Heavens Waiting Room Has Lousy Magazines

Heavens Waiting Room Has Lousy Magazines As a busy academic, I don t have a lot of time for pleasure reading, but I made time for this wonderful book I couldn t put it down It s just so different than the formulaic mainstream fiction that most are reading and I am eagerly waiting for the next book in the series This book is witty, smart, and a wonderful idea imagine heaven as a bureaucracy and demons as fond of blueberry cobbler Very funny, creative stuff Kudos Elena Sands Dr Henry Hall, Retired Professor And Stubborn Agnostic, Has Died After Being Transported To A Dingy, Grey Waiting Room Filled With The Newly Deceased, He Waits For The Celestial Bureaucracy To Assign Him His Fate Even In An Afterlife Obviously Controlled By The World S Major Religions, Dr Hall Refuses To Accept Any Of The Officially Recognized Faiths At The Final Judgment, His Paperwork Is Stamped And He Is Thrown Through A Portal Into The Unknown This is written almost like an alternative universe world I loved it The different characters in this were really strange Imagine describing a place you have never seen nor has anyone else ever seen The message put forth to me was you would do things you never thought you would do, you can lovethan one person, the things you have meanings for today can make no difference tomorrow I loved it. Note Though I did not win the giveaway, the author was kind enough to send me the book with a personalized note Thank you Elena Sands.If you think that this book is all about religion based on the title, I am sorry it is not The author has chosen a different premises for a love story with a twist Leaving the sorrow land, Elena chose afterlife to present the love and action of Henry Hall who is not ready to embrace any religion even after death Heaven is depicted as a bureaucracy with all the major religions of the world and elysium is place for pagans who lived before mainstream religions were organized A thought that there is place for everyone in afterlife On a subtle note Elena also criticizes the practices deployed to convert people from a religion to another The influence of religion on our mindset which few might feel offensive.The character that I loved the most was Ra neferu, the egyptian pricness of the elysium Elena has portrayed her beautiful, strong and sound minded that I fell in love with her Overall the book is an interesting, funny, engrossing adventurous. I just won this amazing book in the goodreads giveway Thanks for the author to provide this book.I ll surely read it with all my heart and give it the best review i could once i receive it.Thanks

Elena Sands is originally from west Texas She has lived in various places around the world, including Hawaii, which was the inspiration for many of the characters and locations in her first novel She currently lives in a Midwestern state with her family and teaches math to high school students.

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Heavens Waiting Room Has Lousy Magazines  ⚣ Elena Sands – Salbutamol-ventolin-online.info
  • Paperback
  • 294 pages
  • Heavens Waiting Room Has Lousy Magazines
  • Elena Sands
  • English
  • 05 March 2019
  • 9780692328101

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