Hyperion On The World Called Hyperion, Beyond The Law Of The Hegemony Of Man, There Waits The Creature Called The Shrike There Are Those Who Worship It There Are Those Who Fear It And There Are Those Who Have Vowed To Destroy It In The Valley Of The Time Tombs, Where Huge, Brooding Structures Move Backward Through Time, The Shrike Waits For Them All On The Eve Of Armageddon, With The Entire Galaxy At War, Seven Pilgrims Set Forth On A Final Voyage To Hyperion Seeking The Answers To The Unsolved Riddles Of Their Lives Each Carries A Desperate Hope And A Terrible Secret And One May Hold The Fate Of Humanity In His Hands A Stunning Tour De Force Filled With Transcendent Awe And Wonder, Hyperion Is A Masterwork Of Science Fiction That Resonates With Excitement And Invention, The First Volume In A Remarkable New Science Fiction Epic By The Multiple Award Winning Author Of The Hollow Man

Dan Simmons grew up in various cities and small towns in the Midwest, including Brimfield, Illinois, which was the source of his fictional Elm Haven in 1991 s SUMMER OF NIGHT and 2002 s A WINTER HAUNTING Dan received a B.A in English from Wabash College in 1970, winning a national Phi Beta Kappa Award during his senior year for excellence in fiction, journalism and art Dan received his Master

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  • Hyperion
  • Dan Simmons
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  • 01 February 2017
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    Somehow I ve managed to read a dozen books by Dan Simmons without getting around to Hyperion, one of his most acclaimed works Frankly, I ve been scared of it Simmons has been mashing up horror, sci fi, hard boiled crime novels, thrillers, and historical fiction while often stuffing his books with so many ideas that it was all I could do to keep up so this seemed like it could be a bit than I could comfortably chew Just as I feared, while I was reading and nearing the end, Simmons crept into my house like a ninja and rammed a funnel into my skull Then he poured his wild sci fi ideas and concepts into my brain pan like a frat boy pouring the suds in a beer bong My mind overloaded, and I gibbered like a monkey on meth for fifteen seconds before passing out When I woke up an hour later with a wicked headache and cerebrospinal fluid leaking out my ears and nose, Simmons was gone, but he d left a note saying Don t you ever learn Keep reading and one of these days, I will END you So now I m typing this with cotton balls stuck in my nostrils and ears while I m waiting to get my MRI scan, and I m once again left in awe of just how many wildly original ideas Simmons can cram into one story Simmons borrows the structure of The Canterbury Tales here In the distant future, humanity has spread out among the stars, and one of the planets they ve inhabited is Hyperion which has the mysterious Time Tombs and a deadly entity known as the Shrike which protects the area around them A powerful religion has grown around the Shrike and many make pilgrimages to try and see him from which almost no one ever returns.A former Consul of Hyperion is contacted by the Hegemony government and told that he must join a pilgrimage to see the Shrike with six others The Ousters, a faction of humanity mutated by centuries of living in deep space, has been making aggressive moves against Hegemony worlds and now they re targeting Hyperion just as there are signs that the empty Time Tombs are about to stop moving backwards in time and finally reveal their secrets The Consul meets the other pilgrims which include a priest, a soldier, a poet, a scholar, a detective and the captain of a rare giant tree capable of space travel Yes, a giant tree moving through space Ask Simmons I m just reporting the news here, folks Realizing that they must have been chosen to make the journey for a reason, they take turns telling the stories of their connections to Hyperion and the Shrike as they make their way towards the Time Tombs.I struggled with this book at first because Simmons throws the readers into the deep end of the pool with little explanation of the universe he s created, and I don t do well with books that start like Captain Manly Squarejaw woke up on his Confederated star potato and drank a glass of strained purplepiss juice while checking his com unit thingie to get the lastest news on the crisis involving the Whogivesashitsus. Fortunately, Simmons gets the plot up and moving quickly, and then uses the stories of each of the pilgrims to fill us in on the history and setting By using the different story tellers, Simmons gives different perspectives for tales as diverse as an interstellar war to a future detective story with big sci fi action to quieter personal tragedies like a father losing his daughter to a horrible fate All of these stories eventually come back around to Hyperion and the Shrike I was also impressed how Simmons writing this in 1989 foresaw a computer network linking people, but also turning them into information overloaded cyber junkies who confuse accumulating news with taking action There s so many different big sci fi ideas in here that many writers probably would have been content to make an entire career out them, but Simmons uses them all deftly to create one unified story Oh, and memo to George Lucas the next time you want to make a sci fi movie with interplanetary politics being a primary driver to your plot, read this first Or just hire Simmons to write the damn thing for you.My only gripe is that while I knew there were sequels to this, I thought I was getting a complete story, and it definitely leaves a lot hanging for the next book And there s a Wizard of Oz thing near the end, and I hate the goddamn Wizard of Oz It s a Kansas thing.

