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La ciudad y los perros En , La Ciudad Y Los Perros Recib A El Premio Biblioteca Breve As Comenzaba La Andadura Literaria De Esta Obra Considerada Una De Las Mejores Novelas En Espa Ol Del Siglo XXLos Personajes De La Ciudad Y Los Perros, Un Grupo De J Venes Que Se Educan En Una Disciplina Militar Implacable Y Violenta, Aprenden A Sobrevivir En Un Ambiente En El Que Est N Muy Arraigados Los Prejuicios Raciales Y Las Diferencias Entre Clases Sociales Y Econ Micas Donde Todos Se Muestran Como No Son En Realidad Y La Transgresi N De Las Normas Establecidas Parece Ser La Nica Salida

Mario Vargas Llosa, born in Peru in 1936, is the author of some of the most significant writing to come out of South America in the past fifty years His novels include The Green House, about a brothel in a Peruvian town that brings together the innocent and the corrupt The Feast of the Goat, a vivid re creation of the Dominican Republic during the final days of General Rafael Trujillo s insidiou

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    Lord of the Flies With GunsAs a young man I attended a federal service academy in the United States for four years So I identify with the conditions in the Peruvian equivalent that Vargas Llosa describes in excruciating detail From the universal use of nicknames half of them derogatory, the other half salacious to the continuous, and often very creative, scheming to evade and outwit authority, to the intentional promotion of sadistic and vulgar brutality in the name of camaraderie, I find myself re living the most painful, and painfully consequential, period of my life.A rather disturbing transformation takes place in high testosterone young males when confined together, voluntarily or not, and subjected to a highly regimented daily routine that is strictly enforced Essentially they become amoral every unregulated flaw, neurosis, or hiatus of maturity becomes exaggerated and enlarged in their resistance to a pervasive and arbitrary authority And this regardless of their religious or ethical background As Vargas Llosa has one of his characters muse about himself, Sometimes he could go for several days following a routine that made all the decisions for him, gently nudging him into actions he hardly noted I think the reason for this sort of demonic spiritual ennui lies in the deprivation of not simply physical freedom, but in the case of a military academy the insistence upon the development of an attitude of extreme social dependence The result is a kind of hypnosis This place isn t an Academy, it s a prison, says one of its officers But not even prison puts the demand of spiritual conformity on its inmates, who are only expected to obey, not to admire, the violent ethos of their organization In the military academy one becomes a stranger not only to one s body as it is constantly stressed by activities that are meant to be tortuous, but also a stranger to one s mind which is the real target of military indoctrination As one of the officers in charge of the Peruvian academy exhorts his charges, In the army, Cadets, you ve got to have respect for symbols, damn it This process of ideological formation continues for a full year without respite until one is expected to adopt the role of formateur , and do what was done to oneself, to others.This intensive indoctrination, which is explicitly meant to dis inhibit whatever ethical reservations one has about military service, is direct and unambiguous For example if any member of a unit screws up, all suffer And all are informed why they suffer and who is to blame The effect of collective guilt is invariable the weakest in the unit, those who typically screw up, are persecuted by the group until they measure up or leave If weakness is not found, it is fabricated in order to facilitate the system Vargas Llosa knows the routine for creating a victim He was normal enough when he got here to the Academy, but you and the others gave him such a hard time you made an idiot out of him Both the physical and psychological therapy are carried out by those who are only slightly older and mature than those over whom one has charge These leaders have only recently undergone the same regime that they are expected to execute The only training they receive is what they have undergone as victims one or two years previously They believe, because they are taught, that it is their duty to become figures of unpredictable and sadistic authority to those subordinate to themselves Not infrequently, given a lack of experience, judgement, and conscience, their sadism becomes literal and is carried beyond the merely symbolic And since there are severe restrictions on the access of adults experienced officers who could supervise the application of punishments to the barracks, it is not unusual for discipline to get grossly out of hand As one of the protagonists points out The officers don t know anything about what goes on in the barracks They are absentee warders who prefer not to know the details of barracks life lest they be held accountable The lunatics do run the asylum.Vargas Llosa captures this unique and uniquely primitive sociology of barely controlled violence so accurately that it gives me flashbacks I have no idea whether conditions have altered very much in these institutions in recent decades I doubt, though, that its essential intimidation and post adolescent cruelty has been questioned To eliminate these would be to abolish its core.After a lifetime of experience in other business, academic and social institutions, I have encountered this kind of existence no where else Its purpose remains a mystery to me since any practice of its s outside its walls, even in the regular military, would be met with derision and resistance During the VietNam war, my own epoch, young, motivated West Point graduates were taught the limits of their academy ethos by fragging in the field, that is, the killing of an officer by his own men In The Time if the Hero, the inadvertent escape of the academy s threatens to destroy the entire Peruvian military As the secret of its deptavity becomes public, the entire institution is compromised.My experience suggests that the outing of the military academy is a good thing It deserves institutional criticism and castigation I have never perceived that the experience of the military academy regime is in any way useful in building what is typically called character The academy is an uncivilized existence which has no points of contact with family, business, or social life Studies have shown that success during one s academy training are entirely uncorrelated with one s advancement in the service, much less one s broader success or satisfaction in life Rather, the reason that the sociology continues to exist, to the extent that it does, is that it has existed This is known as tradition, we do it to them because it was done to us Tradition, from the Latin root tradere, a word connoting simultaneously passing on and betrayal Both Vargas Llosa and I have little doubt about which interpretation is appropriate Tradition is simply a rationalization for continuing abuse I note with considerable dismay how many of my colleagues from those long gone days support the kind of systematic political bullying of the current White House Finally, they appear to believe, they have a Commander in Chief worthy of their own training and civic ideals The effects of indoctrination are indeed penetrating and long lived.Vargas Llosa s epigram from Jean Paul Sartre neatly summarizes our common experience of the institution of the military academy and its consequences for the society that harbors it We play the part of heroes because we re cowards, the part of saints because we re wicked we play the killer s role because we re dying to murder our fellow man we play at being because we re liars from the moment we re born Perhaps the academy is, as Vargas Llosa implies in the way he presents his narrative alternately inside and outside its walls, merely a intense, a concentrated version, as it were, of the male dominated society that moulds it.

