In Spite of Everything....

In Spite of Everything.... In Spite Of Everything Is A Collection Of Nonfiction Stories About Women In Love Three Of The Women Had Lackluster Marriages Before They Realized That Life Had To Offer One Couple Is African American, Another Puerto Rican Miriam And Rachael Met In A Jewish Bungalow Colony In Upstate New York One Woman Was A Catholic Nun From To , And Her Partner, Also A Devout Catholic, Had Abstained From Contact With Women For Seven Years, Trying To Please Her Family Ann And Faith Met In The Navy In And Witnessed, First Hand, The Cruel Treatment Of Homosexuals And Anyone Whom The Navy Thought Were Homosexuals Quilting Brought Laura Who Was Fifty At The Time, Together With Kathleen, Who Was Forty One One Couple Comes From The Deep South And Another Is Canadian Five Couples Raised Children Together These Women Are PhDs, RNs, Abuse Counselors, Teachers, Accountants, Principals, Hair Dressers, Hospital Administrators, Home Makers, Entrepreneurs, And Computer Network Specialists One Thing Brings Them All Together Each Shared A Desire So Compelling That She Left Husband, Or Family, And Risked The Alienation Of Society And The Anger Of A Wrathful God To Be With The Woman She Loved

Leila Peters received her bachelor s and master s degrees at Butler University where she met Suzie, the woman she loved They were teachers and in their 35 years together they traveled, bought a farm, raised Arabian horses, found a dream cabin in Montana, and faced a cruel disease called Huntington s Until In Spite of Everything became her passion, Leila wrote magazine articles about the things s

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    A nice collection of stories Would be so nice to read a second edition with even diverse couples.

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    Straight people should read this book By Sally, June 17, 2012preferably aloud, to each other In clear, lovingly crafted prose, Leila Peters full disclosure she is a relative of mine has drawn aside the curtain of socio political polemics to reveal a collection of life stories that feel as deeply familiar as any we ve heard from our own best friends The voices that emerge are full of humor, nostalgia, gratitude and pride And wisdom Listen But not only for their sakes They don t need to be heard so much as we need to hear them.

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