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Kaiju Fall After The Fall, The Real Fight Begins For Life, For Home, For Freedom Rylan Scott Was A Petroleum Engineer With A Young Family He Had A Successful Wife And Two Curious Boys But Then Kaiju Goliad Made Landfall Near His Clear Lake Home The Beast Rampaged Through The Area Before It Was Finally Killed, His Gargantuan Body Falling In Rylan S Neighborhood The Problems Should Have Ended With The Kaiju S Death, But They Were Just Beginning This Is The Story Of What Happens To A City After The Kaiju Is Killed What Happens To The Body Where Does The Skeleton Go How Do You Piece Back Your Life After Such A Cataclysmic Event And Then There Is The Problem Of Another Kaiju In The Gulf This One Is A Kui Kaiju, A Scavenger, And It Is Headed To Houston

Doug Goodman is a writer happy to be from Houston Yet in almost every book he writes, Houston is destroyed Sometimes it is overrun by monsters Dominion and sometimes it is leveled by kaiju Kaiju Fall Whether this is due to his poor mental state or a deep seeded aversion to the heat, we may never know His Facebook page is

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 136 pages
  • Kaiju Fall
  • Doug Goodman
  • English
  • 11 June 2019

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review Thanks for being cool, and letting people from Comicpalooza check out your work for free I did have some trouble with the formatting of the PDF, but I m willing to consider that my error for trying to read it on my kindle It certainly didn t stop me from reading it.I found this book, above all else, to be utterly human That s of course purposeful when the topic is destruction via gigantic monster I really appreciate the way background characters function as snippets of real life for real people, but I hate spoilers so I won t comment on specifics But, when you meet a character for a few paragraphs or only a few pages, you re shown a glimpse of his her life or just a moment of a day, but it is a moment they d tell their family about over dinner Now to make that work there are archetypes used, which is done effectively not annoyingly and functions to move the story at a good pace and provide foil In short, I approve, and it doesn t contradict my previous statements about human moments I found the book at times scary, funny, touching, desperate, exhilarating, and sad because of the breath of human moments we are shown.There s lots of diversity among the characters without feeling like a checklist of token attributes to be represented, and unless I missed something major, I don t think there s much anyone could be offended by That s rare and well done.I thought the story was engaging I like weird and fantastical, so admittedly I was worried at the beginning that it might not pick up I was wrong to worry There s lots of action, conflict, and frankly a lot of incredibly well described yuck This level of yuck is new for me in print I approve, but it is very yucky I don t want to call it gory, which is odd because of the fountain of blood at the end You have to read to find out whose blood that isn t nearly as gross as every single yucky thing that we run into up to that point Maybe it is just my particular distaste for wet and gooey yucky things I had the rather unfortunate experience of feeling like I was right there seeing, smelling, feeling the same yucky things It was fabulous and a little awful, but hey, we read to experience the pain and suffering and joys and loves of others No one wants to read about rainbows for a few hundred pages Life is dirty and yucky, and I d rather experience that in text.I thought the inscription about Texans at the beginning was heartfelt, being native to the Lone Star State myself Having concluded the book, knowing many of the places used in the setting, and having loved many people that embody the independence we are known for in a myriad of ways, I say, Spot on and hope you like it here I appreciate how many kinds of independence and purposeful decision making were exhibited by these imaginary Texans from many different paths Hmmm, maybe all roads really lead to Texas if you re brave enough to travel them.

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    A few years ago, I discovered the genre known as kaiju fiction Now I have been a fan of kajiu film ever since I can remember and have a decent collection of kaiju action figures but books I did not have a collection and didn t even know that that novelizations even existed Over the past few years however, I have had the luck to come across several books written about giant, marauding beasts and enjoy them greatly All of the heavy artillery that is utilized, the massive destruction and the innovative designs of behemoths is par for the course Mr Goodman s take on the theme is certainly original and fascinating While I was used to reading about kajui causing destruction and terror, he took the idea spun it on its head What Kajui Fall is about is the destruction a kajui can cause even after death The science of decomposition, biology, parasites and reproduction cause just as much terror if not than the notion of a monster stomping through cities as if they were toy blocks I have to mention Mr Goodman s great homage to Texans and their frontier mentality as in they will guard whatever belongs to them with every ounce of their being It works really, in that stubborn, foolish, but undeniably brave way in which they fight for their homes and belongings against horrific, terrifying odds While I spent a good deal of my time, yelling Get the hell out of dodge, throughout the book, at the end I was impressed with the plucky characters who would not give up or give into a monster who could crush them with a toe.