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    First of all, let me begin by saying that I really enjoyed reading Hyperion by Dan Simmons The depth, variety and scope of his imagination is a joy for any science fiction fan Having said that, there were some flaws that must be addressed The dialogue is frequently flat and there are some corny stereotypes that were fun but also distracting when the writer is trying to create a serious work The pace is also a problem I had to invoke my rule to give any book at least 100 pages before I set it aside It was not just that the narrative was slow, but Simmons takes the reader for granted in the first quarter of the book, trusting that he will be able to keep the reader s attention It was not until the halfway mark that I really began to buy what Simmons was selling Also frustrating is the thematic trend of science fiction and fantasy writers to write a series, to which Simmons subscribes This book is entertaining and enjoyable but is clearly meant to begin a series, the denouement is posted somewhere after the back cover This is not necessarily wrong or a problem all by itself, but I do think it adds to a book to stand on its own Certainly there are great series and books that are meant to be a part of a series, but as an artistic achievement and for literary significance, a novel should be able to be its own story, even if it is a part of a larger chronicle.That said, Hyperion is a fun, smart book Structured along the lines of Chaucer s The Canterbury Tales and with frequent literary references, especially to John Keats, this is well written and compelling Another fundamental aspect of a good science fiction book is the ability to illustrate a future setting Simmons use of the Chaucer template allows him to explore several different settings in the future universe he has created, and it is a very good universe, reminiscent of Clarke, Asimov and Heinlein in its detail And I will read the next book in the series, Sam I Am, with a fox and in a box, because Simmons has created a very good book in Hyperion that will probably continue to be good as a series A year later and I still have not read the second book, still mad about the ending Years later and I still have not read , still mad about the ending Ok six years later and I am reading the sequel.

