Invisible (The Curse of Avalon #1)

Invisible (The Curse of Avalon #1) My Name Is Ava Dawson Ever Since I Was Young, I Have Had This Strange Gift Of Invisibility I Can T Explain It, Nor Can I Always Control It It Affects My Work, My Personal Life, Dating All But My Mother And Best Friend Seem To Be Affected No Matter What I Do, I Seem To Always Be Forgotten Until I Meet These Gorgeous Guys During A Girls Night Out, And There S Something Strangely Alluring About Them An Ancient Curse Brings Us Together, While A Group Of Supernatural Collectors Is Threatening To Tear Us Apart They Re Targeting People With Special Abilities Like Mine, And All Four Men Have Taken It Upon Themselves To Protect Me But With Their Complicated Pasts, I Can T Help But Feel Protective Of Them, Too I M Trying Not To Get In Over My Head, With These Men, And The Magic But I Have To Admit, It S Nice To Be Seen After Years Of Being InvisibleAuthor S Note This Book Is Reverse Harem Meaning, One Woman, Multiple Love Interests This Series Is Meant For Readers Only

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[PDF / Epub] ☆ Invisible (The Curse of Avalon #1)  By Sariah Skye –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 386 pages
  • Invisible (The Curse of Avalon #1)
  • Sariah Skye
  • 14 October 2019

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    DNF 40% and I don t even know how I got that far.Okay, story time.I picked this book half by accident, half by stupidity I was minding my own business, looking for a specific book, when this one got suggested Somehow I couldn t see the cover design for it, and in my grand simplicity of mind, I read the word Avalon , I thought Arthurian legend, and just went for it.Grave mistake, people The first hint I got was when I was finally able to see the cover Seriously, what were they thinking making this monstrosity Then I read the blurb And it was badAnd for some reason I still started reading the damned book.Okay, to be perfectly honest, maybe I have a small idea of why I went for it anyway I m an arsehole with a bad case of morbid curiosity I just really wanted to know how awful it would get, and then enjoy making angry little notes and sending quotes to some of my friends accompanied with outraged comments.Yes I am a bad person What can I say.Anyway, the expected awfulness did not disappoint Here s a rough list of everything that was wrong Everything.Okay, I m making a slightly detailed list Girl on girl hate Slut shaming Not like other girls trope Overall misogyny Being relieved that your mother probably conceived you while being under a spell so basically being raped , rather than her having made a conscious decision that makes you call her a trampy little whore yes, this is an actual quote from the MC about her mom Too many exclamation points Suggesting by using the not smooth you catch my drift that you re bestie is a lesbian rather than just saying it, thus implying it s somewhat shameful or funny Insta lust Being relieved your bestie is gay, because otherwise she d get all the guys and not you It s the freaking 21st century here, you re supposed to know that the idiotic GBF thing is just homophobia Toxic gender roles and binarity beliefs Racial fetishism I swear to god, IF YOU ARE A WHITE PERSON YOU ARE BANNED FROM EVER USING THE WORD EXOTIC WHEN TALKING ABOUT ANOTHER PERSON Period Racism No, white lady, you can t call a person of color swarthy repeatedly instead of their real name, it s neither funny nor clever of you Bad editing Doing extremely stupid things in order to move the plot forward and then justifying it later by saying I don t know why I did that, haha, silly me It doesn t justify anything and still makes you an moronic character Poor vocabulary You can t throw the word hot on every damn pages, c mon view spoiler Okay, just let me sum things up Unbeknownst to her, Ava is a supernatural creature blah blah, she finds 4 hot dudes that are cursed and she happens to probably be the only person in the world any of them could ever have a romantic relationship with, meanwhile my eyes are rolling back in my skull So, long story short, they all want to bang her and she wants to bone the four of them too, blah blah again by the way, at 40% I still didn t know wether it was going to be erotica or not and I am eternally grateful for that So one of the guys assures her that they re all into her because of her wonderful soul, personality and smarts They ve known each other for like three days at that point And she s like, OMG, I knew deep down I was totally smart , and I just She s been doing stupid shit since the beginning of the book and some dude that she barely knows and who s desperate to bone tells her she s totally special and a 1st class brainiac and she s just so happy to believe him because she s made a couple of childish and dumb snarky comments and is self congratulating herself on not being like other girls and not jumping them all already I mean, give me a break sigh hide spoiler

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    A 3.5.I didn t hate it and I didn t love it It was okay I liked Avie and her guts just fine but it was just something missing, I can t put my finger on what that is though.Just interesting enough to keep me moving on to the next book.

