Firefly Lane

Firefly LaneOh.My.God This book deserves than five stars, in fact, it deserves every single star in the sky This book was phenomenal It tugged at my heart strings in the best of ways I laughed and I cried Oh, how I cried view spoiler You will need a box of tissues, handy hide spoiler 4.75 5I think I m going to have to limit myself to 2 Kristin Hannah books a year because her books EMOTIONALLY WRECK ME.This is the 3rd book I ve read by her and the 3rd book to make me sob. Hmm well, I ve never read Beaches the book many reviewers compared this to and I m pretty sure I won t now Firefly Lane was meh Two girls stay best friends through four decades and widely divergent paths Only thing is, emotionally, they stay girls They never really become women, never break their stupid patterns and they really are stupid , never evolve The characters are 2 dimensional at best Kate is spineless and weak, Tully is narcissistic and bitchy They consider themselves best friends when in reality, they are just enablers to the other one s personality weaknesses.And yet I read the whole damn thing because Kristin Hannah, despite her storyline and emotionally stupid characters, is a good writer Hence the 3 stars A quick and easy read Honestly, if you want something brainless, this is a good beach read ha, no pun intended , but I wouldn t recommend it if you re feeling even a smidge intellectually and emotionally smarter than the rest of the world Cause it ll really annoy you then. This was the first Kristen Hannah book I read and it s about two girls who become friends in middle school in the 70 s and it follows them through their lives I really enjoyed the writing, I think Hannah is really good at telling stories because I kept wanting to read on The characters were all complex and made the book feel real The ending was not that great though and I can agree that some of the plot was derivative but I don t think there s anything wrong with using things in your book that have been done if you do them well, which I think Hannah does. I enjoyed this novel about two girlfriends spanning from the 70s to the early 2000s It alternates points of view between Kate who, when the novel opens, is 14 years old and closely watched by her mother Tully, on the other hand, has been abandoned by her drug addict mother and moves in across the street with her grandmother Tully is rebellious and ambitious, and Kate longs to be cool like her Kate is stunned when Tully becomes her best friend, and their friendship lasts 30 years.They are flawed people with likeable attributes, like everyone I ve met on planet earth While Tully is completely focused on launching her career into the stratosphere, Kate has never been as career driven and, when she finds herself accidently pregnant, decides to spend all her time being a mom and giving up her career She finds both the joys and toils of this choice, just as Tully finds there are joys to having a success career at the expense of nurturing other relationships You see both of their points of view, and neither is necessarily better than the other depending on your own point of view about what s important in life.There were portions of this book that dragged on longer than necessary Particularly the issues Kate had with her oldest child when her daughter became a pre teen and then a teenager It was important to the story line, but I wish it hadn t gone on for as long as it did But at the end, I found myself teary I could definitely see this being made into a movie Also, without giving anything away, I learned about something I had not heard about and now get to be scared about something new.It s an important book about what friendship means like any relationship, it has its ups and downs I recommend it.For of my reviews, please visit Read years ago when the book was released Read Stephanie s reviewit s beautiful I was deeply moved surprised I liked it so much mailed it to my sister She loved it just as much.I immediately read one book, by Kristen Hannahbut when it didn t wow me..I didn t continuing reading of Hannah s books but FIREFLYhas a very authentic feeling to it not pushed not overly schmaltzy.Sincerely touching Read Stephanie s great review Another beauty from Kristin Hannah This is the 4th book I have read from her and I am loving my Kristin Hannah journey This story, the heart of it is a beautiful friendship between Kate and Tully beginning in the late 70 s I absolutely loved their journey, two coming of age teenagers from completely different backgrounds and upbringings, when they met there is immediate connection they bring out the best in one another We follow their journeys through life, including some crazy wardrobe decisions and bad perms in the 80 s it s hilarious, inspirational, heartbreaking and touching story.This is a fabulous book, it will center you and remind you of what is most important once you strip everything back Love, family and laughter. I really and truly thoroughly enjoyed this novel Thank you very much Lisa for letting me borrow this What a great book It began the year I was born and ended in present day and followed the lives of two best friends named Tully and Kate I loved reliving the 70 s and 80 s and 90 s with them, all of the pop culture references made this a fun journey The book is much than just pop culture though as it follows two young girls who grow into wonderful women with very different personalities Their lives separate and entwine over and over again through the years and the