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    WHAT THE SHRIKE What in the world did I just read, and why didn t I read it sooner This book is so superbly written and crafted it s easily one of the best modern books I ve read, one that excels in storytelling and writing If I could give this book than five stars, I definitely, definitely would The scope of imagination, wordplay, and critical analysis of humankind is astounding I do think that the frame structure of the story, in which each character s tale slowly unfurls the plot, is superbly done Each following story added a significant layer of depth to the book I don t know if I can contribute any than what has already been said about this book, so here are some of my reactions for each tale MINOR SPOILERS FROM HERE ON END, though nothing that would devastate many expectations Unless you like to jump into a story blind and can t stand to have anything spoiled In that case, stop reading now 1 The Priest s Tale I am of the cruciform. I never really thought a series of a few words would ever cause me to break out in goose bumps Not even Come play with us, Danny or Hello, Clarice or even We know how monetary policy works has elicited such a reaction The priest s tale was powerful a delicate mixture of horror and cleansing salvation Even after finishing the book, I feel that the other stories don t match up to the urgency and suspense of the priest s tale Welcome to the rabbit hole that is Hyperion.2 The Soldier s Tale This tale reached impressive heights in the beauty of its prose, and the irony of its conclusion To put it crudely, the twist at the end of this story would probably top the episode charts of Punk d, if Ashton Kutcher survived till the rise of the Hegemony The story alternated between beautiful especially when Kassad meets his special someone for the first time in person and what I can only describe with a very impassioned and dizzied WTFJUSTHAPPENED I listened to Kassad s entire story on audiobook The narrator had the perfect voice for a hard military man like Kassad who is lost in love 3 The Poet s Tale Ah, this was probably my favorite story of them all The potty mouthed, frat house humor of this story, especially after Kassad s nostalgic and passionate tale, was a refreshing change In my mind, M Silenus was one of the most developed characters of the book, with the exception of Sol Weintraub Seriously, some days, I wish I could respond to queries M Silenus style Goddamn poopoo The winding yet always focused narrative of M Silenus was perfect in its execution just circuitous enough to get into the mad poet mindset, but told with enough purpose to direct us along in its torrential journey to the final conclusion.4 The Scholar s Tale This was a well told, emotional story It didn t affect me as much as it did other people, probably because I was in the position of Rachel than Sol Still, this story was the most approachable in plot and superbly crafted.5 The Detective s Tale I haven t read many whodunit type of novels, and have never read any PI novels You know, the ones where the PI is some grizzled chain smoking guy that sports a thick trench coat and a tattered pork pie hat I m aware I am massively stereotyping, or that I may have gotten the stereotype wrong Please don t hurt me, I m sorry The twist in this one is that the PI is a woman, and the person who steps into her office is a young, beautiful man with a very unusual secret It took me a while to get into the story Brawne Lamia isn t my favorite character But it took off after a while, and the ending was satisfying, if not a little confusing.6 The Consul s Tale Well, that came out of nowhere But in a good way As a sci fi newbie, I had some trouble swallowing down the futuristic elements, especially since the story throws you right into the heat of things Unfamiliar terms made me nervous Time debt Fatline Senate CEO Huh and may have pushed me into early retirement from the book if not for the rave reviews To be honest, I still don t completely understand this new world that we re thrust into But this is a story driven narrative, and the stories that we re given are well worth the entry into a brave, new, unfamiliar world FIVE EIGHT BAZILLION STARS AND THE HIGHEST OF RECOMMENDATIONS

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    After reading the first chapter in a try a chapter book tag a few months ago I m finally back to reading this.I m gonna give the audiobook a shot and see how it goes Update Audibook is definitely NOT the way to go with this one I ll read my physical copy instead

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    Posted at Heradas ReviewThis is another one of those classics of SF literature that I have somehow missed reading over the years Had I been of an active reader in the nineties, I m sure I would ve come to it much sooner Thankfully, I finally got there, and Hyperion was not what I expected, in the best way possible It s most often compared to Dune, The Book of the New Sun, or other great works of Science Fantasy Obviously, coming into the novel my expectations were high, and I knew the most basic gist of the plot a pilgrimage across a world to meet an unimaginable being What I got was partly what I anticipated, but in a very left field form, which was such a refreshing subversion of my what I thought I was getting myself into It delivered on what I thought it was, but in a way I never imagined, and it was fantastic.Instead of straight forward narrative momentum, Hyperion is almost entirely the backstories of these pilgrims It s heavily character based, and the only book I can honestly say is 100% both a novel, and a story collection These stories are technically novellas, because of their length, but you get what I m saying Each story genuinely adds to the forward narrative, by going backward It s really quite breathtaking to see this done so well I ve read other collections that are also novels, but they re always one or the other This is equally both.Each tale feels like a slightly different genre married to science fiction, and the interstitial sections weave them together tightly Only one of them fell slightly flat for me Mostly because it was akin to cyberpunk than anything else, and I have a real love hate affair with cyberpunk I tend to judge the genre entirely too harshly at times, mostly because if I have any sort of professional knowledge, it s in the Information Technology arena, and I have a difficult time suspending my disbelief about the realities of virtual worlds in regards to how they re represented in cyberpunk That s a topic for another day.Hyperion has that indescribable, almost lovecraftian terror, dread and brooding present throughout, and one tale in particular left me unbearably heartbroken There s honestly only one thing I can objectively complain about here, and it s endemic to the genre during the time period this was written in than anything else the way the narrator spends an inordinate amount of time describing women s bodies, broken down into parts, particularly breasts and nipples It s just kind of eye roll pervy, but it s my only real gripe Thankfully, it s not quite at a Haruki Murakami level, and this doesn t much happen any in the really well written stuff of the genre, but I m embarrassed for the author than anything else, award winning fiction like this is fairly written in stone for future generations to examine.I was torn whether or not to dig straight into The Fall of Hyperion after finishing this, but ultimately I decided not to just yet I want to let this percolate and grow in my mind, but mostly I m one of those anti bingeing types that prefers to spread great stories out over a long period of time, to elongate my enjoyment of them, and better unpack their themes I think it s time for a non genre novel, and then I ll dig back in when the time is right That being said, I can t wait to come back to the world of Hyperion, and see what new terrors await these fantastic characters.

