Cupids Traps

Cupids Traps In this Pride and Prejudice variation Georgiana Darcy rushes to Rosings to bring together her brother and Elizabeth But she needs the help of Cupid and his many traps to succeed. Couple s Traps A Matchmaker s TaleVery enjoyable story Well written with Georgiana telling the story of how she and Anne bring Darcy and Elizabeth together We know of Darcy s struggles of love for Elizabeth, but her struggles took longer for her to recognize After his disastrous proposal, tales of Darcy being tied in knots by Elizabeth, falling on top of Darcy s body in front of Lady Catherine thus removing her wig, and then, landing on him again when they slipped in the mud both being six inches deep rumors were bound to start In Meryton as well as London Being the gentleman that he is, realizes what he must do, however he upsets Elizabeth once again When she finds out that her reputation is being battered about in London and bets upon him marrying her, she realizes that she loves him and they indeed marry A comical story Georgiana made an excellent matchmaker. William Shakespeare Said It Best When He Penned, Some Cupid Kills With Arrows, Some With Traps Georgiana Darcy, In Her First Matchmaking Adventure, Might Need To Call In A Few Favors From Her Family, Or Even Cupid Himself, In Order To Pull Off The Perfect Match For Her Brother, Fitzwilliam Darcy He Is Truly Smitten, But The Lady, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Is Not Impressed With His Character Within The Throes Of Cupid S Traps, Will She Finally See That Her Heart Is Touched By This Handsome Gentleman Before These Traps Force Them Into A Union Falling in love literally with the birds literally and the bees no bees 3.5 starsThis was a strange story It was a quick read less than 2 hours at 10 small chapters Georgiana played a big part in the matchmaking of her brother and Elizabeth She was delightful and had such a wicked sense of humor, especially when she tag teamed with Anne de Bourgh Those two were so cute Let s not forget our dear Colonel, who put in an appearance Lady Catherine literally flipped her wig over every objection to Darcy fulfilling his obligation to his family and fortune She was a pistol and I ve never seen her collection displayed in any JAFF Her delight in her solarium was unique and deadly to her daughter How she refused to heed the physician s directives as well as Anne s caution, along with her very physical reaction was beyond a mother s concerns for her daughter To wave off medical concerns and advise with a simple nonsense was beyond the pale But, that was not our story We were in Kent with Mr Collins being the usual toad and of course his Charlotte was the voice of reason Collins had an unfortunate accident that will have him thinking twice before sticking his nose in the affairs of others literally Poor Anne, didn t know she had it in her We did find out that Lady Catherine has one weakness We also found that the gossips in Hertfordshire have nothing on the gossip mill in Kent I was surprised that gossip could spread that quickly from Kent to London to Meryton, and was even surprised at the source I don t think I ve see that character act in that manner before Our story of course deals with ODC our dear couple and how they managed to get together Man, I wanted to shake Elizabeth Never in the history of literature has there ever been a obstinate, stubborn, illogical, determined to have her own opinion, and refusing to listen to reason, heroine I was disgusted with her Her behavior and attitude did not engender feelings for her with me at all In fact, it did the opposite I immediately took a protective stand with Mr Darcy Had I been there, I would have stood by his side and given snide, haughty, disapproving looks in her direction Shades of Caroline I shudder She put him through hell and I didn t like it I know authors want to give readers those hero moments They search for scenes that would play well on the screen of our mind Those catch your breath moments prior to a kiss or near kiss Those edge of your seat, heart beating wildly, catch of the breath moments I love those and we were almost given those however, time after time, there was something off Whether it was Elizabeth being stupid or snarky, or they were falling, slipping or sliding and very quickly it became old and not romantic What was with all those falling scenes Propriety and proper decorum were tossed out the window from the first I ve never seen DE so clumsy as in this work It became old after a bit I enjoyed the new scenes, different locations and new experiences However, those non plausible scenes bothered me Elizabeth s attitude bothered me Darcy was so strong and staunchly dedicated to preserving reputations while Elizabeth seemed determined to be obstinate I didn t like that about her. Georgiana takes a handWritten primarily from Georgiana s viewpoint, she functions as a matchmaker to her Brother Darcy, and Elizabeth Fairly well done but I got stuck on the spot where Elizabeth ties Darcy s hands behind his back Couldn t see this happening in any way, although as the story progresses details emerge to explain Still felt it was unlikely from the position of Regency etiquette, male female relationships, and Darcy s character let alone Elizabeth s The rest of the incidents seemed possible and the story progresses towards the expected ending Enjoyable. My Rating 2.5 This is a short novella from Georgiana s perspective of Darcy and Elizabeth s time in Kent It is not to canon and somewhat of a tongue in cheek comedy of errors of their rocky relationship I liked the premise but for me it just fell a bit flat Yes, there were some amusing scenes, especially with Lady Catherine and her birds I will state though that I love Ms Johnson s Leaving Bennet Behind series of books and Just to Hear I Love You I will have to re read these and do a proper review. Sweet story of one incident after another that put Darcy and Elizabeth in each other s way or in compromising situations Very humorous and sweet Georgiana gives us her feedback at the beginning of each chapter Very enjoyable read. You really have to read this story if you want to spend a very agreeable time with a really novel approach to a twist of a favorite book.It s really worth it This Pride Prejudice what if was just too fun Mishaps and misunderstandings abound in this sweet short story We join Darcy, Elizabeth and Georgiana at Rosings just after a proposal that did not go well It is very different from Miss Austen s story from then on and I truly enjoyed it Between Georgiana s attempts to play matchmaker and the utterly hilarious things that happen, as a result, you will be laughing all the way.Each chapter begins with a journal entry, of sorts, from Georgiana which I really enjoyed And hers is the only character who is a different, much outgoing and willing to do things to help Darcy and Elizabeth along The rest of the characters are very close to the originals except that there is a snake in the grass among them I wish that person had gotten justice, but other than that I truly enjoyed this book I received a copy of this title in exchange for my honest review. This is a frantic little story about how Georgiana Darcy encourages her brother and Miss Elizabeth at Rosings Chaos and hilarity ensues Until rumors spread to London that Mr Darcy is making inappropriate offers to Miss Bennet It is quiet clean and has some humorous moments.PS I thought I read this silly me

Sarah Johnson is a professional juggler in the circus of life Married to her own Mr Darcy for sixteen years, they traveled the world thanks to the US Army Now back in the civilian life and settled in Texas, where she grew up, they focus on homeschooling their six children and participating in church and community activities She can often be found writing a manuscript between spills, science lab

➥ [Epub] ➟ Cupids Traps  By Sarah   Johnson ➯ –
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Cupids Traps
  • Sarah Johnson
  • English
  • 08 January 2017
  • 9781512386622

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