Hotel on Shadow Lake

Hotel on Shadow Lake Hotel on Shadow Lake by Daniela Tully is a 2018 Thomas Dunne St Martin s Press publication What an incredible story Maya s grandmother, Martha, was the most influential and important person in her life But, when she was sixteen years old, Maya s grandmother disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again Twenty seven years later, Martha s remains are found in upstate New York, a place she had no connection to Needing to come to terms with the way her grandmother died, and why she died, Maya leaves Germany and heads to America determined to unravel the events that led to her grandmother s death This story fluctuates between three timelines the 1930 s and Martha s experiences during World War Two, and 1910 New York, which relays the family saga of the Montgomery family, while in present day, Maya allows people to believe she is someone she isn t as she searches for the truth about her grandmother s past Each individual segment of this story is extremely absorbing The Montgomery family saga lends a slight Gothic tone to the novel, while Martha s story is tense, tragic, and fraught with danger But, what did one family in New York have to do with Martha s situation in Germany Maya will have to connect the dots, but finally getting to the truth she so desperately hopes to find, could come at a high personal cost This story has almost everything in it that appeals to me in a book I love historical fiction, family sagas Gothic elements, mysteries, suspense and romance This book represents every single one of those elements and categories, while drawing readers into an incredibly absorbing, bittersweet and poignant tale Once I started reading this book I was torn between wanting to turn the pages as fast as possible and wanting to slow down and savor the story The family secrets, the tensions in Germany, and the mess Maya creates for herself eventually converges to give the reader a good old fashioned tear jerking conclusion I admit it I cried big old fat tears The story centers around the mystery of what happened to Martha, how she came to be in New York and why anyone would want to see her dead and kept me pondering all the angles and possible motives, as I worked to put all the pieces of the puzzle together But, the epic love story is the very heart and soul of the novel, and is what has lingered in my mind in the days since I finished reading this book This book was marketed as being for fans of Kate Morton , which made me immediately skeptical, but also gave me a twinge of excitement I think for once, the publishers got it right This is just a fantastic, good to the last drop kind of story one that everyone can enjoy and appreciate, no matter what genre you normally prefer Highly recommend 4.5 stars Favorite Quotes Well, in the name of the German Federal Postal Services, we would like to apologize very much for the delay She brought the envelope closer to her eyes The postmark read December 27, 1944 This letter was held up, and, he started to explain, now that the wall has come down, it finally found its way to you She had always known that the secrets were only sleeping Now they had finally woken up and come back to haunt her Individuality a word that was as misplaced in Fascism as Martha was misplaced in this world Martha had perfected the skill of letting her mind wander in unpleasant situations During the incessant chatter about the duties of the German woman, she traveled to the faraway places she had read about in her novels.She must have been pretty once upon a time, but she looked like a woman who had been branded by too many blows of fate The bags under her eyes harbored her grief for all eternity the deep wrinkles were not laugh lines but had furrowed the face in those places where sorrow had constantly contorted it The way she watched him made him feel like an intruder, the eyebrows deeply furrowed, a glint of suspicion in her eyes.It was December 1941 and I was standing in front of the building that housed the Office of the Coordination of Information, a name that brought to mind only bureaucracy and moldy folders.My Review After the fall of the wall in 1990, a letter was delivered, forty six years late, and it meant everything and changed nothing This book gutted me, but in the best way I didn t fall in all at once as I initially struggled a bit with the foreign words used for food, towns, and landmarks but I was sinking bit by bit and didn t even realize I had become fully immersed in the story until I was startled by my husband tapping my shoulder, causing me to look up while expecting to see the trees of the Bavarian forest I had just left behind on my Kindle Gasp, it was brilliant The writing was superb, I was sucked into a vortex that held me right there with them, in both timelines I was enthralled and totally invested The storylines were well crafted, extensively researched, and maddeningly paced I was taut with tension and consumed by the intrigue, I couldn t have stopped reading if my hair was on fire I love when that happens The character of Martha wasn t fooled by the hysteria that consumed her addled mother and increasingly brittle twin brother during the late 1930s Martha escaped the disheartening chaos and atrocities within her home and community by surreptitiously reading her stash of banned books, which is something that we fellow readers can totally relate to The wickedness of the public book burnings felt like murder to Martha, who had passed on her love of stories to her granddaughter Maya who was featured in the present day timeline of the story I have always had a quick trigger revulsion for bigotry and discrimination, and in particular Nazis I distinctly remember being a pre