FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, Vol. 4: The End Times

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, Vol. 4: The End Times The FBP Is Scrambling To Work With Counter Agent Blackwood To Restore Universal Laws Of Order Is Agent Adam Hardy Dead Is His Long Lost Father Alive Does Agent Rosa Reyes Have The Secret Key To Spanning Universes And Saving The Day Interdimensional Space, Dark Energy Super Bridges And An Insane Plan To Save Humanity From Annihilation Collide In Issues

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, Vol. 4: The End Times book, this is one of the most wanted Simon Oliver author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, Vol. 4: The End Times
  • Simon Oliver
  • English
  • 12 March 2018
  • 9781401258450

10 thoughts on “FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, Vol. 4: The End Times

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    This series started out really well and I was still enjoying it by the time it reached this fourth and final volume just not as much as I used to.I m usually saddened when a comicbook I ve been reading comes to an end but, in this case, I think it was probably for the best The book really suffered from the loss of the original artist co creator and the story was in danger of disappearing up its own arsehole in places.At least we got an ending and weren t left wondering what would have happened like we so often are when things get cancelled.

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    In the final volume of the series, Adam and company finally figure out what s behind all of the phenomena they ve been dealing with and the real story with Lance Blackwood and his connection to Adam s family Things end with a bang..that might as well have been a fizzle By the time it ended, I no longer cared about really any of the characters I hated how much the story devolved into this vague theme of the end of the world and how terrible humanity is I love dystopians but this just felt half assed The characters had ceased to be interesting, the science was still incomprehensible and the motivations made no sense The little girl was possibly the oddest little girl I ve seen in fiction and never felt realistic at all Justdisappointing all around Full series review here

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    This wacky and at times dense series comes to an end Physics has gone wacky and now there s a mastermind trying to end our dimension, but it s up to Agent Hardy to overcome his own demons and save the day.I enjoyed this series quite a bit, but it might be better to read all 4 volumes in one sitting There s a lot going on and the scientific jargon can be a bit confusing at times Overall, though, this was a nice sci fi adventure Probably would make a pretty good movie or tv series.

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    I salute this series for its ambition and I d be happy to have supported it for that reason alone It was a wild ride, that s for sure It felt to me that it lost some momentum and direction after the second volume I don t have the first two volumes here to compare the art, but I seem to remember being blown away by the art in the beginning, where it just seemed fine in the last two volumes And I do remember being super excited by the story originally and just wanting to see where it went and how it wrapped up by the time it got to the end because the direction it ended up going it wasn t thrilling to me any But that may in part be because it was wrapping up and when a writing knows he has to tell a story with a defined end point it s different than when he has an open ended project where he can let his imagination go wild and bring forth all sorts of interesting and original things It s a shame it wasn t a bigger hit, I d have loved to see what incredible physics emergencies and solutions Oliver could have created over time Maybe someone will pick it up again in the future I ll be interested if they do.

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    I didn t mind things not making sense when there were magic physics canyons when it seems like I m supposed to be understanding some Deeper Meaning it is the worst On the one hand, at least the series is over On the other, I wish it had been so much better.

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    This series is weird, remind me in its spirit an anime I ve seen years ago called wolf s rain not in story, but in its general spirit yet in the end of the anime i cared, and here i found myself not caring about it all, felt it was too messy and point less.Cannot recommend this to anyone

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    Feels unfortunately rushed due to the cancellation of the series.

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    You can read my review for this entire series here

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    This ends the FBP series, and honestly the brilliance of the concept was never matched in execution This volume ties up the separate storylines, never really bringing them together but at least giving them all closure It s been a while since I read the previous volumes, so I was a little lost but the volume did ground the story fairly well, reminding me who the prominent characters were, even as it did terrible things to some of them There are some decent moments, but the climax didn t really feel earned, and the resolution for one of the side stories was pretty facile, even if it did bring the series full circle I m not sure I can recommend this series it has its moments, but not enough to keep the series afloat for its relatively short length It s better than average, but just barely Hence the three stars.

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    While I agree that this series has had quite a different feel after the loss of original artist Robbi Rodriguez, it s still well worth seeing through to completion All the cards are on the table in this final volume as our beleaguered team has one last chance to stop the quantum tornadoes ravaging Earth Since this is Oliver, though, nothing goes exactly how you d expect Ponticelli s art really grew on me over these issues it seems like he was just finding his own voice on the book before its untimely, but satisfying, end.

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