Engaged to Jarrod Stone

Engaged to Jarrod Stone Brooke Faulkner Is Tired Of Hearing About All The Women Her Boss, Notorious Playboy Billionaire, Jarrod Stone, Has Affairs With Deciding To Teach Jarrod A Lesson, Brooke Announces To The Press That Mr Stone Is Finally Getting Married And The Bride To Be Brooke Herself But Her Joke Backfires When Jarrod Announces He Has Every Intention Of Holding Her To The Engagement And Before Long Brooke S Fervently Wishing For Their Mock Engagement To Be A Real One

I have written almost 250 romance novels in contemporary and Regency I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and recipient of the 2015 RWA Lifetime Achievement Award In 2014 I received a Pioneer of Romance Award from Romantic Times in the US and in 2012 I was recognised by Queen Elizabeth II for my outstanding service to literature I am very happily married to Peter with six sons, and live on the

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 190 pages
  • Engaged to Jarrod Stone
  • Carole Mortimer
  • English
  • 15 February 2017
  • 9780373103881

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    This was a silly premise, but it works because the characters are so ridiculous and OTT Receptionist heroine is annoyed at CEO hero boasting how he ll never marry since he gets just what he wants from women, so she puts a notice of their engagement in the paper He s angry and calls her up to his office and to her surprise, tells her the engagement is on They go ring shopping on the lunch hour and he takes her to a party that night She then overhears gossip that he is only engaged to hide his affair with a married woman view spoiler When confronted, he doesn t deny it, so now instead of feeling guilty she s angry She s angry a lot It gets tiresome, but it moves the story along They visit hero s parents Hero s brother falls in love with heroine Hero is jealous but won t admit it The hero throws her a 21st birthday party The heroine is trying to keep her virtue because the hero is just using her, but she keeps losing her clothes and when they are on the brink, they areinterrupted Saved by the brother, the phone call from the hospital, the brother again The heroine is always throwing her ring and the hero keeps putting it back on her hand The heroine lies and says she s interested in his brother and then on another night in the guy she s dancing with There are at least 3 encounters with hero catching her with a man in her apartment Finally, after a two day break up the hero begs her to come back to him in a lovely grovel HEA hide spoiler

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    Engaged to Jarrod Stone is the story of Brooke and Jarrod.Basically, small worker Brooke is infatuated with her playboy boss Jarrod, and after hearing his misogynistic and sexist thoughts on their use , she decides to teach him a lesson by announcing their engagement.Jarrod, however uses the opportunity to appease his demanding family and apparently carry on an affair with his married mistress But when the attraction starts to flare between Brooke and Jarrod, will their pretend engagement turn into a real one A TSTL stubborn heroine who does things before she thinks, an overpowering jealous hero, loads and loads of OM drama and some OW one, kissing brothers and loads of bad timed misunderstandings, this one was a cringe filled read and if it hadnt started out well, I d have skimmed through the second half since I cant DNF anything.SWE view spoiler H is kissed by the hero s brother at least twice and at one instance, she starts thinking of him as the hero while feeling his arousal E TO THE WWWW Also goes out with her ex BF after a fight with the hero H appears to be courting OW but later reveals didnt sleep with her hide spoiler

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    The innocent and romantic Brooke Faulkner and the notorious playboy Jarrod Stone are a remarkable pair,their instent arguing,conversations and the growing love between them a satisfying read.There are many misunderstandings as usual and two other than the hero that are interested in the heroine.But i love the fact that Jarrod tries to win her heart when he realizes that he loves her Jarrod Stone is a arrogant bastard from the start.He is a great womanizer but has also a ruthless side in him when someone tries to walk over himand that s where Brooke come in to the picture,but he would never had imagined that he would fall for herfor it will be him who will force her into engagement.This one is a funny and romantic read.It was like watching a romantic comedy movie

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    Ok Well, there were good and bad parts of this one This guy was okay but his relationship fine, he didn t have an affair but he danced way too closely to the presumed OW at the heroine s surprise birthday party with the wanna be OW was just too icky Everyone questioned the relationship but he just shrugged it off.In the end, I felt he had some explaining to dowhy was she at her birthday party anyway And the heroine, who started of funny and great, just started irritating me What s with all the male companionship Okay, no sex, but sexy dancing and kissing including the H s brother What givies I think that part of the heroine s not gonna be a doormat attitude was poorly executed.

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    This is my all time favorite Harlequin Romance and in the 34.5 years in which I ve own a copy, I ve read it so many times that page after page fell out I still have that copy somewhere I bought another copy in 2004 and another in the later in the decade Jarrod is my fantasy man.All the characters are likable although the older I got, the irritating the heroine Brooke got, until I remembered she is barely out of her teens Every time I read it I become 20 again also I last read it about a year ago so it s time for another go around.

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    2 1 2 starsLight hearted office romance The girl really should have been arrested or reprimanded or something You can t just go announcing your engagement to a rich man The heroine was an absolute ninny Still the hero found her charming and fell for her pretty fast and kept her to the engagement and kept finding reasons to escalate things so he could hustle her into marriage

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    You call four weeks plenty of time She looked sceptical God, the whole thing will be arranged before you can call it off Couldn t you just tell your mother the truth She wouldn t have to tell your father, but it would save us all the embarrassment of having to cancel everything You selfish little bitch Does nothing matter to you but your own embarrassment Jarrod demanded fiercely No, of course it doesn t Why should it matter to you that my mother is as worried as hell about my father As long as you don t have any embarrassment to face you ll be happy And that s all that matters to you, your own happiness That isn t true I Don t give me that, Brooke, he interrupted coldly Your actions since we first met have all been self centred You involved me in this engagement because you felt insulted, announced our forthcoming marriage to Selina because of a conversation you d taken exception to You took a liking to my brother, so you decided to have him anyway, regardless of the consequences of such action amongst my family Well, now you can do something for me you can damn well behave yourself and keep your mouth shut And you won t see Dave again until this thing has been settled You can t tell me what I can or cannot do, she retorted angrily If I want to see Dave I will .yes, it s all true what the hero said. Bit.h

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    This is the best book l have ever read I have read it 3 times and l dnt get tired, i love it To think thst this book was written in the 1980s but the storyline still feels like a 2016 book It just the best, I love Brooke and Jarrod together The author did a very good job.

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    Just a sentimental thing this was the first grown up series romance I read.

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    I would have rated it 4 stars But a couple of points had me rankled.The guy is 37, she is just 20 But he keeps getting physical with her without showing any tender emotions towards her It was a little difficult to visualise or enjoy The sex scenes are always interrupted, so the girl still qualifies as a virgin bride at the end The author tries to portray the girl as some Femme Fatale around whom all men fall like 9 pins Actually, she is just an orphan, 19 year old receptionist with no one to turn to for support She is just naive and unsure of things Quite natural So the author could have focused on her innocence and innate charm than the physical attraction.Jarrod Stone is a crusty old bachelor His younger brother is also in competition for the girls affections No points for guessing who the girl prefers.Good one time read in spite of its flaws.

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