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Flip this zombie The Zombie Apocalypse Has Been Good To Sarah And David Their Marriage Is Better Than Ever They Communicate Well, Share Responsibilities, And Now, They Re Starting A Business ZombieBusters For All Your Zombie Extermination NeedsThere Are Lots Of Zombies And That Means Lots Of CustomersExcept One Of Them Doesn T Want The Zombies Dead, He Wants Them Alive And Ready For Experimentation Mad Scientists Make For Difficult Clients And This Time, Sarah And David Might Have Bitten Off Than They Can Chew For some lighthearted zombie fun I hesitated starting this series because of all the mixed reviews but I m liking them It s a cute distraction from serious reads. This was of the same, each chapter headed by pithy sayings and our snarky couple making their way in a zombie world Instead of marriage counseling, this one used business You can tell the next one will be carbon copy with life affirming statementsEat Slay LoveUh huh.I d thought the first book had left off with our heroes heading off to find Sarah s father Maybe I misunderstood, because this book had them near Phoenix, offering their services as zombie exterminators A group of survivors had banded together in a compound and a scavenging barter system had developed There s a mad scientist not a spoiler, the back of the book blurb says this who is altering zombies maybe a spoiler, whatever Instead of David being stupidly trusting, Sarah is stupidly trusting It works out in the end.There s mention of a Midwest wall, keeping zombies away from people on the east coast I don t know, this sketches out a situation and then zooms in close up to one couple, but since World War Z was my first zombie craze read everything else has been shoddy in comparison I can t shut off massive portions of my head for long enough to really enjoy this.HUGEST PEEVE EVER The last book s dialogue was all he whispered and she whispered, so much communication whispered This one changed it up with he said softly and she said softly YaAAHAHAGHghaghhghghgh Is this a writing tic My reading tic began making every occurence of whispered and softly pulse with it s own neon beat I hate this, I whisper softly to myself.The best thing about this series is that I lent the first book out at work and it got passed around Someone ended up buying this second book and lent it to me I have a few people who now occasionally ask me what I m reading and will take what I offer Sadly, it seems to have been a flash in the pan trend, but I just started the most persistent one on Bujold and he s currently on the 2nd book I m not letting this fish off the hook Read, fish, read Okay, so let me start off by saying that this series is probably one of the shallowest, fakest, most unrealistic zombie apocalypse books I have ever read and I ve read A LOT however, this book still managed to be amazing Why Because it s campy and silly and I think David and Sarah are one of the most realistic, cutest couples ever There isn t any fake insta love stuff going on here, just good times built on from the first book I had a bit of an issue with the whole mad scientist and genius kid theme that was going on, but Ms Petersen manages to carry it with well placed jokes and a natural talent for writing There are some authors out there with credentials galore that think they can write but fail miserably This is almost the opposite Ms Petersen has a wonderful, casual tone that just seems so right, especially for this genre I would love it she would continue with other urban fantasy novels in the future If you like this book, you will love My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland or the movie, Zombieland. AudiobookThere s one scene in this book that I can t get out of my head and it stopped me from enjoying this book It was almost a record scratch reaction that had me re examining the thing I liked the most about it the marriage between the two main characters Then when there was a reconciliation I kept waiting for Sarah to say, David, let s talk about what you said earlier to me But no, nothing I m sure if Sarah had said the same thing to David he would have definitely mentioned it And then the ending was unbelievable An 11 year old really I m trying not to give anything away while still reviewing complaining about this book So down 1 star to 3 out of 5 stars I m not sure I ll be listening to the rest of the series.


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