Engleby Mike Engleby Has A SecretThis Is The Story Of Mike Engleby, A Working Class Boy Who Wins A Place At An Esteemed English University But With The Disappearance Of Jennifer, The Undergraduate Engleby Admires From Afar, The Story Turns Into A Mystery Of Gripping Power Sebastian Faulks S New Novel Is A Bolt From The Blue, Unlike Anything He Has Ever Written Before Contemporary, Demotic, Heart Wrenching And Funny, In The Deepest Shade Of Black

Sebastian Faulks was born in 1953, and grew up in Newbury, the son of a judge and a repertory actress He attended Wellington College and studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, although he didn t enjoy attending either institution Cambridge in the 70s was still quite male dominated, and he says that you had to cycle about 5 miles to meet a girl He was the first literary editor of The

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  • 04 June 2019
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    In panic, time stops past, present and future exist as a single overwhelming force You then, perversely, want time to appear to run forwards because the future is the only place you can see an escape from the intolerable overload of feeling But at such moments time doesn t move And if time isn t running, then all events that we think of as past or future are actually happening simultaneously That is the really terrifying thing And you are subsumed You re buried, as beneath an avalanche, by the weight of simultaneous events These are the words of Mike Engleby, Sebastian Faulks socially awkward, darkly comic, overly intellectual, morally ambiguous and immensely unreliable narrator for whom consciousness is nothing short of a disease Borrowing from Patricia Highsmith, Samuel Beckett and Norman Bates, Faulks compelling, psychological character study begins slowly but builds to an almost unbearable level of suspense It s one of the most exciting books I ve read this year Initially, the novel is quite restricted in its perspective, centering on the protagonist s first person narrative The product of a poverty stricken, working class background beaten by his father and cruelly tormented by schoolmates Engleby earns a place for himself at Cambridge during the early 1970s where he lurks on the edges of social intercourse, spending most of his time obsessing over a young woman he first notices in a tea room of the University Library When this young woman disappears, I found myself both questioning Engleby s motives and his voice, yet, empathically, I couldn t help but root for him Faulks has a way of making the reader feel both complicit and compassionate As the story moves forward to 2006, and the puzzling truths flower into multiple layers of self deception, self loathing, and self analysis Faulks delivers an Atonement worthy shift in narrative perspective that elicits a kind of self reflexive interrogation of readerly desires Indeed, the novel offers multiple pleasures as it negotiates the fluidity of identity, the mystery of identification, the need for closure and the inconsolable want for happiness It s a smart yet sad novel and very much worth the effort.

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    This was a weird experience The book was very good and very very well written, but I don t know I loved it but didn t enjoy it Maybe because it spoke so well of human nature Too close for comfort.Parts of it were undeniably hilarious Then I realized it wasn t funny at all and yet being human is a funny business.

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    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter.com I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegally Too awful to finish 5 in an ongoing series The Accused Engleby, by Sebastian Faulks How far I got 220 pages two thirds of the way through Crimes Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, unlike most of the other books at CCLaP that were too awful to finish, Engleby stands accused of only one crime of simply never telling an interesting enough story for me to want to stick it through to the very end Oh, I tried, ladies and gentlemen, oh how I tried, especially with the book itself being founded on a serviceable enough premise it s the bildigsroman life story of a young British wisp of a nobody named Mike Engleby, an anti social everyman who never really engages with his fellow humans nor ever really lives a full human life who has some sort of dark story in his past regarding a female classmate and a violent death, but that we don t know in detail because of Engleby s habit of binge drinking combined with the constant popping of mysterious blue pills, leading to giant holes in his memory that he can only recall with dreamlike haziness as he tells us his story.But ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that turns out to be it after setting up this intriguing premise in the first 25 pages, Faulks then spends another 300 basically saying, Yep, he s still anti social and a little creepy Yep, he still binge drinks and takes little blue pills Yep, we still don t quite know what if anything he had to do with the mysterious disappearance of some girl in college he barely knew, and that he can barely recall any why he liked in the first place Engleby isn t badly written, not by a long shot it s just that it s pointless, it s so f king pointless, with a storyline that would barely fuel a short story under other circumstances and characters that you never grow to love or hate or understand or experience any other emotion at all By the end, the entire thing feels like a literary exercise than a piece of entertainment, something forced on you against your will in a classroom environment to analyze for a grade, instead of something you voluntarily choose as a hard working adult to read and enjoy I felt bad about ultimately abandoning this book, because like I said there s nothing wrong per se about what s actually there but after three days of being stymied around page 220, not feeling any enthusiasm about picking the book up again and having my entire reading queue suffer for it , I finally just had to admit that this book was simply not worth trying to finish Verdict Reluctantly guilty Sentence A quiet retirement to an undisclosed health facility in the country God have Mercy on Sebastian Faulks Earnest Yet Plot Challenged Soul, Amen.