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    Sariah Skye totally blew me away with this book I have read all of her books and Love them all, but this one totally took me by surprise She is such a talented author Invisible is a RH book and not something I would normally read I absolutely loved it and can t wait for the next one The range of emotions Sariah takes you one is out of this world From confusion, wonder, and hope to edge of your seat, happy, sad. There are just so many I highly recommend you read this book Even if it isn t something you would normally read You have to give it a try I couldn t put it down

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    4 StarsTBD

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    FREE on today 7 4 2018 Blurb My name is Ava Dawson Ever since I was young, I have had this strange gift of invisibility I can t explain it, nor can I always control it It affects my work, my personal life, dating all but my mother and best friend seem to be affected No matter what I do, I seem to always be forgotten Until I meet these gorgeous guys during a girls night out, and there s something strangely alluring about them An ancient curse brings us together, while a group of supernatural Collectors is threatening to tear us apart They re targeting people with special abilities like mine, and all four men have taken it upon themselves to protect me But with their complicated pasts, I can t help but feel protective of them, too I m trying not to get in over my head, with these men, and the magic But I have to admit, It s nice to be seen after years of being invisible.

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    All I can say is AWESOME Being a British Lit major probably makes me totally biased about this book, but who cares What an amazing incorporation of the Arthurian Legend I love that we are able to jump right into a some at least kissing action and not have to wait until book 5 for a slow, slow burn There are just so many wonderful things about this book that it is hard to know where to start witches, Lancelot, Avalon, incubi, and tons of other amazing fantastical creatures I can t wait until book 2 where things should really heat up I will be honest, I never saw the twists and turns coming Great read 100% recommend.

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    Funny and crazy I did not see that one coming Avie is funny and has a really smart mouth The dialogue is full of banter and hot 4 hot guys supes and an woman that is in danger Of course the guys have to save her Haha

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    There was time during the Dark Ages after the fall of Rome when a legend of light and magic arose You may ask what this has to do with a girl from Minnesota who is most noteworthy for going unnoticed Well dear reader you will just have to turn the pages and find out for your self A sassy irreverent Heroine and four smarmy hunks combine to make for a humorous and entertaining read The story is breath taking, action packed, and intense Stuffed with hot kisses and steamy looks I am surprised my kindle did not melt Ms Skye did not miss the mark in her research This story will wet your appetite for so much

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    I wish I could be invisible Please, let me be invisible How many time in your life have you wished for the same thing I m guessing it never really works for you, has it Well, it worked for Ava She actually can turn invisible Except, apparently, there s a downside to that Figures, right Ava gets completely overlooked by everyone People simply do not notice her, or forget she even exists Makes dating practically impossible, seeing as how the male population doesn t take notice of her It s like she s not even there, men simply do not see her That is, until four guys do I immediately warmed up to the story, because I found the take on the plot to be rather interesting I mean, who did not, at least once in their life, wished to become invisible And I found the whole drawback of Ava s ability fascinating I m still not sure I fully understand the origins of her powers and how Avalon plays into all of this, but I m willing to see how it goes.Ava herself brought up conflicted emotions in me I went back and forth between liking her upbeat personality and smart mouth to kind of being sick of it On the one hand, she s sassy and smart and doesn t let anything bring her down On the inter hand, she just sort of rolled with everything the guys tell her, accepting all the facts so easily She often does not see what s right in front of her and fails to take things seriously Ava knew the guys for less than a day and already she decided not to choose between them, because anything goes I m not buying it The guys, on their end, I wanted to be manly A little less hesitant and shy maybe, sure of themselves I mean, they are incubus, for fucks sake, drop the blushing already Plus, it felt like they chose to go after Ava out of convenience, rather than attraction Avalon It s not like we have many prospects One cambion for a number of incubi in centuries Not very romantic And even though they claimed to have liked her regardless, I did not feel it Halfway through I started to loose my interest in the story and was feeling a little bored I was actually making myself keep reading But I definitely perked up when that plot twist dropped Damn, that was one hell of a twist I expected the hit to come from completely different direction and I liked that it managed to creep up on me It surprised me and in a good way, too The story sure had its fair share of ups and downs But, now what Where do we go from here

