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Crime for ChristmasGood collection of Christmas mysteries Most of them are from the late 19th early 20th century One of the fun things about a collection like this is discovering once popular now obscure writers I just couldn t get interested in the Wilkie Collins story, although I liked The Moonstone and some of his other novels. Just plain awful Perhaps unsurprisingly, the only good stories were the ones by Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie As to the other stories, the editor seems to have picked the most terribly written and inappropriate stories he could find Dear Mr Dalby, suicide hasn t been considered a crime since 1961, so Thomas Hardy s The Grave by the Handpost should have no place in an anthology about crime published in 1991 The only other saving grace was the cover, which was a large part of the reason I bought this book, to be honest. I m afraid I didn t rate this book very highly in spite of the several well known authors who contributed Two or three were very good and I particularly liked the Thomas Hardy one but the book has now been consigned to the charity shop bag This is a book of short stories that were written many years ago some back in the 1800 s, some in the early 1900 s and the thirties and forties For the most part I enjoyed them, but the language and style of writing of some of the ones written in 1800 s and early 1900 s were a bit hard to get through because the style is so different.I especially enjoyed Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie s Miss Marple I always loved tales about them growing up I also enjoyed C.L Pirkis female detective, Loveday Brooke This was written in 1893, and the idea of a respected female detective during that era was quite interesting I would like to find of her tales.The only one I didn t really enjoy was Mr Wray s Cash Box This was written in 1852, and after about 30 pages I gave up It written about the time Charles Dickens was popular, and I never cared for his style either If you like short stories, mysteries, and don t mind some outdated but mostly entertaining prose, then you will like this book. Foi aconselhado num post em que pedia que me indicassem alguns livros que se passassem ou tivessem como pano de fundo a quadra natal cia.N o apreciei tanto este livro como o anterior Para come ar j tinha lido alguns contos, nomeadamente o da Agatha Christie e o de Arthur Conan Doyle, pelo que a resolu o foi f cil Junta se a isto as restantes hist rias que, infelizmente, tamb m n o exigem muito das nossas c lulas cinzentas Destaco no entanto, a personagem Reggie Fortune de H.C Bailey, uma esp cie de arma da Provid ncia , e a escrita de Wilkie Collins, bel ssima e que nos seus apartes para apresentar as personagens, n o se torna ma ador, muito pelo contr rio Se j tinha em mente ler The Moonstone e The Woman in White, agora quero mesmo pegar neles Apesar de achar os casos muito f ceis, uma leitura leve e que d para descontrair, que exactamente o que costumo procurar em livros deste g nero.Emprestado e pouco se perde com isso um livro interessante para conhecer mais autores do g nero, mas este n o propriamente um g nero que goste de ter na estante Serve o seu prop sito, mas n o me imagino a reler. An interesting collection of stories by well known mystery writers that pleasantly enhance your season. The foreword of this book calls itself a collection of short mysteries from classic English authors from the past and the present The past is the late nineteenth and very early twentieth centuries The present is 20 years ago since this book came out in early 1990 s The collection does have some classic authors from the genre including Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie There are also several contemporaries of Doyle who appeared in The strand and various other magazines of the times I can t say that I was that familiar with a lot of the authors.As might be expected, a lot of the stories might appear dated in their attitudes to women and social standings I prefer to look at them as accurate look at the times It shows how far we have progressed in these areas Another thing that can be seen from these stories is how writing styles have changed What was considered the norm at the time, often seems awkwardly phrased now.Overall, a nice look back at short mysteries from the early days of the genre. This collection was given to my mom in one of those chain mail book exchanges It was good for reading while distracted since most of the stories were pretty short The final piece, by Wilkie Collins reminded me I ve meant to read The Moonstone since I was in 8th grade and saw a dramatization on Masterpiece Theatre Collins was a pal of Dickens, and is really quite funny The premise of the tale, Mr Wray s Cashbox, is that a thespian of poor skill manages to prove himself a sculptor of remarkable skill when he sneaks into the church at Stratford on Avon and takes a plaster cast of Shakespeare s bust Very insightful treatment of how we grow attached to things, how an obsession can take hold, and how no one but those of like mind to the possessor can understand it in the least Others would make good campfire stories, for those who live places where they could camp at Christmastime Crime for Christmas 1991 , an anthology edited by Richard Dalby, serves up sixteen tales of murder and mayhem for the holiday season There are mysteries from such well known authors as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Ellis Peters and Edgar Wallace as well as writers who may not be as familiar to current readers Dalby even provides a story by Wilkie Collins that hadn t been reprinted since its first appearance at Christmas in 1852 There is a fair sampling of stories with something for everyone and, like most collections, some will tickle your fancy than others Overall, a solid selection of stories Here is a run down of my favorites The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle Doyle s Christmas offering for Holmes featuring a hat, a goose, and a most valuable gem An Upright Woman by H R F Keating Where four would be bank robbers break into the home of the bank manger who just happens to live next door to the bank They plan to dig through the house into the bank s vault The manager plays hero and gets knocked out His wife is than equal to the situation The Ghost s Touch by Fergus Hume In which a schemer is caught in his own ghostly trap Red Lily by Dick Donovan A man returns from the dead to accuse his murderer and claim the Red Lily for his bride First posted on my blog My Reader s Block. Though Christmas Is A Time Of Peace And Joy, There Can Be A Dark Side To Holiday Cheer Murder And Mayhem May Lurk Within The Merriment This Tempting Collection Serves Up Christmas Crime Stories From Some Of The Best Mystery Writers Of The Past Years Agatha Christie, Ellis Peters, Arthur Conan Doyle, HC Bailey, And Thomas Hardy

Richard Dalby 1949 2017 was an editor and literary researcher.

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