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    This is a great book, despite the narrative awkwardness that shows up in the end It s true that Mike Engleby has a mental illness, but that s not why he s an important character He s important because there s something of him, sick as he is, in every smart outsider And every truly smart person should be at least a bit of an outsider, don t you agree He is fascinated with the popular music of the time, finding significance in it He politely goes along with people around him, while privately holding them in contempt He things they re just doing meaningless or pretentious things Arrogant yet painfully shy a lot of shy people are really hostile if you get right down to it , he maneuvers to spend time near not with his fantasy girl When she disappears he s not sure he had anything to do with it, because he tries to blot things out with alcohol and pills, even though he has a phenomenal memory.Almost the whole story is told from Mike s point of view One of the most amazing scenes, however, is when a couple of pages toward the end are told from the point of view of Mike s best friend, and we see Mike from the outside The change in perspective in wrenching and enlightening What Faulks does, and I think most of the reviewers simply missed this I won t say that it s because they re not smart enough is to put us under a magnifying glass so that we see our own anti social yet painfully aware selves blown up to giant insect proportions Of course, if you re a nice person and a real team player, you re not going to get it.

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    Engleby gripped me from the start I love books set in Oxford or Cambridge, the whole student scene fascinates me, especially when set in the seventies, it has that retro vibe of a scene I missed out on by a few years If that wasn t compelling enough for me, the story moves on to London in the eighties, not only the same era I lived in London but also the same part of London I lived in I ate in the same restaurants as Engleby, we used the same library I ve been so immersed in Engleby s world he narrates the story through the journal he keeps he is lingering in my mind a day after I finished the book which I read in a day and a bit by the way I am absolutely sure I will reread the book, I m tempted to read it again right now.

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    This was a really compelling read I read Birdsong many years ago, and I think that s the only Faulks novel I ve ever read and I frankly don t remember too much about, including whether or not I liked it, so it s unlikely I would have picked this up on my own An NPR interview steered me in the direction of this book.A fascinating character study of a sociopath, telling particularly early on in what isn t implicitly stated than in what is I couldn t put it down I find myself unable to say a lot about it, because I ve now recommended it to several people, and the things I find that I d like to discuss would spoil the plot too much.

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    My taste in contemporary fiction tends towards authors Coetzee, Saramago, Barrico, DeLillo, Gustafsson, Murakami, Oshiguro that master the art of meshing the darkly epic, the philosophically profound and the mildly surrealist into a compelling literary edifice A few weeks ago I hurriedly picked up a copy of Faulks Engleby in an airport bookshop To be honest, I had never heard of Sebastian Faulks but there was something in the introductory paragraph a mixture of matter of factness and grating irony that made me want to read on My name is Mike Engleby, and I m in my second year at an ancient university My college was founded in 1662, which means it s viewed here as modern Its chapel was designed by Hawksmoor, or possibly Wren its gardens were laid out by someone else whose name is familiar I was hooked before even the plane had left the tarmac The fascination endured, and deepened into exhilaration, as the narrative unfolded over its 340 pages and culminated in a spellbinding finale.This book can be convincingly read as a murder mystery, a complex psychological portrait and a dark metaphysical fable Each of these layers raises the stakes associated to developments at underlying levels As a portrait it digs deeply into the mental furrows of a character that is desperate to understand the workings of its own convoluted mind As a fable it subtly sets in scene the archetypal confrontation between the life confirming forces of light and the nihilistic powers of darkness The light vs darkness metaphor is, perhaps, less appropriate as Engleby is a diabolical, luciferan character Emotionally detached, superbly gifted as an observer and intellectually ruthless he is able to shed a cold, piercing light on the machinations of evil.The exhilaration from reading this book is due to Sebastian Faulks ability to match the tonality and rhythm of his prose exactly to the complexity of his lead character and the carefully unfolding, layered plot Engleby s reflections are cast in a wonderfully precise and luminous prose It is hard etched, grammatically and lexically precise, but it also convincingly recaptures the informality of working class and student slang And there are occasional flourishes of great, moving empathy when Engleby ruminates on the object of his veneration Jennifer sat back against the wooden settle in a slightly defensive posture she wore a floral print skirt I could see her bare legs She had a sharp patella that gave a fetching inverted triangle shape to the knee She was smoking a cigarette and trying not to laugh, but her eyes looked concerned and vulnerable as Robin s low voice went urgently on She is alive, God damn it, she is alive She looks so poised, with that womanly concern beginning to override the girlish humour I will always remember that balanced woman girl expression in her face She was twenty one More than anything else it is the quality of this prose that exposes the reader to the complexities and contradictions endemic in diabolical violence Engleby is a marvelous, masterly study and a great contemporary novel.

