Every Waking Moment

Every Waking Moment I was interested in this book because it talks about elderly people with dementia and Alzheimers and such As my grandmother has some dementia I could relate in some ways to what some of the characters were going through and how amazing this girl is Although this book isn t the action packed adventure that I enjoy usually it s a really great book It has a lovely writing style and it has a great meaning and purpose behind it It s also very moving and it causes you to think about the ends of people s lives and the stories that they have to tell Also how hard it is working with them and how nice it is too The plot of this book is that there s this girl, Treha, who can bring patients into a clearer headed state of mind And there s a documentary team who discovers her and tries to help her tell her own story as she s not really sure why she can use this gift and why she has strange little mannerisms to go along with it As I ve said, it wasn t an exciting book but it was one that I enjoyed reading and it has an interesting plot as well After I got a little ways into the story I got and interested I received a copy of this book from the publisher Tyndale and the views I ve stated are my own. Favorite AuthorActually a very interesting and good read after I finally figured out what was going on Seemed very confusing for the 1st few chapters. Treha Langsam Is A Mysterious Young Woman Who Has Fallen Through The Cracks, Much Like Many Of The Elderly People She Works With At Desert Gardens Retirement Home But Miriam Howard, Director Of The Facility, Sees Her Extraordinary Gift And Untapped Potential Treha Is A Whisperer Of Sorts, Calling Those Who Have Slipped Into Dementia Back To A Life Of Vibrant, If Only Temporary, ClarityWhen Treha S And Miriam S Stories Intertwine With A Documentary Team Looking For Stories Of The Elderly, Treha S Gift Is Uncovered, And The Search Begins For Answers To The Mysteries Of Her Past As Their Paths Converge, Each Person Is Forced To Face The Same Difficult Question What If This Is As Good As My Life Gets An Uplifting, Human Tale Of An Ordinary Woman With An Extraordinary Gift Public library copy Rather ironic to be reading just as I come to the end of working with an Alzheimer s client This author s writing is so brilliant the reader jumps right into the story at the beginning Hoping for a brilliant ending and middle.Compelling reading, complicated plot and characters Lots of room for the reader to think for himself Could easily move reader to personal growth, both spiritual and otherwise Not preachy No clue where the title came from Not all threads neatly woven into story, some left dangling Not every need resolved My favorite character is the main one, Treha I love the cover, and the way this character is portrayed by herself and others.Highly recommend this book and this author to readers of Christian fiction This is not an easy story to read, but well presented Not particularly happy, but good. Chris Fabry is one of my favorite authors, but this particular novel took longer for me to become engrossed in almost 5 or 6 chapters Once engaged, it was an easy and fun read, but I was highly disappointed in the ending The mystery was solved, but it seemed like the emerging relationship should have gone further I felt I was left hanging.UPDATED just learned this morning from the author s website that he has written a sequel to this book which will answer a lot of questions left hanging at the end of this book This was very encouraging to me and might change my opinion of the book as a whole, since the main reason it earned three stars instead of four was because of the unanswered pieces of the puzzle. A rare and beautiful book that illustrates beautifully the interconnectedness of our lives Also, that even though this world is dark and hard, that in the end, light does win. My husband has been performing saxophone concerts at places similar to this book s main setting, so I was hooked from the start We call them nursing homes or aged care facilities Desert Gardens Hospice, in this book, was called an end of life facility which seems a bit blunt The drama unfolds within its walls.The main character is Treha Langsam, a young female employee who seems to have a way with the patients and inmates At first, she comes across as something of a horse whisperer, but her subjects are elderly humans who are locked into Alzheimers or dementia My early impression was that Treha was devoid of a sense of humour, and it becomes clear that she is unable to express any emotion at all But she has a photographic memory, a fertile mind a bit like a Thesaurus, and loves reading novels She has no past that she can remember, yet it s evident that she must have some sort of empathy, or she wouldn t get along so well with the elderly inmates During the story, she s called a memory stealer and you ll have to read the book to find out why.There are a couple of villains in this story, and one of the easiest to hiss and boo is Jillian Millstone, who is set to replace the kindly Miriam Howard as director of the centre It s an apt surname for this cold and clinical woman who believes she will usher in improvements and regards people as types rather than seeing them as individuals It s sad to see a good person retire to make way for an unsuitable replacement who is capable of snuffing the good feelings out of a place in a flash, without even realising that she s doing it Once again, you ll have to read the book to find out what happens.My favourite characters were Devin and Jonah, the two young men who wanted to start a business making artistic and revealing films about the reminiscences of elderly people What Treha lacks in humour, they make up for over and over I started chuckling when we first met Devin trying to convince his bank manager to give them a loan, and not succeeding in his attempt to explain art to a number cruncher The boys have no easy road, and you have to read it to find out what happens.There is plenty of mystery