into A Discussion About What They Read And How This Makes Them Feel These Books Are A Journey To Be ExploredLook For Future Volumes By Sharon That Address Many Of The Areas That Will Impact The Lives Of Your Children These Are A Must Read And Must Share Collection Crayons Color My World by Sharon Straka Hendricks is the second of her books that I ve read She is quite adept at writing in a way that makes sense for both children and parents alike What I mean is that children can find meaning in their own way, while parents can explain underlying metaphors as they feel important The book is colorful and imaginative, and it provides a window into feelings of uncertainty and methods of observation that children desperately need in order to make sense of the world around them and know how to deal with it accordingly The crayon exercise that main character Jenny s mother did with her was enlightening and resourceful, and as a parent myself, I truly appreciated the simplicity of it and how it truly gets the moral of the story across well Children are so accepting and loving by nature, and we should nurture that Tolerance and acceptance are two different things, and Sharon Straka Hendricks does a wonderful job in her writing of making that distinction very clear Jenny s mother does not teach tolerance of other races or people she teaches acceptance through her crayon activity, and that is to be applauded.My two year old son was fascinated by the pictures, swiping the Kindle pages back and forth and pointing to items as I mentioned them, including the flowers and various bright colors used throughout the story One other item that bears mentioning is how Jenny s forehead wrinkled in thought as she chose her colors to draw her picture I thought this was a subtle, yet important mention, as children often put time and effort into considering, rather than acting impulsively all the time.Even though this was not a necessity, and therefore didn t take away from enjoyment of the book, one item that I would have loved to see on the pages was a picture of Jenny playing along with the lady she asked her mother about who prompted Jenny s questions about skin color Since this was the main motivation of Jenny s question asking, I thought it would have been a neat picture to include, maybe even in a thought bubble above Jenny s head while she asked, of Jenny coming into contact with the woman whose skin color was different Again, this is not a requirement, as children can be asked to make predictions or suggestions as to what other skin colors there are, which can be a great lead in to further discussion.The lessons that Sharon Straka Hendricks teaches in books like Crayons Color My World are eye opening I very much recommend her books.Beth Rodgers, Author of Freshman Fourteen, A Young Adult Novel Crayons is a wonderfully drawn picture book for children It is also an invaluable tool to teach them about diversity The author has put together a unique and ingenious way to communicate how beautiful and better the world is with different types of people in it The pictures are colorful and well drawn, and the dialogue realistic This is a 5 star teaching tool for children I loved it Kudos to the author for putting together such a fine children s book. Different colorsThe story is cute and explains colors It felt a bit rudimentary and a little bit like the child had lived in a box up until she was at the park Most children are aware of different colored people at an early age due to being exposed either by where they live or by being in a daycare as parents have to work It does take many different colors to make up the world but underneath the skin we are all the same Elysabeth Eldering A Great Message for DiversityI haven t read a children s book in quite some time, but the cover of this particular book intrigued me I must say, I m glad that I read it.The story begins with a little girl discovering for the first time racial differences The way her mother explains different cultural aspects is beautiful.It s a beautiful story with an endearing message One that if I had small children, I would sit down and read along with them. Teaching diversityThis is truly a great book for kids My son always says this about why are people different colors With this book it teaches the world is not beautiful without all colors Great story. Five star review for Crayons Color my World by Sharon Straka Hendricks posted,.ca,.uk,.au, goodreadsThis was a very enjoyable children s book with a great message, well told I liked the was the mother resolved a question that every parent will at some point get asked by their young kids I wish I had this book when my wife and I were asked It is a story so well told, with wonderful artwork, I could see this being read over and over again The story could even be acted out in real life by parents and their children to reinforce the beauty in it I highly recommend this book Well done. It takes a lot of different people to make the world colorful Now that is a profound statement and it pretty much sums up this book It is wonderful It takes such an important lesson and explains it in a way that makes sense to kids Kids need to learn at a young age that diversity is a good thing There is no way they could read this book and then disagree with it Crayons are such a part of childhood Every kid uses them at some point To use such a well known instrument to explain the world s lessons is genius.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crayons - Color My World book, this is one of the most wanted Sharon Straka Hendricks author readers around the world.

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