adventures that ensue and the memories they create with each other are priceless.I really think the author hit the best friend as close as a sister relationship two women can have on the head and I saw a lot of myself in Tully and a whole lot of my friend Brooke in Kate I could identify with so much in this book and for that I truly loved it. From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of On Mystic Lake Comes A Powerful Novel Of Love, Loss, And The Magic Of Friendship In The Turbulent Summer Of , Kate Mularkey Has Accepted Her Place At The Bottom Of The Eighth Grade Social Food Chain Then, To Her Amazement, The Coolest Girl In The World Moves In Across The Street And Wants To Be Her Friend Tully Hart Seems To Have It All Beauty, Brains, Ambition On The Surface They Are As Opposite As Two People Can Be Kate, Doomed To Be Forever Uncool, With A Loving Family Who Mortifies Her At Every Turn Tully, Steeped In Glamour And Mystery, But With A Secret That Is Destroying Her They Make A Pact To Be Best Friends Forever By Summer S End They Ve Become TullyandKate InseparableSo Begins Kristin Hannah S Magnificent New Novel Spanning Than Three Decades And Playing Out Across The Ever Changing Face Of The Pacific Northwest, Firefly Lane Is The Poignant, Powerful Story Of Two Women And The Friendship That Becomes The Bulkhead Of Their LivesFrom The Beginning, Tully Is Desperate To Prove Her Worth To The World Abandoned By Her Mother At An Early Age, She Longs To Be Loved Unconditionally In The Glittering, Big Hair Era Of The Eighties, She Looks To Men To Fill The Void In Her Soul But In The Buttoned Down Nineties, It Is Television News That Captivates Her She Will Follow Her Own Blind Ambition To New York And Around The Globe, Finding Fame And Success And Loneliness Kate Knows Early On That Her Life Will Be Nothing Special Throughout College, She Pretends To Be Driven By A Need For Success, But All She Really Wants Is To Fall In Love And Have Children And Live An Ordinary Life In Her Own Quiet Way, Kate Is As Driven As Tully What She Doesn T Know Is How Being A Wife And Mother Will Change Her How She Ll Lose Sight Of Who She Once Was, And What She Once Wanted And How Much She Ll Envy Her Famous Best Friend For Thirty Years, Tully And Kate Buoy Each Other Through Life, Weathering The Storms Of Friendship Jealousy, Anger, Hurt, Resentment They Think They Ve Survived It All Until A Single Act Of Betrayal Tears Them Apart And Puts Their Courage And Friendship To The Ultimate Test Firefly Lane Is For Anyone Who Ever Drank Boone S Farm Apple Wine While Listening To Abba Or Fleetwood Mac More Than A Coming Of Age Novel, It S The Story Of A Generation Of Women Who Were Both Blessed And Cursed By Choices It S About Promises And Secrets And Betrayals And Ultimately, About The One Person Who Really, Truly Knows You And Knows What Has The Power To Hurt You And Heal You Firefly Lane Is A Story You Ll Never Forget One You Ll Want To Pass On To Your Best Friend Chick lit is not my thing If I feel the need to clear my head after reading a deeper book, I ll pick up a mystery, or maybe a middle grades kids book Yet I had seen two friends, Elyse and Stephanie, write poignant reviews about Firefly Lane, so I let my curiosity get the better of me, and picked it up Firefly Lane is about the 30 year friendship of Kate Mularkey Ryan and Tully Hart These two girls were brought together at age 14 when they were so vulnerable and needed a friend to help them through the turbulent teen years The book follows their life journey and included myriad references to the pop culture, news events, and music of the times Even though the book is nearly 500 pages long, it read quickly because I allowed myself to get emotionally involved in the characters, so of course I could not put the book down Kate Mularkey is the serious one Coming from a stable family, her one desire is to find true love Tully Hart had been abandoned by her drug addict mother too many times to recall and eventually moved in with the Mularkey family The last thing she knew about was love, and her only desire was to be a news woman at a time when women were finally beginning to break the glass ceiling Being the novel that it is, Tully shatters that glass ceiling forgoing family life for stardom while Kate marries Johnny her former boss and settles into not so blissful life as an at home mom Yet through thick and thin, the women remained best friends What I liked about this book was the musical references, the strength of love between Kate and Johnny, and the layers to Tully s character I also liked being reminded of a simpler time before computers and Internet and social media where kids could stay out late and parents did not need to worry much about where their kids were After reading this, I realize why I do not read much chick lit my life like Kate s is that of a busy at home mom and I don t have the time to get too emotionally involved in the books that I read As poignant as this story is, I am happier with my mysteries and detective novels I noticed that Kristin Hannah wrote a sequel that I am interested in reading as well as The Nightingale which brought her many accolades I recommend this to those looking for a read about friendship, and perhaps those people who enjoy the chick lit genre than I do will enjoy it even than I did.2.75 3 stars Book served its purpose as a filler.

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  • 25 December 2019
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