Grey See The World Of Fifty Shades Of Grey Anew Through The Eyes Of Christian GreyIn Christian S Own Words, And Through His Thoughts, Reflections, And Dreams, E L James Offers A Fresh Perspective On The Love Story That Has Enthralled Millions Of Readers Around The WorldChristian Grey Exercises Control In All Things His World Is Neat, Disciplined, And Utterly Empty Until The Day That Anastasia Steele Falls Into His Office, In A Tangle Of Shapely Limbs And Tumbling Brown Hair He Tries To Forget Her, But Instead Is Swept Up In A Storm Of Emotion He Cannot Comprehend And Cannot Resist Unlike Any Woman He Has Known Before, Shy, Unworldly Ana Seems To See Right Through Him Past The Business Prodigy And The Penthouse Lifestyle To Christian S Cold, Wounded Heart Will Being With Ana Dispel The Horrors Of His Childhood That Haunt Christian Every Night Or Will His Dark Sexual Desires, His Compulsion To Control, And The Self Loathing That Fills His Soul Drive This Girl Away And Destroy The Fragile Hope She Offers Him This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences

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  • 576 pages
  • Grey
  • E.L. James
  • English
  • 16 January 2017
  • 9781101946350

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    my inner goddess is screaming out the safe word, but e.l james is acting like we never set ground rules rutabagaRUTABAGA RUTABAGA

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    Oh, fantastic A Fifty Shades of Grey told from Christian s perspective is just what the book world needed.

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    ok so this is the Midnight Sun that Twilight fans never got

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    AM I THE ONLY ONE CREEPED THE FUCK OUT HE TALKS LIKE THIS PENIS IS A SEPARATE, LIVING ENTITY MUSIC TO MY DICK THE FUCK LOL kSee from buzzfeed here Edited to add again Just like Midnight Sun, the manuscript for this one was stolen a week before release and is feared to have been sold to the highest bidder in the black market If it was really stolen, that was unfortunate As much as I loathe the series, that s a douchebag move However, I ll rip the book a new one if I find out this was only noise marketing to hype the book even .Edited to add Apparently, so many pre ordered this it s already a bestseller, before it s even published Humanity, why A REMAKE OF FIFTY SHADES FROM CHRISTIAN GREY S PERSPECTIVE Who the fuck needs that Weren t the three books enough, for god s sake And seriously, doesn t the author have any other ideas to write than the same story Just imagine THE SAME SEX SCENES.JUST WITH MORE EMPHASIS ON HIS THROBBING MEMBER.I really could ve gone on with my life peacefully without knowing we ll be graced by this same story again At this point, I see it nothing as a cash cow.

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    Yo no suelo ser cruel con la cantidad de estrellitas que doy, pero ahhhh ESTE LIBRO DIS BOOK.No s ni por d nde empezar, es que hay tantas cosas que podr a discutir Primero que nada, el libro desde la perspectiva de Christian definitivamente NO era necesario, menos despu s de tanto tiempo Una parte de m pens que tal vez la autora innovar a, PERO NADA, es la misma novela, con alguna que otra escena nueva y eso hizo que en partes se tornara aburrida la lectura.Segundo ME ARREPIENTO DE HABER CONOCIDO C MO PIENSA CHRISTIAN OMG Hubiera preferido quedarme con la imagen que Anastasia tiene de l hombre maduro, sexy, serio , porque pff, Christian Grey es un chiste Sus pensamientos son peores que la diosa interna de Ana Y es que un minuto puede pensar cosas dignas de un puberto pervertido y en un segundo pasa a modo adolescente enamorada Ana me mand un beso Ana me mir Ser que le gusto Y no s lo es eso su forma de pensar era a veces rid cula y ten a demasiadas conversaciones consigo mismo que esto no tiene nada de malo, yo a cada rato hablo sola, PERO no es algo que hubiera esperado de Christian Grey Ten a otra imagen de l, vaya.Tercero la novela se me hizo ETERNA, me tard horrores en leerla y al final ya s lo estaba leyendo por acabar, no porque realmente me interesara Lo que s es que las escenas de sexo las le muy r pido y s lo por encimita , porque qu flojera, eran casi IGUALES a las del primer libro, sent a como si ya las hubiera le do OMG ESO S , me re much simo con todo el libro, ES QUE PARECE UN CHISTE Me pregunto por qu la trilog a entera no la percib as Ser que era una lectora menos experimentada en el 2012 o tal vez mis gustos han ido madurando o tal vez no s pero yo a la trilog a le guardo un poco de cari o, y este libro lleg a hacerme dudar de dicho cari o, hahaha Ya qu.