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    This was a very strange reading experience The premise was intriguing, but I didn t really like the book from the first chapter Being a completist with OCD, alas there was no choice but to finish it, so I trudged on For the first half of the book I positively hated it, then it either improved or made it seem so through a case of literary Stockholm Syndrome Now, having finished it, from the rear view perspective, I can t say I liked it, but there was a grudging sort of appreciation At least I didn t hate it all the way Engleby is a dense almost stream of consciousness style tale of an unreliable, unlikable and unsympathetic narrator He has some sort of a psychological disorder, possibly of an autistic variety He doesn t emote, love or experience joy, yet he manages to make a pretty decent life for himselffor a time It is only when a glitch in the precisely tuned machinery of his life, that it becomes a relatively compelling or at least interesting read There is a murder, but it s barely a thriller There is a mystery of sorts, but even an averagely perceptive reader will see it coming from a mile away What saves the book from utter tedium are some clever logistical juxtaposing perspectives and linguistic Engleby is quite a clever weirdo with occasionally entertaining musings tricks, though for the most part this portrait of a psychopath as a young and otherwise man really didn t work for me Yet I can see how it would for some A definite acquired taste of a reading material Fairly well written, but, much like its eponymous protagonist, lacked soul or charm or something along those lines.

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    Liked the first half about school, college and the start of journalistic career VERY much, then it got sort of pointless, and the last quarter was just meh Also, Faulks sucks when he starts talking war, politics, our imperfect world etc.

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    My time is stretched, but I want to try to review at least one book a week Time for Engleby.This book was breath takingly brilliant It was one of those rare books where incredible writing and an intriguing storyline combine to create, for me, the perfect novel I was completely bewitched by Sebastian Faulks in this novel A lesser writer may have lost me Who would have thought that an ex Cambridge graduate looking back over his complex life and recounting ragged and random encounters of it, could make such compelling reading Well, in the hands of a master craftsman in Sebastian Faulks, it was possible Engleby surname of said protagonist is revealed page by page to the reader, who feels a little puzzled about this character Told in first person, being right inside the head of Engleby is slightly disturbing at times, and moving at other times and very amusing at yet other times I ve never been so close up to a character and simultaneously felt as though I didn t really know them at all It s impossible to describe the merits of this novel It has to be experienced, felt, savoured Novels, by their nature, are always going to be subjective For me, this was supreme story telling novel writing at its very best It bored my husband who gave up and didn t finish it I m so glad his negativity he half read it first didn t deter me from an investigation of my own I was filled with compassion and confusion and awe and distress by the end of this book I don t always need a happy ending Life is painful sometimes bad things happen and don t always resolve Escapism is wonderful We all need it sometimes But there is no escapism in this book, just stark reality life as it is for some Real and raw Who would have thought that an ex Cambridge graduate could have aroused such emotion in me, and cause me to reflect upon them for a long time afterwards Well, he didn t It was down to the brilliance of one Sebastian Faulks, whose praises I cannot sing highly enough for Engleby Loved it LOVED IT

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