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    Mario Vargas Llosa s first book, based on his own experiences in a military academy, is a great read and certainly demonstrates the qualities of writing that he used later and that eventually earned him a deserved Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010 The narration is non linear and post modern in that the voice shifts from 3rd person to 1st person and the story is told from several perspectives at once What looks like a relatively simple story of revenge becomes something much bigger the conditioning of young men into thoughtless soldiers, the appalling way that men treated women in Peru I suppose that hasn t changed , the hypocrisy of upper command which always protects reputation above everything else, the desperation of being bullied and the inevitable creation of bulliedThe primary character Alberto has incredible depth and is a rather obvious standin for Vargas Llosa himself The captain Gamboa is not the person who we think he is and is drawn out perfectly The one confusing bit to me was the focus on the Boa character and why he had an allegiance to the Jaguar This is a rather minor point however because the entire narrative is captivating There are truly moments when the reader feels he is walking in Lima and its suburbs and the descriptions of life at the academy are frankly terrifying The Leoncio Military Academy exists in real life and was so scandalized by the book that they burned 100 copies of it shen it came out.Another interesting aspect of The Time of the Hero is racism Peru was of course created from the wreckage of the Spanish conquering of the Incas by Pizarro and subsequent local wars that carved out the modern states of Columbia, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Chile When Gamboa comes to see the Jaguar in lockup, he is surprised that the boy is not a half breed like most of the kids in the Academy There is another narrative earlier in the book, although it was hard for me to understand if it concerned Alberto or the Jaguar or someone else, where the family is a bit surprised to send this apparently white kid into the academy which they perceived as being full of half breeds and savages Now, I have unfortunately never visited Peru, but I have had several Peruvian friends over the years, so I know that by half breed , they are referring to descendants of the Spanish colonists with the descendants of the various tribes that survived after the fall of the Incas There is a sense of derision whenever the poorer people from the mountains the Indians when references to them are made I recall that, indeed, there was this sense of superiority in Peruvian whites over the people with Indian origins such as the Cava who is ignominously humiliated and rejected from the school with hardly any sign of sadness or regret from his co cadets And added to this was the even worse stigma attached to people of black skin like the Slave and Verano in the academy Vargas Llosa was describing a four tiered system of prejudice with whites at the top, half breeds next down, pure Indians, and then descendants of slaves with black skin at the bottom There were also references to Chinese immigrants but they were of a commercial nature and not really referred to in the social hierarchy Again, having no knowledge of Lima and how the neighbourhoods are populated, numerous references are made to the apparently affluent Miraflores quarter with its beaches compared to the less attractive suburbs and slums from which characters like the Boa originated This is another interesting layer to the portrait that Vargas Llosa paints of the Lima of his youth.This book also reminded me of Cat and Mouse by fellow Nobel laureate Gunter Grass where Grass describes life in a Nazi Youth school Equally brutal and deadly another awesome book if you have not read it yet.I would highly recommend The Time of the Hero to fans of Vargas Llosa although it would be better to read Aunt Julia or The Feast of the Goats to get a better feel for his style before this book, because I enjoyed learning about him after reading his mature work This was my 5th book of his, but certainly not my last He is quickly rising in my favorite authors list, at least tied with Marquez now.