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    Deep in the shady sadness of a vale Far sunken from the healthy breath of morn.HyperionImagine a universe where the Earth has been destroyed and humanity is spread out across hundreds of planets Combine the artful poetry of John Keats with a science fiction retelling of the Canterbury Tales Add tons of references to the myths and legends of the three Abrahamic religions, and what you have is Hyperion A masterpiece of literature.Seven pilgrims come together aboard the treeship Yggdrasil to make a journey to the remote planet Hyperion, outside the authority and jurisdiction of the Hegemony of Man Each and every one of them has been specifically chosen by the Church of Final Atonement to undertake a pilgrimage to the enigmatic creature known only as the Shrike And each and every one of them has been chosen because of a personal connection with the planet itself Thus begins a quest to uncover the lost secrets hidden within the Valley of the Time Tombs, a place from which no pilgrim has ever come back alive.This book deserves to be hailed alongside the greatest works of science fiction While Dan Simmons writing is not something memorable in itself, he certainly makes up for it with the creation of his characters, his setting and most importantly his story.The most fascinating part of the book is definitely the mystery of the Time Tombs themselves, huge structures that supposedly move backwards through time, originating in a distant future Thus the book explores the concept of time itself, and the unforeseen consequences the effects of the Tombs have had and will have on the pilgrims lives and the universe as a whole Hyperion is a collection of short stories with an overarching frame story than an actual novel That structure is part of what makes the book so much of a joy to read Every chapter has one of the pilgrims tell his or her tale to the others in order to share information that will be vital for their survival and the success of their mission And each tale brings the group closer to the Valley of the Time Tombs, where the Shrike is waiting for them.The Priest, the Soldier, the Poet, the Scholar, the Detective, the Consul and the Templar All of them with a with a story to tell and a part to play Still singing loudly, not looking back, matching stride for stride, they descended into the valley.

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    These stories are, individually, mind blowingly good in concert, they are little short of breathtaking This is science fiction at its very best, and its avoidance of simple answers satisfies me deeply I can t wait to read the next book.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

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    On the eve of interstellar war between the Hegemony of Man and the barbarian Ousters over the fate of Hyperion, seven pilgrims embark on a journey to the Time Tombs and their mysterious protector, The Shrike, a three meter tall, four armed monster covered with blades One pilgrim will have his wish granted and the others will be impaled on the Shrike s Tree of Pain Only one or of the pilgrims isn t what he appears to beI first read Hyperion almost seven years ago as part of the The Hyperion Omnibus Hyperion The Fall of Hyperion When I found the ebook on the cheap, I decided it was time for a reread.Hyperion is an epic tale that s hard to quantify Borrowing its structure from the Canterbury tales, Hyperion is a literary sf tour de force, encompassing much of what I love about reading in the first place There are literary references, far away places with strange sounding names, three dimensional characters, and a universe that is anything but black and white There is also artificial intelligence, faster than light travel, robots, lasers, and many other spectacular sf concoctions.As I said before, Hyperion is really a multitude of tales in one Seven people have been selected to go on what is possibly the final Shrike pilgrimage Along the way, they tell their stories, stories which run the gamut of genre tales There s romance, humor, action, adventure, sex, and violence, everything I love about genre fiction Simmons really flexes his writing chops in this, from Martin Silenus verbose tale of being a writer to Brawne Lamia s Raymond Chandler homage World building is often intrusive and wielded like a club but Simmons world building is like a massage, doled out in bite sized chunks during each of the characters tales.While the world building is staggeringly interesting, it s the characters that really fuel this fire A repentent soldier, a conflicted diplomat, an old man with a child aging in reverse, the captain of a treeship, a burden carrying priest, a detective in love with a poet, and a poet in love with the past.There isn t enough space to write down everything I loved about this book The only gripe I have is that it ends abruptly once the Consul s tale is told and the real ending is in the second volume, The Fall of Hyperion For my money, Hyperion stands alongside The Dark Tower as on of my favorite fantasy sf works of all time.I originally read this way back in 2011 and it was one of those wonderful books that eclipsed many of the books before it On the second read, it still is Five out of five stars.

