Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You

Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You This Book Is A Collection Of Seven Inspiring Mini Biographies The Author Uses The Voices Of Mattie Stepanek, Martin Luther King Jr Mahatma Gandhi, The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Terry Fox, Craig Kielburger, And Her Own Reflections To Encourage The Reader To Join A Growing Movement Towards Social Responsibility And Global Citizenship

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[BOOKS] ✯ Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You  By Mary Feliciani –
  • Paperback
  • 50 pages
  • Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You
  • Mary Feliciani
  • English
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9780973890617

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    3.5 stars Don t give up on the ideas and concepts you know are right but seem impossible to obtain. In this book, the author provides her take on several famous and inspirational figures.For the most part, this worked really well I liked the bite sized mini biographies and reading about the author s own thoughts and feelings was rather interesting.I do wish that the order was swapped Each entry started with the author s reflection and then proceeded into the biography While that worked for the famous people i.e Ghandi or Mother Theresa , there were a few people I wasn t as familiar with And if I didn t know who the person was, reading the author s reflection was a bit confusing to me.In addition, I would have preferred all of the people to be given the same length This book was extremely short to begin with but all of the biographies were of different length I think the book would have flowed better if all of the subjects had the same page length for their sections.Without further ado, here s my review Mattie Stepanek Matty found his voiceIf you have already found itm, don t be afraid to use it. Matty, an unusually bright child was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease He wrote several poetry books before passing and was truly an inspiration for many around the world I didn t know of him before reading this book, and I m not one for enjoying poetry but overall, I was rather interested in learning about his life and what he wrote Martin Luther King Jr I can t remember the first time that I heard the speech, but it touched the very core of my young existence. Martin Luther King Jr touched the lives of hundreds of thousands and continues to be an inspiration to this day The short biography was sweet and to the point Perfect for a young audience Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi Ghandi was known to the world as a great spiritual leader and humanitarian. We learn about what inspired Ghandi and how he acted It was an extremely brief overview, and I wish it would have a been a bit longer especially considering how much he accomplished over his lifetime The Dali Lama when a Dalai Lama dies, his spirit is reincarnated in a young child, who becomes the next in line. I liked how the author explained what the Dali Lama is and how one comes to be It was explained thoroughly and simply and was quite interesting to boot Mother Teresa Much than a humanitarian , she is akin to a saint or a martyr to many people. This was my favorite section I loved how the author covered her life and really wish there was Her life is so fascinating and has impacted so many people that I wanted Terry Fox At the time, Terry was considered a national hero, and he still is today. I ve head of Terry Fox before but didn t really know who he was until read this bio Very interesting to learn about such an inspirational being Craig Kielburger In 1995, at the age of twelve, Canadian Craig Kielburger founded Free The Children This person is new to me but I m happy to learn of him and everything he s done Truly amazing YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads Happy Reading With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for and honest review.

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    An informative and illuminating book Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes and You is a short narration about the leaders who changed the world by following one or two principles in their lives and inspired many others.I adored the book really much because Mary Feliciani has not shown any kind of negativity for example how these leaders died etc in it I appreciate the fact that she has avoided these things and focused on things that matter.That is being productive and getting inspired from them.The author s writing style is simple and compelling Anyone can understand and acknowledge that Many a leaders were not known to me in it, but getting to know them was nothing less than fascinating.It would be a useful book for the school goers Also people who are seeking for some motivation from the leaders who changed the world would be benefited by the beauty and preciseness of it.Kudos to the writer for penning it down.

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    As soon as I read The Magic Leaf by Mary Feliciani, I had become a fan of her writing.In this one, she brings you a collection of seven short biographies of famous person who inspired the world.I was impressed that she not only presented well known leaders journey but also some other personalities that I didn t know about It was an informative and quality read, indeed.Mary has the talent to bring an uplifting positivity to her readers and in this book, she doesn t cease to leave her impact in your mind.I really appreciate the fact that she purposely ignored the tragic part in these leaders lives She is amazing at spreading positivity Would recommend for primary, middle and high school students.However, adults would also find it a motivating read.

