Forbidden New York Times Best Selling Author Rachel Van Dyken Joins Forces With Regencies Hottest Names To Bring You A Regency Holiday Box Set Of Forbidden Love A Winter Wish By Nadine Millard Mariah Bolton Is As Headstrong As She Is Clever, As Strong Willed As She Is Beautiful She Enjoys Her Life And, Apart From A Rather Snobbish Mama, She Is Happy With Her Lot Imagine Her Consternation Then When Her World Is Turned Upside Down By The Brooding And Aloof Mr Brandon Haverton Mariah And Brandon Are Forced To Endure Each Other S Company Than Either Wants To When A Snowstorm Traps Them In The Same House They Argue, They Bang Heads And They Drive Each Other Insane But Something Precious Is Blooming Beneath The Surface Of All That Ice Something Neither Looks For But Both Need Can Love Melt The Snow Around Brandon S Cold Heart Can Mariah Be Brave Enough To Take A Leap Of Faith And Can A Winter Wish Help Bring Two Souls Together Forever For The Love Of A Lady By Kristin Vayden Lady Esther Flanguard Is All Of The Above But That S All About To Change Soon Because, Essie Has A Plan And It S Sure To Work Brilliantly The Only Thing Standing In Her Way Is Trying To Convince Cross Her Best Friend S Brother To Go Along With It Lord Crossby, Cross To Those Who Know Him Well, Knows That Essie S Plan Is Not A Good Idea What Essie Doesn T Know, Is That He S Been In Love With Her For Years He Refuses To Leave This Second Chance Left To Fate He Lost Her Once, And Plans To Never Lose Her Again So, Knowing He Ll Risk His Heart, He Agrees To Play Along With Her Disastrous Plan Silently Vowing, That Though Essie Might Be Pretending He Isn T, And This Time He S Playing For Keeps Cloaked In Red A Shattered Fairy Tale By Kelly Martin Frederick Dodsworth Has No Desire To Find Love At Anthony Wexley S Christmas Gathering Yet When He Lays His Eyes On The Beautiful Rebecca For The First Time, He Is Beyond Smitten Lust Turns To Love Love Turns To Jealousy Jealousy Turns To Betrayal How Did Frederick Dodsworth Become The Most Evil Man In Darenset Simple It Started With A Kiss The Devil Duke Takes A Bride By Rachel Van Dyken Who Said Being Bad Wasn T Oh So Good Benedict Devlyn, Duke Of Banbury, Has One Thing On His Mind And It Isn T Marriage But Things Take A Turn For The Worse When His Menacing Aunt Throws A Hitch In His Plans To Remain The Most Sinful And Talked About Man In The Ton After All, A Man Cannot Keep The Reputation Of Being The Devil Duke When He Is Leg Shackled To Some Simpering Spinster But His Aunt, Bless Her Heart, Thinks She S Dying, And Believes Her Nephew S Behavior Is The Only Thing Standing In The Way Between Her Entrance To Heaven Or Hell So She Very Lovingly And Selflessly Sets Him Up With His Childhood Nemesis A Young Woman Who, Though She Claims It Was An Accident, Has Nearly Killed Him Thrice Through Her Lack Of Grace And Manners It Matters Not That The Minute He Sets Eyes On Her At The Christmas Ball, His Blood Boils With Lust He Refuses To Allow Himself To Fall Prey To His Aunt S Ministrations That Is, Until He Is Compromised And Stuck In An Engagement To A Girl Who Claims She D Rather Jump From A Moving Carriage Than Marry Him Funny Thing That, For The Very Minute She Says No, He Finds His Heart Very Much Wants To Say Yes When She Doesn T Leap At The Chance To Marry Him, He Sets About To Not Only Prove That He S Worthy Of Her Favor, But Also Worthy Of Her Heart

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances Hey guys I m rarely on Goodreads, if you need to reach me feel free to email EMAIL ME rachelvandykenauthor gmail.comFacebook

☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Forbidden  By Rachel Van Dyken ✍ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 395 pages
  • Forbidden
  • Rachel Van Dyken
  • English
  • 06 January 2019

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    I was inlove 4 times Awesome collection from 4 great Regency authors A WINTER WISH I love this story so much A great opening indeed Dark and very brooding Brandon Haverton is such a man to fall for I also liked Mariah s personality as very cheerful and honest Their hesitations with each other were very exciting and the ending is just perfect Nadine Millard had made another perfect and magical love story that every fan would love FOR THE LOVE OF A LADY Charming I am in love with Lord Crossby He is funny and as equally as handsome as he was pictured by Kristin Kristin refreshed me of the reasons why I love Regency It can make me high with emotions through an almost kiss not needing the throwing off of clothes The way Crossby describe Essie s beauty was very romantic and I sigh and swoom every single time CLOAKED IN RED This story is dark Revenge and love lost is something I was caught off guard with I really thought that Frederick was a fool inove with Rebecca and I may have predicted that she didn t love him back as much I must admit, I have not liked any single character in this story Although, the darkness was very consuming and effective THE DEVIL DUKE TAKES A BRIDE Perfect ending to a great Regency collection I must admit I still have tears in my eyes because Benedict and Katherine s story is very beautiful With the help of the meddling Aunt Agatha which of course I have loved too, they started with a great dislike with each other but when they started falling, I can t help but swoon and bat my eyelashes at my e reader.Beautiful words, beautiful story Not only this has made me believe in love but also it is very touching When Benedict was hunted with his mistakes in the past and in the present, I admires Katherine s love for him.Love conquers all Love changes circumstances Love is forever