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    I m frankly terrified to review Dan Simmons masterpiece Hyperion It is too good and too big for me to do this right Soif I m going to do it wrong, I might as well have fun I thought I would mirror both Chaucer s and Simmons use of the frame story in my review The opening bit of Keats poetry He enter d, but he enter d full of wrath His flaming robes stream d out beyond his heels, And gave a roar, as if of earthly fire,That scar d away the meek ethereal Hours The Overarching FrameThis may be one of my favourite books, ever The Pilgrimage is the perfect literary tool for bringing together a bunch of characters who appear to have little in common but soon all share the same goal Simmons does a masterful job at telling each story in different styles The feel is unique each time The structure of Hyperion offers something for everyone, even readers unfamiliar with sci fi Horror fans will be drawn to the legend of the Shrike, and the Priest s story, while perhaps the slowest to develop, reminded me of Stephen King There s plenty to love for space opera junkies, and there s mystery, intrigue and deceit There s also the exploration of the depth of a parent s love for their child Oh and people get sliced and diced, nah huh.I m not at home in a sci fi or fantasy book unless I m confused for at least the first few pages, if not longer The opening scene confronts us with new words time debt , odd requests and tantalizing bits of interesting information Read in retrospect, we feel very comfortable in this scene which is one I particularly like That s good, and means we ve integrated ourselves into Simmon s freaky world Although the overarching story is definitely odd, by the end of it you ve bought what Simmons is selling at full price It s just odd enough for you to be curious, and there s just enough information revealed to encourage you to fly through the pages Strange can be good, and in Hyperion, it s incredible.Story Within a Story 1 The Freaking Shrike I loved the freaking Shrike I was delighted to learn that its his , her name comes from a bird that skewers its insect prey on plant thorns Yeesh We can certainly discuss it, but word for word or lack thereof , the Lord of Pain is one of sci fi s best villains protagonists Mind you, I ve only read the Hyperion Fall of Hyperion duology, so who knows, perhaps it s not a really villain The Shrike reminds me of Darth Vader on a few levels It s Vader, like the Shrike, that dictates how the story progresses The actions of all of the other characters are only in reaction to the Shrike The protagonist in Hyperion is the Shrike and it never says a word However, I wouldn t classify it as an anti hero because it certainly doesn t elicit any sympathy or other positive feelings One difference when the Shrike is around, instead of a haunting John Williams score, I hear the crazy part of Lynyrd Skynyrd s Free Bird Actually, the opening lyrics to that song make a great pilgrimage tune for the Consul et al If I leave here tomorrow Would you still remember me For I must be traveling on now Cause there s too many places I ve got to see Ehem I digress The physical description of the Shrike is cool to mull over three meters tall, made of razor wire, thorns, blades, and cutting edges, with four multi jointed arms, and scalpel like fingers and toes It s metallic, but it s also organic Don t forget the ruby red eyes When I first read that, I was like, WTF is this thing , and I m still kind of wondering that Definitely makes it on my list of Literary Badasses, perhaps sandwiched between Coltaine, the Wickan Fist of the 7th Army and the Gunslinger Roland Deschaine of Gilead Come, come, commala Lord of Pain, come, commala.Story Within a Story 2 The Nine Words You Can t Say on Hyperion The alcoholic satyr like poet Martin Sileneus is the scene stealer of this book, although his best line comes in Fall of Hyperion in an abundance of caution I ll leave that comment to the review of the sequel I have to admit that in a potty humour kind of way, I liked Martin s somewhat limited yet colourful vocabulary during his brain damaged period Simmon s homage to George Carlin was pretty funny and reminded me of a scene in Iain M Bank s Use of Weapons when a cab driver who uses a voice box to speak gets the crap kicked out of him and the voice box keeps saying things like thank you , where would you like to go and I d like another please.Through Martin we get a glimpse of what happened to Old Earth It was a creative method of exposition and obviated the need to have a character suddenly give a misplaced history lesson Martin gives Simmons an excuse to answer the reader s natural curiosity.Story Within a Story 3 A Parent s Nightmare Sol s story, all by its lonesome, is worth the price of admission to Hyperion Dan Simmons has proven that he can not only tackle tech and space opera with aplomb, but that he can also create vivid characters with whom we no doubt identify I m a new father and I found Sol s story to be extremely moving Plus the freaking Shrike reaching for me in the dark would turn my shorts brown Sol deserved the cover spot on my edition of The Fall of Hyperion Don t doooooo iiitttttt Story Within a Story 4 Farcasters and Farcaster Houses Was it me or was the idea of Martin s house where each room is on a different planet completely awesome If this was real, people like Britney Spears would have enough money for two such houses AND be stupid enough to actually own two Simmons does something with tech that I think a lot of authors fail to take advantage of he ensures that the technology he creates and uses in his story does not exist in a vacuum no pun intended but that it impacts how society functions In the opening scene of Hyperion, we re aboard the Consul s ship with his piano At some point in the story we re told that private ownership of space vessels is extremely rare I found this fact odd until we were introduced to farcasters and their relatively ubiquitous use Who the hell would own an expensive space ship when you can go to a multitude of planets in your PJs I also liked that with power comes increased access to farcaster technology The fact that the President has a private farcaster makes sense.Story Within a Story 5 The Freaking Shrike again I make use of the Shrike s time travel abilities to make a second comment here The scene with Kassad and the Shrike was a very interesting concept of time as a weapon That cool fight was also a nice little exemplar of how nobody has a chance against the Lord of PainStory Within a Story 6 I am of the cruciform After reading the Priest s story I wondered how this one could be topped Reading journal entries is always an interesting way of being exposed to facts because there is a suddenness to each revelation Things happen while the journal s author is not jotting down his thoughts Weird things The opening lines of Father Paul Dur s later journal entries become tensely anticipated.The Return to the Overarching StoryI was very impressed with Dan Simmons tale It rocketed him to the top of my favourite authors list and cemented him as one of my must reads for years to come I ve since checked out his online writing course and have gained even appreciation for the structure of Hyperion, the exposition and the prose Most highly recommended.The Unsatisfying Wrap upYou ll have to read my Fall of Hyperion review

