Faking It

Faking It Round up3.6 starsThis was an enjoyable read but at the same time it was a little too fast paced for me There are also a bunch of gaps in the storyline where Penny saw her father and it just was basically it was a major jumbo cluster Basically also there was just too many gaps for me I want to read the story The sex was not off the charts but it was great.I just wish that the Book was finished to me it s not like it wasn t.Also the author included another book in which I did not read I only wanted to read the book that was featured.Happy sexy reading pleasantly surprised RECEIVED COPY FOR HONEST REVIEW 3.5 STARS i liked it Quick readThe story was cute and fun to read Penny wanted to con Charlie out of millions When she walked in on a conversation, she took advantage of the situation What she didn t count on was falling for Charlie and his daughter Charlie was a great guy He was not the guy Penny thought he was She realized there was to him There was a good plot and good characters It may have been predictable in some spots but the story was entertaining. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.Penny and her friend decide to pull a con They choose Charlie who has millions.Penny gets her perfect chance to integrate herself into his life, she just hope he goes along with the rise.What she doesn t expect is for him to be the exact opposite of what she expected.What happens between the two read to find out. Started out great but it started getting choppy as though chunks of the story flow were missing.Overall, didn t feel the chemistry between MCs I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Not bad at all Penny Walters is poor and has been for most of her life She has lived life on the streets and knows what it s like to go without anything When her shelter is taken down by some rich New York billionaire, she wants revenge With her dad dying due to a tumor and no money or insurance to pay for his surgery, Penny decides to get a job with the man who took her home away It s time to take him to the cleaners to help her pay for her dad s treatment Charlie Thorne is a young billionaire with an 11 year old daughter that many people don t know about He doesn t like to live in the limelight and stays as far away from the cameras as possible When child services comes to his office with a complaint and threaten to take away his daughter what will Charlie do Penny s first day on the job and her first task is to bring Mr Thorne drinks into his office during a meeting When she walks in Charlie stares at her the whole time as she stares at him They have never seen each other before and Charlie has no idea who she is but when she overhears the child protective services lady threaten to take his child away, all of a sudden she s saying that the two of them are married Yep, that s what she says and then Charlie has to agree so he doesn t lose his daughter Tilly Even though there is some skepticism about their wedding, the child protective services person leaves them alone to figure out where they go from here What better way to get money from your mark than to marry him Will they be able to make this work so Charlie doesn t lose his child Who is complaining about his parental responsibilities There is so much to this book that you are going to want to pick it up right away I read if from start to finish in one day because I didn t want to put it down I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader s Copy of this book Enjoy. Fake Husband, Real DaddyI Ve Got The Perfect Kid, And I Ve Got The Perfect LifeBut There S Something Missing The Perfect Virgin WifeIt Doesn T Matter If It S FakeThe Second Penny Walked Into My Office, I Knew I Was F CkedNineteen, Sweet, Soft, DeliciousI Sense It Just By Looking At Her The Hesitation When She Hides From My StareShe S A VirginHer Sweet Scent Tempts Me To Pluck The Innocence Right Out Of HerWhen My Billionaire Nemesis Bribes Child Protective Services To Pressure Me To Sell My Company, Penny Steps In To Play MommyShe Has No Idea How Bad I Want This How Bad I Want HerFake Marriage To Help Save My Daughter What A F Cking Turn OnShe Played Mommy In My Time Of NeedNow It S Time For Me To Play Daddy Faking It Is A Standalone Romance With Bonus Content, An Extended Epilogue And A Deleted Steamy Scenes Section Holly Hart Always Gives You A Happy Ever After, And She Hates Cheating And Cliffhangers Just As Much As You Do I received this book as an added bonus in book purchased The Baby Race What a lovely surprise Well the 3 extra books really Bargain.They say money is the root of all evil BUT it can be used for good as well That is what Penny knows as her dad needs a special treatment Problem is how to get some Getting a job working for Billionaire businessman Charlie Thorne seems too good to be true, especially when she gets an unexpected chance to get closer to him Now the fun begins.Charlie Thorne loves his daughter Tilly and will do anything to protect her He is a private man and works hard Meeting Penny is a wow to his system , he wants her but when she unexpectedly says she is his wife so his daughter won t get taken from him , he can t say no Lots of chemistry between Charlie and Penny but what they don t expect is lots of secrets, deceit, chemistry, drama , lies and so much The one cute little bonus.Tilly She is so down to earth, loved her and loved the story too. Whatever it TakesThat is what Charlie does to take care of the lady he loves, the little lady, his daughter Penny jumps into the deep end of the pool when she takes the initiative and tells a little white lie that she and her brand new boss are together He takes it a bit further and all of a sudden they are in water over their heads I loved the main characters and the supporting cast with this wet story Along the way there a few too many road bumps,angst and heartache but there is plenty of chemistry too, that will draw you in for the HEA

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  • 08 October 2019

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