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    La ciudad y los perros The City and the Dogs The Time of the Hero, Mario Vargas Llosa The Time of the Hero original title La ciudad y los perros, literally The City and the Dogs , 1963 is a 1963 novel by Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, who won the Nobel Prize in 2010 It was Vargas Llosa s first novel and is set among the cadets at the Leoncio Prado Military Academy in Lima, which he attended as a teenager The novel portrays the school so scathingly that its leadership burned a large number of copies and condemned the book as Ecuadorian propaganda against Peru 2006 1382 1384 560 9643512134 20

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    Las primeras 50 p ginas cuesta agarrarle el ritmo, porque es una historia con muchos personajes, muchos cambios de narrador y de enfoque, saltos temporales y Vargas Llosa ni siquiera pierde tiempo en contextualizar la historia.Al final, esto se agradece Vargas Llosa escribe para un lector atento, inteligente, que pueda seguirlo en su juego de saltos de perspectiva, de tiempo y de espacio, que van tejiendo una historia de adolescentes brutales, marginales, entre los que la nica forma de ganarse un espacio en su colegio militar es siendo el m s violento y el m s astuto.Es una historia de animalitos enjaulados que se creen adultos porque fuman, porque beben, porque se acuestan con putas, porque saben dar cabezazos y porque saben burlar a los adultos.Es una historia de abusos de los adolescentes entre ellos, de los adultos a los adolescentes, de las instituciones a todos los dem s Y todo enmarcado en una tragedia que, a fin de cuentas, no le importa a nadie, porque en ese mundo despiadado una vida es mucho menos valiosa que un ascenso.La ltima parte del ltimo cap tulo es notable los saltos temporales ocurren de una l nea a otra, como si fuese una edici n cinematogr fica, y, a esas alturas, resulta muy sencillo seguir la historia.Para terminar, La ciudad y los perros es una tremenda obra no s lo por su forma de tratar los temas que toca, sino sobre todo por su forma de narrar la historia, con un estilo que s lo se aproxima al de una excelente edici n cinematogr fica.

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    Perch non avevo mai letto prima un romanzo di Vargas Llosa Per nessuna ragione precisa, credo soltanto per il motivo pi invincibile non si pu leggere tutto quello che si vorrebbe Poi un certo giorno si creato il giusto incrocio di occasioni una prima edizione italiana trovata su una bancarella, un momento in cui non c erano altri libri gi iniziati a portata di mano e La citt e i cani mi piaciuto cos tanto che ho aggiunto al volo nei da leggere il romanzo che Vargas Llosa scrisse subito dopo La casa verde.Allora, la citt Lima e i cani il soprannome dato ai cadetti del collegio militare Leoncio Prado, dove vige un terribile clima di sopraffazione e violenza, che soffoca quasi completamente le aspirazioni all a e all amicizia La cultura dominante anche fuori intrisa di machismo, razzismo, classismo i padri mandano i figli come interni nel collegio militare per farli diventare veri uomini se hanno molte amanti le mogli si disperano ma tutti pensano che sono dei dritti ci sono continue battute violente contro i negri , i montanari , i finocchi.In questo clima generale, colpisce subito la grande capacit di far emergere un po per volta molti personaggi il Poeta, lo Schiavo, il Giaguaro, il Boa, Cava, ecc , che via via sostengono i diversi momenti della narrazione non solo con il loro punto di vista, ma proprio con la loro parola, che a volte scivola verso il flusso di coscienza Con l aggiunta di andirivieni temporali, che complicano le cose, ma anche le approfondiscono.Non si pu dire di pi senza rovinare l esperienza della lettura, che anche una coinvolgente ri costruzione dell insieme da parte del lettore, ma basti dire che si arriva ad ammirare anche quanto saldamente governata la struttura complessiva.Soprattutto nella seconda parte si delineano con nettezza i temi principali, che ruotano intorno alla lealt e al tradimento, alla competizione e al desiderio triangolare e si allarga l attenzione dai cadetti anche agli ufficiali, e quindi all istituzione nel suo complesso.Ovviamente non si pu dire nulla nemmeno sul finale, se non che d soddisfazione al lettore per il piacere del riunirsi delle trame disperse, per la comprensione delle allusioni e per il sentimento di organica rappresentazione di un mondo nelle sue sfaccettature Anche se, in fondo, realisticamente sconfortato 2017 p s La traduzione di Enrico Cicogna ovviamente invecchiata leggo esattamente cinquant anni dopo la prima edizione italiana , ma sembra invecchiata bene solo una sensazione di lettura, non ho fatto nessun tipo di controllo, per alla lettura efficacechokengtitiktitikchokengs 2 Ieri 13 giugno 2017 mi arrivato La Casa Verde..chokengtitiktitikchokengs 3 E ora vedo che La citt e i cani, con La Casa Verde, e con la Conversazione nella Cattedrale entrato anche nel primo volume dei Romanzi nei Meridiani, a cura di Bruno Arpaiachokengtitiktitikchokengs 4 E bene ho fatto a leggere anche la Casa Verde