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    I loved this sci fi classic, Hyperion and want to read the rest of the series now especially with the massive cliffhanger at the end A sort of Canterbury Tales in space, Simmons takes us 700 years in the future with a human race that fled the ineluctable implosion of planet earth in two groups the Hegemony and the rebellious Ousters There are, if memory serves, about 25 or was it 250 inhabited worlds between which slipships sp use Hawking drive presumably named for the amazing Stephen Hawkings and traveling at light speed leads to time debt from the voyages to take into account the quantum physics of space and time The story revolves around seven pilgrims headed to a world not connected to the WorldWeb this being a network of human habitations connected by networks and AI intelligence of the TechnoCore There is a ton of speculative ideas that were very far reaching for a book written in 1981 including the aforementioned WorldWeb think of the World Wide Web that was conceptualized in 1989 and opened to the public in 1991 , farcasting portals for stepping from one world to another using time space singularities, cybrids which are androids whose AI is seeded with known Earth personalities such as John Keats whose poetry and life plays an enormous part in the story The Hegemony has become somewhat authoritarian amd paranoid following the incredible rise of intelligence in the AI systems and the menace of the Ousters who are now completely comfortable living in deep space and have developed sophisticated weapons that threaten Hegemony worlds On Hyperion, the destination of the pilgrims, there is mysterious murderous creature called the Shrike who lives near the Time Tombs which are now off limits to the imminent danger Each of the pilgrims has a specific and important link to Hyperion and to the Shrike and each tells their story during the long voyage Needless to say, there is a LOT of material here and telling you would inevitably lead to spoilers so suffice it to say that there is no question that Hyperion belongs in the upper echelon of science fiction novels and its vision of the future is at the same time quite terrifying and incredibly fascinating.Looking forward to the next installment Since, read and reviewed here on GR

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