adolescent learning history in elementary school and fervently questioning my uptight parents about my ancestry and demanding to know if I had even a drop of German heritage and melodramatically stating with ardent conviction I would need a bloodletting and transfusion to rid myself of it If it were only that simple Nazis were and continued to be vile Evil has always walked the earth but there seems to have been an over concentration of it during that dark and demented period of Third Reich madness I m not naive enough to believe the horrifying era in human history leading up to and during WWII was unique I see far too many frightening corollaries within our current regrettably imbecilic political climate to what occurred in the 1930s and 40s with the systematic loss of liberties, control of the media, messages of hate, and moronic leaders grabbing power History appears doomed to repeat itself I can only hope we do a bit better in this century than the last. When we first start reading we are in Germany, Hitler is in power, and soon Jews will be rounded up, their businesses destroyed To Martha a young woman in Munich, this is something she finds appalling, her politics and thoughts aligned with her now dead father, who saw this coming During this time she will see many things, become fearful of her twin brother Wolfgang, who fully supports Hitler She will fall in love with a man who is not who he appears.A dual story line, in the present day, Martha s granddaughter will get news of her grandmother s death But not in Munich, but in upstate New York Why was her grandmother in New York, and why was she killed Maya will travel to New York, to the hotel her grandmother was staying at, looking for answers.This is actually based on true events, from the authors grandmother s, notes and journals It is a beautiful love story begun in terrible times A rare occurrence for me, I enjoyed both stories, present and past The future story meaningful in a different way Secrets, always secrets, in the past out of necessity and at the hotel where some of the family of the hotel owners will do anything to keep them A touching story of a granddaughters search for the grandmother who disappeared from her life The events of the past will come full circle n unexpected ways.ARC from Netgalley. 4 A Beautifully Poignant read That is steeped in History Hotel on Shadow Lake is a story set in Munich It s a Poignant read filled with secrets, heartbreak, war time history and mystery.The first part tells the story of Martha and growing up as a young women in the time when Hitler ruled Germany in the 1930sMartha has a twin brother Wolfgang and we get to experience how he becomes a man and treats Martha appallingly.He dies But Martha receives a letter from him 46years later.I adored all the facts and history surrounding Martha s story.The burning of the books is something I remember reading about Which cut Martha like a knife as her passion was literature and reading.The second part to the story was told in present day by Martha s Granddaughter Maya.You see Martha goes missing and suddenly the remains of a body is found.It appears to be Martha.Maya sets out on a journey to discover just exactly what happened to Martha.I love reading about war time as there is so much rich history to uncover.For me by far the best part of the story was reliving Martha s life in Germany.The passion that Daniela puts into Martha s story oozes off the page.She creates the perfect atmospheric scenes The fear women faced under Hitler s reign Not being able to have an opinion, conforming to his way of thinking, the women were to become housewives whilst the men were able to gain an education All the brainwashing and sexism and fear.At times the story became a little disjointed and the passion became lost The first part of the story is the strongest It takes a while to get going so stick with it as it does get better the you read.I enjoyed reading Hotel on Shadow Lake, its steeped in rich history, adventure, passion, secrets, Tragedy and mystery.It s a slower paced book that gets better the you delve in.Overall a good first Debut Novel that is based on Daniela Family History.Would recommend this book if you are looking for a historical read with a mystery twist.Thank you to Legend Press for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.My Review is also on my blog website When Maya Was A Girl In Germany, Her Grandmother Was Everything To Her Teller Of Magical Fairy Tales, Surrogate Mother, Best Friend Then, Shortly After Maya S Sixteenth Birthday, Her Grandmother Disappeared Without A Trace, Leaving Maya With Only Questions To Fill The Void Twenty Seven Years Later, Her Grandmother S Body Is Found In A Place She Had No Connection To The Montgomery Resort In Upstate New York How Did She Get There Why Had She Come Desperate For Answers, Maya Leaves Her Life In Germany Behind And Travels To America, Where She Is Drawn To The Powerful Family That Owns The Hotel And Seemingly The Rest Of The TownSoon Maya Is Unraveling Secrets That Go Back Decades, From S New York To S Germany And Beyond But When She Begins To Find Herself Spinning Her Own Lies In Order To Uncover The Circumstances Surrounding Her Grandmother S Death, She Must Decide Whether Her Life And A Chance At True Love Are Worth Risking For The Truth 3 sometimes intriguing starsWar has separated so many people, so many stories, so many lives, and lovers In this book we meet Maya and her grandmother, Martha Weisberg They both have lived in Germany although Maya had spent some time in upstate New York during college Grandmother, with a twin brother, had lived under the beginnings of the Nazi regime and through the war She meets and eventually falls in love with a