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    A petroleum engineer with a family a prosperous wife and 2 inquisitive kids is a man named Rylan Scott Life was going well for him that is until close to his lake house, Kaiju Goliad arrived After tearing through the region Kaiju was killed Kaiju s huge, lifeless frame lay dead in Rylan s community No one expected this to be the beginning of evils to come Ryan leaves to Houston to commence transforming his life Not far from his house, is the rotting corps which is now the manifestation for great hazards Another kaiju is on its way to Houston not only that but there is word that an additional one is in the Gulf After such a disastrous occasion, in what way does one put their world back together This was a fascinating, scary at times, knuckle cracking read It s fully original and if you like fast paced, chilling sci fi and fantasy, then I recommend this read to you.

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    Some good parts but the author should have done a bit research on the military bits Comanche helis A10s firing Tomahawaks missiles

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    I rather enjoyed I Kaiju Fall I Goodman does an excellent job with his characters and their social interactions with those around them Much like good kaiju fiction, he concentrates on the interpersonal relationships rather than on the monster themselves Coupled with the concept that the monster has already died and this is the after effects of the disaster, makes for a really unique read in the slurry of kaiju fiction that is out there.The protagonist is just a guy, nothing too special about him He s trying to fix his home, keep his family safe and happy and trying to rebuild their lives post kaiju This makes for a lot of situations that Goodman manages to put down with an air of realism that will keep the reader turning the pages From the colourful people of the town, to the threats that would come from a post disaster area, Goodman captures the right feel for the story Now, amidst some really good writing and a storyline that was handled extremely well, there were a few pitfalls One of them was Goodman s continued use of the word shined Traditionally shone is the past tense for shine, used primarily for things like light Shined is the past tense of shining shoes ie I The sun shone brightly while I shined my shoes I The Grammarist I will admit that in modern writing it has become fuzzier, but it still threw me and took me out of the story every time Goodman used shined which was a LOT The second was the method in which the protagonist goes about trying to defeat the second kaiju I m not going to go into details so as to spoil it, because I will give it to Goodman, it s creative I will also state that I didn t look further into it than just a surface scan, but for what happened to happen through such a small hole seems wrong The number of rods it takes to get through the skin vs reach what he is reaching seemed like a wrong proportion as well Plus, the fact that a drill could cause damage to the kaiju where armour piercing rounds rockets missles could not seems off.Yet, in the end, Goodman has constructed a good story and one that I really enjoyed It s a good example of what kaiju fiction should be like, and Goodman has a good grasp of characters and what about them keeps the reader entertained As a recent home owner, I can relate a lot to what Rylan is going through, so this story hit home in a number of spots.So yes, pick this book up It s worth it and if you like kaiju fiction, this is a unique take on the genre that I think you will enjoy reading

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    This book suffers from editing I think the story is good and there are some great ideas but there s some really distracting prose choices I also think the author had issues describing his vision during some of the action sequences The worst part is that the entire story hinges on one bad decision after another made on the part of the protagonist with the best explanation for those decisions being he s from Texas As a Kaiju fan which I am I think the book is worth a read for some of the post attack concepts As a piece of fiction it falls a bit flat.

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    Is it weird to describe a Kaiju giant monster book as realistic Maybe authentic is a better word to describe Doug Goodman s KAIJU FALL because in using the disaster aftermath as a starting point, it very much creates the impression that if this really happened, this is kind of how it would go It s only the second Kaiju book that I ve read, but I like that it not only subverted some of my big monster book expectations, but also came heavy with the creature feature action.The book is packed with interesting scientific bits is that a technical term but doesn t get lost in its own research.While not a horror novel per se probably a bit of a science fiction flavored adventure , the book reminds me of Stephen King s THE MIST The everyday world of a relatable suburban dad continues even in the face of the fantastic.With a Godzilla sized corpse looming next door, the book finds clever and unexpected twists on the human scale while remaining threatening on a larger than life scale and building to an explosive finale.The ending reminds me of something that Steven Spielberg said about the ending of jaws and that if you have the audience then they ll buy it and if you don t, it won t matter anyway In KAIJU FALL, I think Goodman lays the foundation for a big ending that definitely pays off for the reader.

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    Really good read this from Doug Goodman It is definitely not your standard Kaiju read, but instead is a look at what happens to the people after a Kaiju dies in their community The focus is on Rylan A man desperate to get back into his home after the devastation of the Kaiju Avoiding FEMA and looters are only the start of his problems It has a very realistic feel to it and does not rely on the blockbuster style carnage that is so often used in these books Refreshing and very original, but above all, a great book 5 stars.

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    Here we have yet another fantastic novel about kaiju However this one tells us of the struggle after a kaiju dies What one man will do to rebuild everything he has after the awesome devastation caused by a fall If you re looking for something that has all the epicness of a kaiju story with the heart racing acts if survival, then look no further.

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    I wish there was detail to characters and explanations of what was happening and why I did enjoy this book but it wasn t something I would go back and reread It was short which I really liked.

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