to unravel, as Miriam, Devin and Jonah begin to get to bottom of Treha s earliest history, dredging up some sinister crime from people you would least expect And we get plenty of alternative ways of viewing the inmates of Desert Gardens Some view them as old fogeys eking out their last days in some forgotten corner, while others, like Miriam, Devin and Treha, see them as treasures in wrinkled bodies One of the most interesting things about this book is its success in making readers care so deeply for Treha, in spite of the fact that she seems to function like a robot girl for a lot of it.I think one of my favourite quotes comes from Chaplain Calhoun He s a minor character, but sums up the wisdom encapsulated in some of the elderly characters Being content is not a lack of ambition It s being able to rest and relax and know your worth doesn t come from what others think of you, or even what you think of you. I was a Goodreads first reads winner of Every Waking Moment How lucky i was too.Treha works at Desert Gardens, an assistant living facility.She is well liked by the elderly that live there She is a sort of whisperer she has a magic touch with them and can even reach the residents who have dementia She has a special kind of friendship with Dr Crenshaw one of the residents who live at Desert Gardens we find out later that Dr.Crenshaw has a sort of past involving Treha and Patients from years ago when he was a doctor.I will not spoil the story by saying what that past is Treha has grown up in the foster care system she only has a tiny memory that may be of her mother She was abandoned very young Treha has some disabilities, her eyes dart back and forth although she communicates well with the elderly residents, she does not do so well with other people her life is a mystery to most who meet her There is also a documentary team who wants to film in the Desert Garden faciltiy the originally want to interview the elderly residents but become interested in Treha Miriam Howard is the director of the Desert Gardens she sees the talent that Treha has with the residents Can Treha, Miriam, and the documentary team come together to help Treha find answers to her past I want to be careful not to give spoilers I found this to be a heart warming well told story I found myself rooting for Treha hoping she will find the answers of her past she needs to know I was glad I got the chance to read this story. Treha Langsam has a unique ability and one that works well where she is employed She can connect with those who seem lost within themselves, victims of such illnesses like dementia and Alheimer s who rob not only the family members from being able to communicate with their loved ones but often times the loved ones who remained trapped within prisons of their own body Treha can relate because she too is different Judged by outside appearances of eye movements she can not control, often time society has a label of different that they place on her instead of simply getting to know the real person behind what the skin hides Perhaps this is the very reason she can connect with those elderly loved ones she helps in the Desert Garden Home Unlike most retirement and hospice centers, the director Miriam Howard sees that just providing a place for the elderly to live out whatever remains of their life She believes in treating them like family and the center like a real home One in which they find love and acceptance and not abandonment and loneliness and Treha provides that connection to draw them out where they remained locked inside their body Now if only someone can find the key in which to unlock the past that remains hidden even to Treha, one that will provide to her the answers which she seeks, who she is, does she have a family out there somewhere and can someone help her physically to get better It seems that the answers lie within one elderly patient Dr Crenshaw who finds that sharing riddles, puzzles and word clues with Treha s unparalleled ability to solve them in record time holds the key that will unlock the door to her hidden life I received Every Waking Moment by Chris Fabry compliments of Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed are strictly my own I LOVE Chris Fabry s novels because hidden within the pages of each one is a treasure waiting to be found I don t even have to read the book premise any longer when I know he has written another new novel because I know I will enjoy it like eating my favorite meal It is meant to be savored because you don t get them that often so you LOVE to enjoy every single moment This one was no exception I love how Chris chose to incorporate a retirement home and the telling of the stories the elderly hold is exceptional and often taken for granted the stories that each one holds inside We get a glimpse of some of those and it gives us wisdom if we are willing to listen and take the time to hear them I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars. All through this book, I was interested in the life of Treha I wanted to know what made her like she was, what was in her past She was such a unique character, one I had never read before, or any like it I was intrigued The first two thirds of the book were great But then the book ended.We find out why Treha has her disorder, but not why she has her gift We learn of her past, but it doesn t effect her future The scenario with her mother just disappointed me And have I mentioned Devin We don t learn how popular his documentary was, or if he made The banker we had wanted to grovel at his feet was never brought back up There was just no real end to his part of the story.I feel like this book could have been great Perhaps if there is a second book, one that answers all the questions left in this one, than I would love them both But I have seen no mention of a sequel I received a review copy from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for an honest review To see what books I back, go to my blog at


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