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    La ciudad y los perros deja, tras ser le do, un gran silencio de respeto en tu mente C mo hablas de lo mucho que te ha gustado un libro cuando su contenido es tan odioso, repulsivo y violento C mo hablas de unos personajes machistas, abusivos, pervertidos y trastornados y al final decides que a lo mejor no han tenido la culpa Miren lo que ha logrado Vargas Llosa, hablando de una falsa educaci n e ideas retorcidas de virilidad, moralidad, disciplina y justicia como si fuera natural, pero con un tono que te dice claramente que no se trata de otra cosa que una cr tica directa si no, preg ntenle a las autoridades que quemaron mil ejemplares en el patio del colegio en el cual se ambient esta novela, que adem s tuvo como alumno al mism simo autor Y no es una cr tica a los alumnos del Leoncio Prado, que no han sido m s que v ctimas de las doctrinas inculcadas para enderezar a un muchacho, sino a la misma milicia, a sus impostores, a sus conveniencias, y todo lo que repercute en esa juventud que no hace m s que actuar en consecuencia de lo que se les est quitando, la inocencia.Voy a ser completamente sincera porque este libro empec a leerlo el a o pasado y tuve que dejarlo Supongo que no estaba lista para el martillazo en el cr neo que representa esta obra Tambi n porque me supone un reto la literatura hispanoamericana y ha sido un gigante que he tenido que enfrentar, pero aqu estoy, y as estuve, pegada a este libro hasta que lo termin e impresionada por la complejidad casi insuperable de este autor Estas obras, para que gusten, tienen que entenderse muy a fondo, si no solo parecer n un mont n de p ginas llenas de podredumbre y perversi n social que no tienen ning n sentido Pero uno llega a entender a los personajes Uno acaba comprendiendo el origen del racismo y la maldad, el deseo de poder y jerarqu as, las creencias ajenas, la verg enza, todo, pero no lo justificas, solo entiendes, ya no est s en penumbra.Aplaudo la superposici n, siempre simult nea, de las perspectivas de este libro De los puntos de vista de los diferentes personajes que arrojaban dudas o respuestas, que te hac an retroceder y cuestionarte lo que hab as deducido, porque si fue o no este el culpable, si es o no este un cobarde, todo eso da giros sin parar que te hacen dudarlo absolutamente todo para que al final venga el mayor choque de todos, eso que sospechabas pero no te atrev as a concluir definitivamente Las herramientas utilizadas para sujestionar al lector fueron muy poderosas Unas perspectivas muy objetivas, otra subjetivas, otras mixtas, una omnisciente, una en tercera y algunas en primera persona hay que meterse de lleno en el libro para llevar la secuencia sin perderte porque de un p rrafo a otro ya no habla el mismo personaje, y puede que del presente haya un salto al pasado de otro personaje, lo cual te ayuda a vislumbrar su futuro o a entender el presente ajeno que acabas de leer Es todo un rompecabezas muy bien armado, intercalado, claro est , para trabajar la audacia de quien lee.El di logo final ha sido estupendo Esa mezcla de una conversaci n con otra, de una pregunta formulada en el presente y que la respuesta no sea de entonces sino del pasado, de otra persona ausente, me maravilla porque no cualquier autor tiene el poder de llevarlo a cabo de una manera tan prolija que el lector sepa de inmediato de qu se trata.Me ha encantado la ambientaci n tan concreta La ubicaci n espacial de cada acontecimiento, con referencias y nombres, que casi me ha llevado hasta el Per y me ha ayudado a seguir a cada chico por las calles de su barrio o por los pasillos del colegio, principal escenario Nos ha sumergido en cada vida de una manera casi demasiado personal, invasiva.El Jaguar, El Poeta, Boa, Cava y El Esclavo son personajes inolvidables Ambiguos, extra os, perdidos, inadaptados, pero con una historia que marca, contada de una manera tan incisiva que asusta Y no te deja olvidar.