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    A wonderful box set I have read most of Kelly Martin s books but I hadn t read anything by the other authors before but will now after enjoying them in this set.A Winter Wish By Nadine Millard Mariah is generally happy with her lot in life but her life is set to change when she accepts a job cataloguing books at the new home of Mr Brandon Haverton The pair bump heads but sparks also fly between them Will a winter storm bring them together or force them apart.For the Love of a Lady By Kristin Vayden Essie and Cross have been friends all their lives but what Essie doesn t know is that Cross is in love her So when Essie convinces Cross to court her that he is playing for keeps A lovely tale of how love can often be right under your know if you just open your eyesCloaked in Red A Shattered Fairy Tale By Kelly Martin A prequel to the beautifully written Betraying Ever After showing how Frederick Dodsworth became the dark and twisted man While none of the character behaved honourable in this story Shows how easily love can become hate and that secrets can cause all kinds of problems.The Devil Duke Takes a Bride By Rachel Van Dyken Benedict Devlyn has never been one to care what other think and did what ever he wanted that was until Aunt Agatha who is dying decides now is the time to start meddling in his life his love life to be precise Benedict can t think of anything worse especially when the women turns out the be the beautiful but his eyes deadly Katherine The last three encounters with Katherine have nearly killed him but when he accidentally gets caught in a compromising position with her, he is left with no choice but to court her Will Katherine lower the wall s around her heart and let the man who is her perfect match in Will Benedict be able to convince her of his love when past indiscretion come back to haunt him.If you love Romance and Regency books this definitely a must read

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    Honest The descriptive blurbs for the first two reads were interesting and better written than the stories themselves I just could not connect with these stories The cover beautiful and a the read in the Renwick House series by Rachel Van Dyken is what made me do it I really was hoping that the title held some truly interesting and FORBIDDEN tales.And my rating has nothing to do with it being identified as a clean historical romance.I have enjoyed MANY reads over the years that there isn t even a chaste kissread Austen Nope That wasn t it Those first two were just epically boring Sorry not sorry.What saved my rating from a 2 star or DNF or demanding Nook to refund my money Well, the Kelly Martin read had finally peeked my interestenuf to want to put the Shattered Fairy Tales series on my TBR But all that inner dialog sigh if you have read my reviews before, you know that over done inner dialog is a deal breaker for me LOL And that evil dude really, really, really had a lot of evil thoughts rolling around in his dark and tormented gray cells But at least that made for a story So that was something I ll have to read the series to determine if Dodsworth really is the most evil man in Darenset LOL 3 stars 3.5 stars for the Devil Duke Takes a Bride RVD s historical stories keep improving in character dialog and development, so I ll keep following her

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    While I enjoyed the first and fourth stories, the middle 2 were so bad that it ruined the book for me Will be deleting from my library.

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    A Lovely Winter CollectionA Winter WishBrandon and Mariah s story was that of instant passion and true faith for one another.Connected from the moment they set eyes on eachotherthe rest was history Such a sweet story that warms the heart For the love of a LadyA beautiful story where one man, Cross, would go to any amount of trouble to win the heart of the woman he has loved in secret his entire life Essie.Loved these two sexy yet oooh so feisty characters Cloaked in RedA twisted tale of an obsessed man who had no grasp on the reality around him.Fredrick saw what he wanted and understood things in a demented way He lived a life of hatred,plotting revenge to people who never caused him any harm.He would stop at nothing to get his way no matter how horrible it was.A story that truly gave me the shivers The Devil Duke Takes a BrideHe lived his life scandalously,changing lovers every so often.But what happens when a rake meets the only woman he wishes to have nothing to do withand falls madly in love He simply realizes how much he had been missing all those years in the beds of various mistresses when he gave his heart to Katherine.A funny yet very beautiful story of love and coming to terms with it.

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    I love historical romance, Rachel Van Dyken and these Regency Authors All of these stories are well written, smart, witty and packed with emotion This box set has an intriguing mix of characters and story lines, but I enjoyed them all

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    Good except for the 2nd I believe storyyou ll know it when you read it Very much about jealousy and not love Ended up reading a lot of the other authors books So it served it s purpose as an intro to new, to me, authors.

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    ForbiddenI enjoyed the first, second and fourth stories I didn t even try the third story as I heard it was very dark and I don t like those types of stories The second one was my favorite as it was lighthearted.

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    A fantastic box set of 3 out of the 4 of my favorite authors.

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