Iron Warrior (The Mechanica Wars Book 3)

Iron Warrior (The Mechanica Wars Book 3) Kanze Zenjiro Was Once A Proud Warrior, But He Has Since Fallen Into Darkness Now, He Finds Himself Physically, Emotionally, And Spiritually Broken Crippled And Distraught, Zen Struggles To Find Peace His Wounds Might Heal, But The Scars Of His Treachery Will Never Fade Enapay And His Crew Try To Repel The Iberian Empire, But The Invaders Unleash Their Entire Armada The Iberians Will Stop At Nothing To Quench Their Thirst For The World S Resources From East To West, War Breaks Out Rebellion Is Growing Blood Is Spilling Only The One With The Will Of Iron Will Be Victorious

USA Today Bestselling AuthorJay Noel studied to become an English teacher, but it didn t work out Medical sales ninja by day, writer by night, Jay is determined to do it allAND keep his sanity.

[BOOKS] ✮ Iron Warrior (The Mechanica Wars Book 3)  By Jay Noel –
  • Kindle Edition
  • Iron Warrior (The Mechanica Wars Book 3)
  • Jay Noel
  • English
  • 25 September 2017

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    This is the epic conclusion to the Mechanica Wars trilogy After losing his legs in the last book, heroic warrior Zen gets new mechanical legs At the same time, an ancient weapon helps to give Zen and his allies the edge they need to take on the evil Iberian Empire This has the properly epic feel and wraps up all the plot threads from the previous two books Plus the Sky Sword is pretty awesome, like a lightsaber only even powerful The only nitpick is that the last chapter goes on a little too long, feeling like Lord of the Rings as all the characters say goodbye and go their separate waysOverall though I ve really enjoyed this series If you like steampunk or just epic action then this is a series you should read.That is all.

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    A fantastic conclusion to a wonderful series I loved the Mechanica Wars from start to finish In my opinion, book 3 was better than 2, but not as good as 1 Minor Spoiler Alert Zen finally gets to do the ass kicking I wanted him to do in book 2 A few things felt contrived, namely the relationship between Enapay and McMillan came out of nowhere, but overall, I loved the book I don t want to give away too much on the series check out my other reviews for on books 1 and 2 , so all I will say is this every fan of steampunk needs to read this series Period.

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