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    Deber a decir que esta novela no me gust Porque es violenta, porque es racista, porque es machista, porque los personajes son un asco, v ctimas y victimarios de las circunstancias, porque los odi y etc tera Y s , he pensado en eso unas cuantas veces, pero la novela, independientemente de su tem tica, fue m s fuerte que yo La ciudad y los perros me encant No pod a dejar de leer Ni siquiera las perspectivas alternativas y la narraci n fluida y apretada pudieron hacer que abandonara el libro de hecho, hicieron que me gustara m s La historia arranca en el momento en que un grupo de alumnos del Colegio Militar Leoncio Prado planea robar un examen Esto trae consecuencias que van a desatar toda la novela hasta que termina y eso me sorprendi de una travesura se desprenden hechos y as se van articulando las vidas de los personajes el Jaguar, Cava, Boa, Alberto, el Esclavo y dem s , ya que la novela no se centra s lo en la estad a de estos durante el per odo escolar De esta forma, el lector se ir enterando en medio del camino de los motivos de la elecci n de esa educaci n, de las cargas de los alumnos, de las expectativas, de las frustraciones Pero tambi n est n los episodios en los que los j venes se rebelan ante la dura disciplina del colegio, que intenta hacerles adoptar a la fuerza una postura inc moda o no tanto, porque a algunos les sale bien hombres serios, derechos, bien machos, fieles a la patria Todos est n estrictamente vigilados por las autoridades del colegio, que imponen castigos y humillan a los alumnos cuando se les da la gana, pero que tambi n se maltratan entre s El problema est en que esa presi n que ejercen encuentra una escapatoria, porque los chicos rompen las reglas igual fuman, toman alcohol, pelean Hay escenas revulsivas que esperaba desde el momento en que le que era un internado de varones, porque ya me hab a topado con una novela con una tem tica parecida y no pude evitar compararlas Esta es mucho peor, vale aclarar En el plano de lo sexual se puede esperar cualquier cosa, pero lo que me pareci nuevo por llamarlo de alguna manera fue el brutal trato que se ten an los j venes durante la convivencia Sin embargo, aqu no hay ovejas blancas la violencia es c clica, el da o se recibe y luego se distribuye a otro, sin miramientos La rabia no es s lo f sica, sino que tambi n es verbal en la novela se insultan much simo usando las divisiones regionales y las cuestiones de hombr a, por ejemplo Ni siquiera Alberto, el que enga a con su apodo de Poeta y parece ser medianamente reflexivo, se salva Y, sin embargo, ninguno tiene la culpa Llega un punto en donde la novela da un giro y ya no se puede adivinar el futuro Nunca supe qu iba a pasar, porque Vargas Llosa se vale de los cambios de perspectivas y produce un enga o que funciona o que funcion conmigo, al menos Uno arma su teor a, pero s lo en el final comprueba si era acertada o no El estilo parece sencillo, no hay t rminos rebuscados La nica dificultad para los lectores distra dos viene de la mano de la narraci n que da saltos temporales hacia atr s y hacia adelante y cambia los personajes que llevan la historia, adem s de usar distintos narradores para cada punto de vista algunos est n en primera persona y otros en tercera Esto es muy interesante porque en los episodios en primera persona uno se mete en los pensamientos de los personajes Uno se vuelve ellos y te atrapan.Casi todo lo que cont son horrible, incluso hasta repelente, pero es bueno saber que Vargas Llosa est exponiendo y criticando, no avalando No es lo mismo Le que l fue a esa escuela y, por lo tanto, pudo aportar un poco de sus conocimientos sobre ese sistema de educaci n si se le puede llamar educaci n Esta novela me result muy interesante por su planteo, por su falta de moderaci n Cuando uno la lee se siente mal, es muy provocativa e invita a reflexionar de una manera poco suave, como si te estuvieran zamarreando Tal vez me lo haya tomado en serio, pero eso es lo que me sucedi Por supuesto, tengo ganas de seguir leyendo a Vargas Llosa porque me caus una buena impresi n con su literatura.

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