young man, Hans However, there are deep secrets and frightening things going on in Germany and the three, sister, brother, and lover succumb to them.Years later, Maya, who had lost her grandmother when she had come to the states twenty two years ago, misses her grandmother, her care giver, the woman she knew who loved her Maya decides to try and find out what happened to Martha.A dead body is discovered and a wealthy family living in upstate New York holds its own secrets The body is found to be Martha s It is determined to be a homicide Maya tries to unravel the many secrets and stories amidst the powerful family, the Montgomerys who own the hotel that Maya stays in Are they connected Is her grandmother s death tied to this family and how is it connected This was at times, quit an interesting story, although at times it did tend to meander and get lost in its words It is sometimes difficult when telling a story in two time frames to connect all the points and this story seemed to have that difficulty Thank you to the author, Legend Press, and Netgalley for making this ARC available to me. It s 2017 and Maya has returned to her childhood home in Munich, Germany After such a long absence, she finds herself back in her childhood bedroom, the same bedroom her beloved grandmother slept in two generations before Maya has come home after learning that her grandmother, missing since 1990, apparently died in a landslide in the USA of all places also, the accident probably happened the same year she herself visited the United States Considering that Maya s grandmother was not a world traveler, much less a hiker, her death in a landslide on a heavily wooded foreign national preserve would, in itself, be quite unbelievable, but the truth is even fantastic Maya finds out that the accident happened not only in the USA in general, but almost the exact county in New York State that she d visited that year.In 1990, Maya spent a year in upstate New York At the time there was absolutely no indication that her seventy year old grandmother was interested in visiting New York State specifically, or anywhere else outside of Germany for that matter but somehow it appears that she must have What brought her grandmother to New York State all those years ago Was she actually following Maya to this foreign destination If so, why would she do this Maya decides to travel alone to America to try to piece together the answers to this riddle about her grandmother what might be in her past that would lead her to this place, thousands of miles from her home In the other timeline, we see Maya s grandmother as a seventeen year old, living in 1938 Munich Germany Everything around her is changing as Germany is transforming according to the vision of Adolf Hitler Daniela Tully does a very good job of helping us to see the visual manifestations of the things that were happening in young Martha s Munich the book burnings, the declaration of un German literature, the disappearance of anyone who disagrees with the regime, the forced participation in work programs, she wrote it so well, I could easily imagine what these communities might have looked like Over and above this, I think Tully did a fantastic job of helping me understand how a person would feel during this period of time, this was achieved through her descriptions of how now people scrutinized each other, how conversations changed from just months before, how people who formerly demonstrated bully tendencies now became much pronounced, vicious versions of themselves I felt the foreboding increasing as I read the ways in which some of the people were transforming into monsters The overall sense of the alteration of the mood of people, from openness and freedom to oppression and mistrust were expertly captured by Tully Her descriptions of 1938 Munich had me thinking about the quote by William Allen White Reason has never failed men Only force and repression have made the wrecks in the world I felt as though I was actually part of this turmoil myself This is only possible when a story is written very well Another strength of this novel was the way I found myself thinking in two streams as I read the various timelines I was reading the story of 1938 Munich, while at the same time wondering how a given fact from way back then somehow tied to the accident in 1990 USA In 1938, Martha, Maya s grandmother is entering womanhood, living in a repressive home, surrounded by a city on edge She s an avid reader and loves cycling both because of the freedom and adventure they provide On the theme of freedom, she is not in agreement with what is happening under Hitler, and even voices her views out loud Was this what lead to her demise forty two years later Also, slightly disappointing, but understandable is her mother s desire to quash her daughter s attempted expression of herself, it s mostly fear that motivates her mother, and since she lost both her daughter and husband in the previous six years, that fact alone would change a person, even so when your country is turning to anger, torture and mayhem I couldn t help wondering how Martha s mom might have played into the mystery.There aren t too many story s that have the power to cause me to continuously think on two different levels, but this story did so with ease I was also intrigued as I read how Martha and her late father shared such a close bond It was ultimately a bond of mild rebellion because of their shared belief in free thinking and free artistic expression I loved how Tully even gives us a glimpse into their long lost relationship, both from the feeling of comradery and mutual appreciation that it fostered, and in a concrete, physical way, when he constructs a secret chamber behind a bookshelf