Lost Hills (Eve Ronin #1)

Lost Hills (Eve Ronin #1) A Detective S Brutal First Case Could Make Or Break Her Career In An Exhilarating Thriller By New York Times Bestselling Author Lee Goldberg A Video Of Deputy Eve Ronin S Off Duty Arrest Of An Abusive Movie Star Goes Viral, Turning Her Into A Popular Hero At A Time When The Los Angeles County Sheriff S Department Is Plagued By Scandal The Sheriff, Desperate For Positive Press, Makes Eve The Youngest Female Homicide Detective In The Department S HistoryNow Eve, With A Lot To Learn And Resented By Her Colleagues, Has To Justify Her New Badge Her Chance Comes When She And Her Burned Out, Soon To Retire Partner Are Called To The Blood Splattered Home Of A Missing Single Mother And Her Two Kids The Horrific Carnage Screams Multiple Murder But There Are No CorpsesEve Has To Rely On Her Instincts And Tenacity To Find The Bodies And Capture The Vicious Killer, All While Battling Her Own Insecurities And Mounting Pressure From The Media, Her Bosses, And The Bereaved Family It S A Deadly Ordeal That Will Either Prove Her Skills Or Totally Destroy Her

1 New York Times Bestselling author Lee Goldberg is a two time Edgar Award and two time Shamus Award nominee whose many TV writing and or producing credits include Martial Law, SeaQuest, Diagnosis Murder, Hunter, Spenser For Hire, Nero Wolfe, Missing Monk and The Glades He s also the co author of the Fox O Hare series with Janet Evanovich The Heist, The Chase, The Job,

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 237 pages
  • Lost Hills (Eve Ronin #1)
  • Lee Goldberg
  • English
  • 11 October 2017

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    I ve read a few Lee Goldberg books in the past and was hoping this book would be as good as the previous novels Detective Eve Ronin is a new character and I was curious if the author could create someone different and still achieve the same impact as his other series.Detective Eve Ronin is new to her department, and her fresh status causes the veterans to question her skills At times, her knowledge comes off as bravado and she makes plenty of rookie mistakes, exposing her as human rather than a cardboard cutout superwoman Pushed into a lead position on a high profile murder case by her partner Duncan, Eve is caught in what could easily be a losing situation Any mistake could cause her to lose the little respect she has with other officers and detectives.Mr Goldberg pushes the story on every page, keeping the action in high gear This is not to mean this is a high adrenaline novel rather, the detectives are searching for clues and following up on any potential lead in their search for the killer The author s quirky descriptions add humor and spice up the descriptions If you ve never read a Lee Goldberg mystery, this is a great place to start Five stars.

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    I m not writing summaries despite the convention you can read those on the book description This book is for when you ve finished your entire set of Michael Connelly books, and you really want to read something similar but aren t sure if you can take one lick of Harry Bosch s dark world.Don t get me wrong, this LA is still dark However, instead of Bosch s gritty downtown, it s the true crime world of the woodsy Santa Monica mountains And in true crime world, the decisions of criminals are bizarre, unsettling and unpredictable than they are downtown If downtown is creepy, at least it s a fairly predictable creepy you have zero idea what s going on out there in the woods, people.Where Connelly s Bosch is a moody and irascible alpha dog, Goldberg s protagonist is the ambitious and intrepid parvenu Eve Ronin The characters are well handled, with enough description to visualize them but not so much you drown in the details Ronin s mother stands out as a particularly only in LA character.The action is fast, the premise is surprising, and Goldberg is a master of the genre hitting all of the right high and low points I really liked it but I dinged it 1 star for feeling a little shallow Lacks a higher order theme that challenges worldview the way a Connelly book might.Still Worth the time I read an Advanced Reader Copy of this that I picked up in my Little Free Library.

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    TIL that Lee Goldberg is a man This is apropos of nothing but for some reason I thought the name a woman I also learned that he is responsible for a bunch of stuff I love like Monk so I will probably be hunting down of his work This is a December First Reads book for Prime Members and let me say I am pleased with my choice This is a very readable, fast paced, mystery featuring a character who is compelling and troubled without being a total psycho In the book Goldberg h ts Michael Connelly s Bosch series Our main character is Eve Ronin aka Deathfist She is an LASD Los Angeles Sheriff s Department detective whose meteoric rise began when she arrested an famous actor for drunk driving and domestic abuse publicly, and it went viral think Sugar Tits Now she is the Youngest female detective in the LASD and has her share of doubters She s partnered with a detective who is in his last year before retirement who is happy to do paperwork and sit in the car and let her run the case Eve is a good cop who has to deal with resentment from her colleagues and is still finding her feet The case is one that will make or break her career and the case is a doozie It s a slaughterhouse of over kill having just read the Douglass book definitely a disorganized offender The crime is incredibility brutal and the reader is taken on many trips through the crime scene Eve s mother is a failed actress who has mentally exaggerated her minor roles into reality and who constantly critiques her daughter for wasting her screen time, think press conferences or quick sound bite interviews The book is very readable and the character is relatable Unfortunately the Next book in the series isn t due until 2021.