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    Exciting new seriesLOVED this series It s a great new reverse haren book that s NOT about weres or vampires Ava Dawson lives with her BFF Summer in one side of a duplex, and her wacky Bohemian mother in the other side To say her life has been different is an understatement She s always had some form of anxiety, it since 7the grade it s as if nobody but Summer and her mother can see her In class teachers overlook her even when looking in her direction, she s passed over for projects, dates ignore her and spend the entire time on their cell phones It s enough to give a gal a SEVERE complex Wanting to let loose one night, the girls go out to a new club called Stargazer Within minutes of getting inside Summer wanders off to dance convinced Ava and her invisibility is all in her mind and that she ll find her own dance partner soon WRONG As usual everyone looks right through her Out of nowhere she ends up in the floor and one of these jerks steps on her and draws blood Ick She looks up when a totally bottle is she seeing things reaches down to help her up Meanwhile she sees another guy all over a very underage young girl This is all kinds of messed up Lo and behold her knight in shining armor not onky berated Mr SUCKYFACE, but demands he apologize for injuring Ava What the heck is going on As if that wasn t mind boggling enough Three Adonis males turn up and smile her way Turns out they know her knight This night just keeps getting crazier and crazier, and of course Summer is nowhere around Little does Ava know, it her night is going to continue to get even crazier still Upon leaving the club she spies the same hot guys attack the jerk from the club who hurt her That s bad enough Then they go to kill him She quickly realizes that sure enough no idy around her can see her After all, if they did they certsi my wouldn t be doing this She s all set to leave when the jerk who hurt her pulls a blade as one of the psycho cities has his back turn With all her will she steps forward, points and YELLS to lookout All these alpha males look utterly STUNNED at her sudden appearance, but act upon her warning She wastes no time and runs as fast as she can back to Sumner Praying with all her might that they won t catch up to her Looks like her prayers are I need answered Upon reuniting with Summer, she informs Ava that something hinky happened For some reason it was like she was stuck in a force field She literally couldn t run after Ava when she came upon the scene with the guys Between that and the bizarre invisibility Ava KNOWS something is off No matter what her mother and Summer continue to say to her Things like this just aren t suppose to happen Little does she know her night will get even bizarre Turns out she s not even human Her mother would never tell her anything about her father Ava never net him and knows nothing about him Her mother on the other hand is an self proclaimed witch Ava took that to mean a Bohemian style person, not a person with actual magic Oh. And those hot aloha males who actually SAW her in the club They become a major part of her life Determined to keep her safe from forces she s unaware of These guys all take turns being around her In fact they end up convincing her to go back to their house for safety And what a story they have Ava has figured she s probably NOT 100% human But what the heck is going on, and WHO are these hunks I adore the fact this quick paced book isn t the typical PNR book about weres or vamps Nope, this book is very original indeed And here s a hint Ava s full first name is Avalon like in the myth of King Arthur That will definitely come into play at some point Running from mysterious forces, learning strange new powers, trying to learn about these droolworthy guys All the while trying to keep this all quiet from her mum and best friend Could anything else go wrong Be careful what you ask take this ride and get to know Ava and the guys Learn what the big secret is and see what other craziness happens And this is only the first book of this series I cannot wait to read the next in this series Have fun and get to know Avalon and her new friends Lots of fun, powers, craziness, secrets and super hot guys run all through this story And maybe a knight of the round table shows up at some point Have fun

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