for Martha to keep her un German books such as Erich Kastner s The Flying Classroom Martha s mother tries to force her to forget the memory of her supportive late father, but the memory is too powerfultoo heartwarming to inspiring Another major strength of this novel was in the 2017 timeline, when Maya, Martha s granddaughter travels to upstate New York to try to find out about what happened to her grandmother back in 1990 I don t want to say too much about it, but there are two things that stand out for me, one is the ways in which Tully shows us what Maya is seeing both through the eyes of the grandchild and the imaginings of how her grandmother might have seen or experienced these things, Had grandmother driven up this same road or Had grandmother also beheld this breathtaking view This aspect of the story held me in its grip as I read it was wonderfully done I also really liked how Tully inserted the librarian Paula in this part of the story, it helped to give an additional layer to this section, further arousing my curiosity, while not encumbering the story at all My constructive feedback for this novel isn t so much about what could be changed, as it was the things that were very well done, but there could have been of it For example, the book is obviously aimed at attracting fans of Kate Morton, yet I think it missed one of the aspects of Morton s storytelling that we Morton fans truly love, that is that ways in which Morton allows her readers to luxuriate in her exquisitely written scenes of lush imagery and daydreams to name a couple Don t get me wrong, Daniela Tully clearly possesses many of these same wonderful skills, but in Hotel on Shadow Lake they were presented in beautifully written, but economical, compact way Very different from the way Morton achieves this Of course I had this clue right away when I noticed that this novel was only 245 pages long, where Morton s generally exceed the 500 page mark Overall, a very well told story, an intriguing plot and well developed characters I enjoyed all aspects of Hotel on Shadow Lake and look forward to Daniela Tully s future novels Thank you to St Martin s Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review stmartinspress This is a sad historical fiction.The positive side to this book for me is, it s been inspired by the authors family history I believe which makes it hit Home.It s written well but for the placement of trying to follow this story had me going back and forth, back and forth in a sometimes confusing manner.The first part was about her growing up.That s a positive Easier to read and not confusing.Then halfway through it all started to make sense.When Maya was given a book and the person who gave her it was Paula But Paula didn t write it The person who wrote it died 10 years ago.With her Grandmother missing and Maya in search you get the Erie feeling now and again that the finding of her Grandmother is not going to end at all well.Her Grandmothers last words were do for me what I couldn t.The meaning of those words become abundantly clear at the tearful end.I honestly thought at the beginning of this book until halfway I was not going to enjoy this book But my persistence paid off and can happily give this a 4 star rating.It took some time to get under my skin and work it s magic on me.My thanks to Legend Press for sending me an early copy for my personal use. I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review All my opinions are my own Shouldn t have started this when I was sick haha I don t read very well when I don t feel good usually Audiobooks are the exception oddly enough but getting off topic here Don t mind me.Got some Kate Morton vibes while reading this one not complaining beautiful story that I will come back to once my brain isn t foggy.Looking for a proper review Sorry for now sheepish but I would recommend.Gonna go lay down now. Can you imagine answering a knock at the door to find the postman with a letter for you that has been stuck in time for over 40 years, the contents of which will not come to light again for a further 27 years, after a grim discovery.This is some story which was a case of the book absorbing me rather than me absorbing the book I just simply disappeared into it and didn t resurface until it was read The story spans almost a hundred years as it darts back and forth over four generations of Maya s family and that of the unraveling hidden family secrets, deceptions and a love story that could melt any heart.Martha is only a young girl in 1930 s Germany when the Hitler Youth movement is gathering a following of impressionable young men, including her twin brother, Wolfgang and his new found friend Hans The story centres round the three of them and the relationships they have and how these prewar years change and manipulate them.Maya, Martha s granddaughter is the main character in present day that is just as gutsy as her missing grandmother She is a strong charter that is determined to finally solve the mystery of why she disappeared all those years ago The task takes her from Germany to America where a hornets nest awaits her One that doesn t want disturbing at any costs.This is the debut novel by Daniela Tully and as I believe it has some of her family history mixed into the story It could be this that just made me love this book because she brought every single character to life and every fear felt real both from the past and present day An intriguing and fascinating love story that has a wealth of mystery and courage Brilliant

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hotel on Shadow Lake book, this is one of the most wanted Daniela Tully author readers around the world.

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