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    ETA I need this book as much as I need dog shit on my shoes Meaning, not at all Beware of Christian s inner goddess god.Yeah, milk that cow Pathetic __ Christian and Ana should buy a dog or a cat, so James could publish Fifty Shades of Animal Dungeon Sorry cats and dogs I don t even remember any but are their parents still alive Imagine, she could publish their POV s too So Fuck to the no gag ETA June 20, 2015 The excerpts I added can be found here Bryan was so kind and tweeted about his terrible nightmare.Before we go anywhere, you should know that many chapters of the book open like this Baba Frankly, if I had a cock it would have shriveled to pea size, that s for sure.

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    DNF 5% aka Chap 3 My perception of Christian Grey is officially ruined and it seems that I ve been living a lie I tried, I really did But Grey s inner monologue was written terribly which butchered his character and had me eye rolling at the absurdity of the way he talks in his head the repetitive baby term nearly had me belting out a Bieber song He sounded like a juvenile kid guy with these strange italic monologues and the inappropriate usage of exclamation marks Just an example from the a few pages itself view spoiler She peeks up at me and bites down on her full bottom lip Fuck How did I not notice how inviting that mouth is S Sorry I m not used to this I can tell, baby, but right now I don t give a damn because I can t take my eyes off your mouth. Take all the time you need, Miss Steele I need another moment to marshal my wayward thoughts Greystop this, now. hide spoiler

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    Evidently this is intended as an homage to Midnight Sun, which given the roots of the Fifty Shades series is entirely appropriate and thematic What I don t understand is why E.L James didn t arrange for a crazed fan to hack into her computer, steal the draft and leak it over the web, causing her to abandon the project in disgust when it was still in an incomplete form What s wrong with her Doesn t she care ________________________________If you can t beat them, join them No carping and criticizing clearly there is nothing much to it, and I have decided to become a world famous erotic novelist as well Here, rescued from its obscure position as message 43 in the comment thread, is the first page of my new bestseller, which I have provisionally entitled My Grey Life will soon be accepting pre orders.After a tempestuous night with an A list movie star I probably should not identify, I rise early my companion, exhausted by our naughty games, is still asleep, and I decide to let her get some well earned rest I do my usual workout at my fully equipped private gym those six pack abs don t maintain themselves, my trainer always reminds me and then retire to the study where I plan to spend half an hour improving my mind But I have only read a couple of pages from my signed first edition of Weyl s Quantenmechanik und Gruppentheorie when the door opens, and the housekeeper, a former Miss Honduras, arrives carrying a breakfast tray As she smiles and leans over to put it on my Louis XIV escritoire, I ask my cock what he thinks of the bountiful assets she is so generously displaying Imagine my consternation when I receive no answer The little bastard has escaped again He evidently made off while I was trying to decipher Weyl s rather terse explanation of spherical harmonics It is the second time this week.My housekeeper notices my expression and asks me what s wrong I shamefacedly confess my predicament, and together we search the room We eventually run the miscreant to ground, hiding behind a massive armoire Conchita, who seems to know what she is doing, goes down on her hands and knees and manages to coax him out, using a saucer of milk and an old copy of Hustler I tuck him back into my underpants and resolve to double her salary with immediate effect As you see, it s not as simple as you might think being a hunky billionaire with a sentient penis But I relish the challenge and wouldn t have it any other way.

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    4 stars Fifty Shades of Grey is a series I will always hold near and dear to my heart I ve been an avid reader most of my life, but Fifty was the book that jump started my reading It got me to start reading romance, and with that, I joined groups on goodreads and found so many indie books I may have never discovered and made many friends I m sure I would have never crossed paths with otherwise I ll keep this review fairly short, most people have read Fifty Shades so there is no need to rehash that story It s a book you either love or hate there doesn t seem to be much in between I happen to love it Grey is a retelling of the first Fifty book from Christian s perspective If you re looking for an epic new story or all kinds of new material, you ll be disappointed Besides some extra looks into Christian s past, there isn t much new I knew this going in and I was okay with it I still enjoyed this one I think the fact that I listened to it over a week or two opposed to reading it helped tremendously The narration was FANTASTIC Zachary Webber voiced Christian perfectly If she brings the rest of the books out from Christian s pov I will most definitely be listening to them on audio I would recommend this book to Fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy People who don t mind retelling of the same story from a different perspective If you are neither of the above, this probably won t be the book for you But if you ARE both of the above I recommend you give this a go and highly recommend picking up the audio

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