Frat Party (Sisters in Law #1)

Frat Party (Sisters in Law #1) Finally, The Christine Susmann Legal Thriller Spinoff Series Has Arrived A University Fraternity Has A Toga Party And Nude Photographs Of One Young Partygoer Suddenly Emerge Worldwide On The Internet The Girl Believes She Was Assaulted While Unconscious And Her Father Seeks Legal Help For Her He Is Also The District Attorney And Is Conflicted Out Of The Prosecution So He Appoints Attorney Christine Susmann To Investigate And Prosecute A Courtroom Drama Unfolds As All Boys Deny All Wrongdoing The Fraternity Boys Fire Back A Murder Occurs And Christine Is Devastated Then A Second And Third Murder Occur And She Suddenly Finds Herself Defending The Original Toga Party Victim Join Christine In Her Legal Thriller Series Spinoff From The Popular Thaddeus Murfee Series By Author John Ellsworth Categories Include Legal Thrillers, Crime Fiction Best Sellers, Crime Thrillers Best Sellers, Courtroom Drama, Courtroom Thrillers, Sisters In Law, Courtroom Drama, Courtroom Thrillers, Lawyer Books

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Frat Party (Sisters in Law #1) book, this is one of the most wanted John Ellsworth author readers around the world.

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  • 11 February 2018

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    This is a novel that was long overdue I fell in love with this character in the Thaddeus Murfee series Christine Sussman is an ex Marine, who has seen active duty and has since retired from the force She became a paralegal working alongside Thaddeus in his practice and became his right arm While working as a paralegal, she decided to go back to law school to get her degree.In Chris first installment of a great series to come, she s married to a wonderful man named Sonny She has two children, Jamie and Janny Jamie s IQ is off the charts and I suppose he gets his smarts from his mom He s extremely resourceful and knows exactly what he wants and he s only in middle school Chris got to try out her legal chops with a high profiled sexual assault case Her client, Bussie, was in college studying to be a doctor, when one of her roommates became ill and couldn t go to the Toga party happening at one of the frat houses Bussie wasn t into partying, but she was all too eager to help out her friends She gets dressed in the Toga gear and heads on out While there, several of the frat brothers were dancing and drinking it up and offered her a cup of beer Bussie, not being a drinker, much less a social one, drank up and the next thing she remembers was being on a couch, nude, with a blanket over her She was in pain, but didn t think much of it at the time.It wasn t until Bussie receives a text from her best friend showing Bussie posed nude in sexual situations plastered all over the Internet when she soon realized that something terribly went wrong at the frat house Unbeknownst to the alleged frat brothers who did this to her, they picked the wrong unsuspecting wanna be med student to mess with Bussie s father is a prosecutor for the Chicago courts When it is revealed to him what has happened to his daughter, all hell literally breaks loose, and this is when Christine Sussman s legal training comes into play.

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    A Must Read Especially If You Have A DaughterThis is, so far, about Christine and her family Technically, after she and Thaddeus made a killing after a major settlement no spoiler here she never needed to work a day in her life.However, if you have read than two Thaddeus Murfee books, you know Christine is not made that way She paid her way through law school and has opened her own practice Maybe she didn t join Thaddeus because he was in Flagstaff and she didn t want to leave Chicago That has never been clear.A major crime occurs The Chicago DA has to conflict out his entire office Christine is chosen to prosecute She is assigned the DA s top investigator BAT is already working for her But she needs to hire another attorney to take over the current cases while she is a Special Prosecutor for the Cook County DA It appears she has found the perfect candidate Reserving judgement In the meantime, and unbeknownst to the family, Christine and Sonny s son is practically a computer genius.Unlike most boys his age, rather than get into trouble, Jaime is in his room, coding He has developed a program that can detect lies much like one of my favorite show, Lie to Me, sadly canceled He has even copyrighted it, all without his parent s knowledge I bet there are tons of parents who wish their son to do this behind closed doors.The very first person he tried it on was lying through his teeth Which the reader already knows.Christine used the oldest prosecutors trick in the world First one who talks gets the best deal She got names, but one of those names belongs to a really nasty dude, even at his tender years.Seriously, I have read all the books in which Christine has appeared and already I am amazed at some of the things we learn about her in this book.XFBI is back on the job Personally, I thought they should have stayed there after the closeness she had with Thaddeus Too little, too late unfortunately Christine is a wonderful Special Prosecutor Which is exactly why defense attorneys tell their clients to shut their mouths The ending absolutely blew me away I never would have dreamed this ending was coming Never, ever But thinking about it, with Christine, really nothing should surprise a reader Sisters in Law does not mean what a reader may think And that s exactly why this book is so good Another must read

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    A Tense, Aggressively Thrilling, Legal Novel In this outstanding novel, Lawyer Christine Susmann can fight hard for her clients in and outside of the courtroom Previously she had served in Iraq and sad memories being held in Russia She can battle in the courtroom with confidence She takes on the case of a young woman who had been sexually abused at a university frat party The perpetrators will do anything to stay out of jail Christine just may have to take the fight outside of the courtroom Justice can also be achieved outside the law This story is extremely well written and very exciting You ll not want to put it down Highly recommend.

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    This is the First book I read about Christine as an attorney and it was excellent The story was very timely using the Date Rape situation in Private College Campus, the attitude of the Rich people who committed crimes It was interesting seeing Christine as the head of her own Law firm and her home life with her Handicapped son, daughter and Blue Collar husband Tragedy strikes Christine along with temptation to cheat on her husband The storylines were wrapped up very neatly and I look forward to the next book in this series.

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    The way this book began, I didn t think I was going to read it, so I put it aside and read others Because John Ellsworth wrote it, I came back to it and it turned into another of his excellent books The subject matter in the beginning is difficult to get through, but once you do, the book is well worth reading I rate it 5 stars.

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    Awesome book Could not put it down till the end Please Keep them coming Great book I love the way John Ellsworth writes I would love to see books about Chris and Thad together.

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    Loved this bookWhat an amazing story ,Loved All the good guys had a terrible time putting it down.This a new author for me but I will read of his work Read this you ll not be sorry

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    EntertainingThis is the start of a new series I found this book entertaining I look forward to reading the next in the series It has several unexpected twists I really like the main character.

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    Another ellseworth winIt s after 2 am and I finished Sisters in law Another awesome novel It connected dots from previous novels and characters old and new Can t wait until I m reading the next one Dr C

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    Good readLoved this book Gave 4 Stars only because it tended to jump back and forth a lot which I found distracting Otherwise, it was very good The end was powerful Loved the character who was a strong, powerful, confident woman.

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