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    YOU can be the next chapter , this is the last line written in Mary Feliciani s book This line really inspired me and really left me feeling like i could be doing in this world You hear about the lives, famous words of 7 people and the accomplishments they ve made in life These are the 7 people that have influenced Mary and it s really cool to get an insight on how she thinks The people in this book are remarkably intriguing, they have not only made accomplishments but they ve also had world changing views and did something to make those views into a reality, took their hope and dreams and turned them into something real I can see that Mary is trying to motivate us as readers to do the same These are the people that had an idea or a dream and they followed them, they saw them through and to me that s astounding Thank you Mary for sending me this book, it was a great read.

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    This one is really a little treasure It gives one the best learning blocks for getting the idea of peace and humanitarianism in the world today I also love the details the author gives about each of her choices and the words they themselves spoke.The world today definitely needs books like this.

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    I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any middle grade or high school student Even adults can be inspired by the little biographies in this book The author does a good job of using the stories of these people to inspire readers of all ages.

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    An absolutely fascinating and thought provoking collection of inspiring individuals, past and present, HUMANITARIANS, VISIONARIES, HEROES, YOU is exactly perfect for the middle grade reader, and their parents guardians teachers We read this slim volume aloud to our children ages 11.6 and almost 10 en route to Thanksgiving in our hometown nearly 300 miles away It was the quintessential read for this time of year Thanksgiving, an American holiday epitomizing family, moral good, working for the betterment of a nation when times are tough Thanksgiving, having been made a national holiday when morale was low during the Civil War We asked the girls if they were familiar with the people in the book many of whom are well known Martin Luther King, Jr., The Dali Lama, Mother Theresa, Ghandi but others who are less known They nodded to some, but weren t sure about others We read anyway, introducing them to the good deeds, the selflessness of these humanitarians working to build a holistic, kind, and peaceful planet I personally enjoyed reading the quotes some of these change makers are responsible for Be the change you want to see, is accredited to Ghandi, for example There were others, too Familiar ones that perhaps you didn t know the origins of We learned about Craig Kielburger who, as a 12 year old, was moved by the child labor occurring in some countries He wanted to bring awareness and stop the practice He s currently working to do so And then there s Terry Fox, a young man diagnosed with bone cancer, who decided to run a across Canada after a leg amputation to raise money for cancer research He efforts were cut short and he was forced to stop the cancer had spread to his lungs.Others, too and their contribution to the world were presented, generating a good deal of discussion, which will stay with us and our children for some time, perhaps always HUMANITARIANS, VISIONARIES, HEROES, AND YOU is a perfect companion to grade school research papers, elementary and middle school classrooms, social studies, and the like It s slim, but jam packed with information For all of my reviews, including author interviews, please see

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    Author Mary Feliciani tells us about the seven humanitarians that have inspired her in Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You This book may look thin to the eyes, being only a scant 39 pages, but it is quite filled with information I like the layout of this book Each hero mini biography contains information on an outstanding person that made a difference in the world, as well as quotations by that person and a reflection by the author It is a brief text but bountiful with information.I appreciate authors who include the references they used for their books I was a little dismayed to see only websites used for retrieving information, and somewhat stunned that Wikipedia was referenced three times It is expected in an age so fraught with technology that websites are a big source of information Knowing that, I am still surprised that an author wanting to sell the written word and being a teacher, no less would refrain from using any book references and that, of the websites used, Wikipedia would be considered a good information source for youth to consider.Barring that, I found the book enjoyable and enlightening with information I am thankful to Mary Feliciani for sending me a copy of Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You in exchange for an honest review.

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    The authors pick of 7 various walks of life individuals who have made a change in the world or helped others achieve their goals I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well written book It was very easy for me to read follow from start finish never a dull moment There were no grammar typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists turns a great set of unique characters to keep track of This could also make another great movie, a college PP presentation, or better yet a mini TV series A very easy rating of 5 stars Thank you for the free M F Publishing Author paperback book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

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    Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and You is an amazing book The book features several humanitarians, visionaries, and heroes who have all helped to shape our world in one way or another Some of the people in book are very common and we have all likely heard of them However, the author also introduces you to some individuals that have done extraordinary things or have made an impact on the world Reading the bios of people such as Terry Fox and Matthew Stepanek allows the reader to see that these regular people went on to do extraordinary things This book helps kids to see that they too have what it takes to make a difference in the world.Review by 14 year old Jamie W

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