デジタル・デビル・ストーリー 女神転生

デジタル・デビル・ストーリー 女神転生A bad translation doesn t help weak source material, but it s an unironically fun ride if you re down for what the book sets out to present, that being a fun cheesy horror ride. I personally recommend audiences to watch the incredible anime OVA adaption first and then read the book afterwards I feel like one can appreciate the creepiness of the storywhen they can fully visualize everything that s going on, particularly the gore scenes Digital Devil Story is a beautiful piece of camp and I will hold it close to my heart for years The second volume of the series is even better For anyone interested in Shin Megami Tensei or trope y fun 80 s Japanese horror, the books that inspired the franchise are jewels.It s such a bummer how difficult it is to find the sequel series beyond the original trilogy. Jusho High School S Student Body Is Divided The Gifted Versus The Normal Akemi Nakajima, One Of The Gifted, Is Assaulted By One Of The Normal Students, Kondo Hiroyuki Battered And Bloody, Nakajima Decides To Finish His Demon Summoning Program To Exact His Own Revenge What Follows Are The Consequences Of Playing With Demons Trashy 80s sci fi horror Was a fun and fairly engrossing read though Worth checking out if you are a fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series just to see where things started. It s no mystery that one of my favorite videogame franchises is the venerable MegaTen series, which is shorthand for Shin Megami Tensei and encompasses a main series and its spinoffs The first entry in the series, Digital Devil Story Megami Tensei, was released in 1987 on the Famicom NES and its success spawned the entire franchise that still has new games coming out yearly Few people realize, however, that this entire franchise was originally a book by Aya Nishitani I ve wanted to read the original novella that started the whole thing for quite a while, but the lack of an actual translated book and my desire not to read thousands of words on a computer screen kept me away until now I did see an old anime OVA based on this book years ago check youtube for Megami Tensei OVA but it s pretty bad despite being largely true to the book I finally noticed that Goodreads hosts a translation of the book in a ebook format, and I jumped on it Akemi Nakajima attends a prestigious school called Jusho High the gifted class no less and despite being a genius, is having trouble in his classes He is distant, ignores his schoolwork, and has few friends This all seems to stem from the bullying he deals with from day to day The book opens with Nakajima fighting with a male and female classmate because he ignored her romantic advances and is some kind of lunatic and gets her boyfriend to beat Nakajima up He is plagued by nightmares of ancient gods Izanagi and Izanami, the gods from the Japanese creation myth, roughly the equivalent to Adam and Eve in Christian culture Instead of being a mature adult, Nakajima uses his vast intelligence with computers and new found fascination with the occult to create a demon summoning program for his computer He plans, with some success eventually, to get a demon to take revenge on his bullies and make himprominent at school What he doesn t know is that he should never trust a demon and has his life thrown into utter chaos It s hard to pin Nakajima down as the hero of this story as he is basically a giant sociopath for about half the book It isn t until the presence of his love interest, a transfer student named Yumiko, that he stops being a total D bag I don t mean benign either his is directly responsible for rapes, murders, and brainwashing until he flips a total 180 to being a heroic lover this side of Shakespeare s Romeo This weird characterization is one of the real reasons I have given this book an average review yeah I see all of the building blocks here that eventually became one of my favorite videogames of all time, but the characters seem one dimensional and switch personalities half way through the book Perhaps this is the fault of the translation I have, or characterization was not the purpose of this story To me, Mr Nishitani excels at describing horrific gore and body horror, and the majority of his descriptive prose is there to make the reader s stomach turn. I understand that I read a fan translation of this novel, so my own experience could ve been coloured because I didn t read it in its native Japanese Megami Tensei was an easy read I got through it in less than a week However, I felt that the narrative was very rushed The one thing I liked most about Megami Tensei was the amount of description put into thehorrific parts I literally had my jaw unhinge while reading some of the body horror I would recommend DDS only if you re a fan of the Shin Megami Tensei video games. Este livro foi o que deu origem s rie MegaTen da ATLUS Peguei para ler porque sou fanboy de MegaTen e achei que teria que ter uma introdu o formal s ra zes do treco H como posso dizer o livro bem simples Eu esperava um pico como Teito Monogatari, mas na verdade o enredo bem b sico Nakajima o protagonista apanha no col gio, desenvolve um programa para invocar dem nios, mata algumas pessoas, a aluna transferida Yumiko se envolve com isso sem querer, e a tudo j 3 4 do enredo total N o muito bom ou imaginativo para os dias de hoje, mas imagino que, na poca em que foi lan ado 1986 deva ter sido uma revolu o na FC F japonesa, a ponto de criarem jogos a partir da ideia central.A ideia que mais ficou para os jogos foi a da reencarna o da deusa a megami tensei e a mistura de ocultismo com fic o cient fica, dando origem a uma science fantasy nova Mas, realmente, nem a escrita e nem o enredo s o grandes coisas H algumas batalhas picas aqui e ali, alguns personagens interessantes, mas no final parece que a grandiosidade acaba antes que possa se desenvolver, e termina com uma hist ria ao mesmo tempo grandiosa afinal, view spoiler um adolescente resolve invocar dem nios, Loki saiu do mundo oculto, invadiu a Terra e matou uma galera a hide spoiler It reads a lot like an 80 s John Carpenter movie I m not really sure how else to put it.I read this largely because I am a massive MegaTen fan, and had actually not realized that the original inspiration for Megami Tensei came from a light novel It only took one sitting to finish I found some value in it because I enjoy MegaTen, but it s definitely kind ofbad Lots of gore, lots of squick, lots of what the hell in this book to quote from the translation The heads of the two men, whose features were now distorted far beyond anything normal, limped loosely, and their bodies dissolved into puddles of slime like rotten fruit on the ground It is pretty much just pure campy gore and hilarity Do not read this unless you are in the mood for that kind of thing. I m new to the Shin Megami Tensei series While I ve heard of it, this is actually my introduction to it I must say, while flawed, I did enjoy this novella and am very glad that it was finally translated into English The book had some serious issues with character development and somewhat of an obsession with bizarre gore, but there were enough original ideas in it to entice me into reading it to completion While I m not new to Japanese mythology this book did introduce me todetails and factoids I was unaware of I would recommend this book to anyone who s interested in Japanese demonology as well as cyberpunk The book at times reads like fan fiction, but good fan fiction which is understandable as I ve read it was written on a BBS This fact itself makes it muchimpressive that its garnered the huge fan following this series has today. As much as I like the MegaTen series, I must confess the novel that started it all ends up rather Lackluster Pacing is poor, characters lack substance and the writing is awkward and downright cheesy at times If you can stomach these obvious shortcomings, though, it makes for an interesting insight on how the MegaTen series came to be definitely only recommended for veterans hardcore fans.

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