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    Lee Goldberg is a new author for me and the description of the book was intriguing so I selected this story from the First Reads program for December The investigative team is made up of the older veteran who is literally counting down the days before he retires and a female detective brand spanking new to the Robbery Homicide Division The two work well together, quite realistically in fact, since Duncan Pavone and Eve Ronin have settled on the division of duties in their team Pavone is going to take a step back to protect himself for his future retirement and Eve is going to be in charge of the investigation they are assigned.Eve is very young and inexperienced to be a detective and she unashamedly admits to taking advantage of a situation in order to get her promotion to detective That s not a usual character type for a female police officer and I am glad to say this author handled that situation in a way that kept me from disliking Eve The descriptions of the crime scene are definitely than a little unsettling and you need to know that is not going to bother you before you begin reading because those descriptions go on for a long, long time This story also involves young children as victims with injuries that made me uncomfortable.There are some revelations at the end of the story which were definitely unexpected by me and even with the hints I could see with hindsight I still didn t work out all the details of the crime I was a little disappointed with the ending because it seemed abrupt than necessary The book is less than 250 pages long surely there was enough room to finish off two threads to let readers know what the results were with those two situations.

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    A winning First Read with one of the best new police protagonists I read a lot of police procedurals, most of which I rate a high of 4 stars Lost Hills gets 5 stars, because it s enjoyable enough to be a must re read for me I ve pre ordered the Audiobook version and will be listening to it in January, when it s released This imaginatively plotted police procedural is worth reading for the quirky characters, sly humor, and excellent sense of place Lost Hills is set in the City of Calabasas and surrounding areas in the San Fernando Valley, so it s appropriately less grim and gritty than the Harry Bosch and Ren e Ballard books The story does take place in LA County when wildfires are destroying houses, so there is an added sense of urgency Note That s also a trigger warning Detective Eve Ronin is the greenest of rookies in Robbery Homicide, LA County Sheriff s Department She s a smart, spunky, and likable detective, who knows that she has a lot to learn She also listens to advice given by Duncan Pavone, her veteran partner who s an old fat ass on his way out the door I enjoyed most of the characters, but I did an eye roll at a detective duo called Crockett and Tubbs, because I thought of Crate Barrel of the Harry Bosch series Also, Eve Ronin s mother is way too OTT, even for an LA wanna be actor Overall, this is an enjoyable, well paced police procedural with a unique premise Recommended.

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    Similarities to J.D Robb s Death seriesFemale Homicide Detective check Detective s first name, Eve check Murder mystery with some twists check It s been a while since I ve read some of the books in J.D Robb s Death series, so there may be other similarities This series does not take place in the future, however And so far there s no romance involved.I don t read a lot of mystery novels, but there wasn t a Fantasy or Science Fiction book offered on First Reads this month So I picked this book I did enjoy it it was a quick and interesting murder mystery The characters were nicely developed for a first book in a series Eve was a woman in a man s world She had Mommy issues and didn t like Dr Phil Those kinds of things made her seem very human and relatable The supporting characters were developed enough to fill out the story.The mystery details were tedious in some ways but in that manner, it developed the background necessary to deliver the suspense The action at the end was well plotted And it did have a satisfying ending Although I prefer the J.D Robb series, this book was still a good read for me I wouldn t mind reading the next book.

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    Lost HillsIt s no secret Lee Goldberg is a writer worth reading This first book in the Eva Ronin series is another fast, exciting novel by Goldberg I was hooked after reading the first few pages of Lost Hills Eve Ronin is the youngest detective ever to be assigned to the Los Angeles County Sheriff Robbery Homicide Division Her partner Duncan Pavone is 163 days away from retirement They are assigned to investigate what happened in a house that is covered in an unbelievable amount of blood The rest of the story is great.

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    Highly recommendI m starting to think I m pretty critical of books, but this one was excellent I honestly wouldn t change anything about it I wasn t rolling my eyes or skimming, and I finished it in one go Just sat down to read it and never put it down I ll definitely look forward to any future books in this series Lee Goldberg is always good, but this one really worked for me Awesome offering from Kindle First Thanks,

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    I very much enjoyed it It is quite short and and well paced I read it in one day The Detective, Eve, is likable and her backstory, while very LA is believable We don t get the backstory on the perpetrator but he is arrogant and easy to dislike The plot moves right along and hangs together very well.

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    When s Book 2 Coming Out I m not an expert on police procedurals or anything so I have no idea how this book is being received by experienced readers but I loved it I read it in one sitting while stuck in Thanksgiving traffic from LA, and I wish I had Book 2 to read for the rest of this hellish drive.

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