Lost in Los Angeles

Lost in Los Angeles When I heard Lost in Los Angeles was for people who liked If I Stay, I knew I had to read it And it was BETTER than If I Stay.Clearly the author knew what she was doing the story starts with a shock, igniting my curiosity for the next pages, just enough to make me care for Erin, the protagonist And then I was hooked.Erin was raped Despite my lack of experience in this area, I think Lynne did a great job at describing the effect of such a betrayal the mistrust, the detachment, the anti socialness But especially the PTSD post traumatic stress disorder Being a psychology student, I check listed a lot of the things Erin went through I m fully aware that anyone would live it differently, but just considering the approach the author took, it was very well done Very, VERY realistic.The author manages to create a heavy atmosphere, manipulating our emotions to feel uneasy on the girl s account She really handles well the subjects of loss, trauma, betrayal and nostalgia It s with grace that she describes how the protagonist copes after tragedy struck There s a lot of introspection on Erin s part We follow her thoughts, her path to healing, her confusion as to what could help her L.A., the city of angels, is where Erin wants to reminisce on what she has lost, but she is lost herself I sympathized, and cared I was moved by her frailty but also her determination.Lynne underlines the importance of kindness, how one simple nice gesture can help a struggling individual and alter their behavior In comes Ben I think the way the author represented him in the book really made me love him so much Ben never takes too much space in the story Of course, there s still romance, and Erin s thoughts revolve a lot around him, but never as if he was leading her thoughts It was in the way of how he changes her perception of life, and what he makes her discover Erin never became stupid because of Ben And that was SUCH A NICE CHANGE, compared to MANY other novels Because of her past, she remains wary of him, doesn t go along with everything he says and made sure he understood where she stands Her safety is her main concern, and it s really prominent.The ONLY thing I slightly frown upon would be the time frame While you read the book, it seems like a long time has passed, but when you think about it, it s only a couple months after her rape, and a few days since Ben and Erin have known each other Again, I have no experience, but it seems like an awfully short amount of time to try to heal.The book finishes with a bang, that will leave you either in tears or at least shocked I admit I would ve liked explanation, but I guess it s just as well It leaves room for interpretation.In conclusion, if you like contemporary YA fiction, then this book is FOR YOU If you liked If I Stay, this book TOPS IT EASILY I really liked Lost in Los Angeles, and I definitely want it on my bookshelf, to take out and press it against my chest. Love story of two broken people It was a very short read and kept me captivated the whole way. Soemtimes You Find Hope Where You Least Expect ItJust Weeks After Eighteen Year Old Erin Tragically Loses Her Best Friend, She Is Brutally Betrayed By Her High School Crush Plagued By Crippling Anxiety Attacks And Disconcerting Visions Of Her Dead Friend, Erin Travels To Los Angeles, Searching For A Sign That Life Is Still Worth LivingShortly After She Arrives In LA She Meets Ben, A Mysterious Man Who Captures Both Her Curiosity And Her Heart As They Explore Los Angeles Together, Ben Reveals Shocking Secrets Of His Tragic Childhood And Helps Erin Believe That She Can Heal From The Wounds Of Her Traumatic PastBut Ben Is Hiding A Horrible Secret A Secret That Could Destroy HerPraise For LOST IN LOS ANGELES I Have Read Many Books And I Don T Think One Has Moved Me As Much As This One Did My Eyes Are Welling Up And My Heart Aches I Absolutely Love This Book Elizabeth, The Bookish Way Lynne Made Me Feel Like I Was Right There With Erin, Feeling Everything She Was Her Pain Was So Real And It Broke My Heart You Have To Read This Book Trust Me The Ending Will Blow You Away Susan, Goodreads A Beautiful Story About Finding The Will To Live Again It Has Definitely Won One Of The Slots For My Favorite Books Tiffany, Goodreads I M An Emotional Mess Right Now Wow This Book Is A Must Read Highly Recommended Denise, GoodreadsIf You Love Inspiring Young Adult Or New Adult Romantic Contemporary Novels, Don T Miss This Powerful Read LOST IN LOS ANGELES Will Appeal To Readers Of IF I STAY And JUST ONE DAY By Gayle Forman , TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN By John Green , SECONDS By Jessica Park , THIRTEEN REASONS WHY By Jay Asher , And REASON TO BREATHE By Rebecca Donovan LOST IN LOS ANGELES Gives Us An Insider S Los Angeles Travel Guide Wrapped In A Coming Of Age Story Of Healing And Hope, With An Ending That You Won T See Coming Jenny, what a great book If you are wanting to read a book that is going to put your emotions on a rollercoaster ride then please pick up this book I love books that can make me cry and you have done that Jenny Thanks and I can t wait until you write the next book ad there must be a next book I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review Jenny Lynn has woven the lost innocence with the fear of the unknown to the finding of true love in a way I have never read before After being betrayed she runs but is she running from something to to someone From beginning to end you will immediately fall in love with Erin and feel as though you are there with her every step she takes You can feel her pain, fear, uncertainty, loneliness, frustration, yet you then begin to feel her grow stronger, trust , believe she can be loved and finally find love Be prepared..once you start on the adventure with her you will not stop until you and Erin have completed that adventure together The ending you ask I NEVER saw it coming The magic that this story is written with will stay in your heart long after you are done with the best ok I know Erin and Ben are in my heart forever. Review for Lost in Los Angeles By Jenny LynneHonestly, I am glad that I stumbled across this book because I felt so emotional reading this novel I have read many books and I don t think one has moved me as much as this one did I loved it so much I just now finished reading it My eyes are welling up and my heart aches I absolutely love this book.Lost in Los Angeles is from the point of view of the main character Erin, who may have gone through than one tragedy in her life and she feels alone The story starts out with her and her by chance prom date who took advantage of her that night This leaves her scarred.The rest of the book is about how she overcomes her anxiety and how she becomes to love life again Through this process she meets Ben in Los Angeles where she goes on vacation before deciding the fate of her life Ben changes her life He had also gone through so many hardships that he shares with her which makes her comfortable in sharing her past as well They become close and hang out with each other Erin starts to develop feelings for Ben and when she shares this with him he is apprehensive although he feels the same way This confuses Erin, but she knows that Ben is who changed her perspective on life and she loves him for it This book does draw you in because the author describes all the events with such reality that the reader feels they feel and see what Erin does The parts that confused me would have to be when she sees some things that she shouldn t be seeing or feels things that she shouldn t, but that s what makes this book unique and different All these unexplained things can only be explained with the ending of the book.The author perfectly depicts the world as anyone that has experienced traumatic events would The anxiety of the character is described so well that we understand what it s like to have anxiety, claustrophobia and other stressful situations.I cannot put into words how well I think the author did in creating this beautiful novel It is purely wonderful I just loved this book so much The end of the book, although heartbreaking puts the bits and pieces of the book together The ending completes the novel. This books brings out emotions in your heart you never even knew were there It s well written and flows so smoothly, you forget you re even reading It touches on topics that are often very difficult to read about but the author weaves in so many beautiful and almost unearthly elements, you end up feeling moved by the story than saddened I think all of us fall into different times in our life when we question our purpose and search for something to validate ourselves There is a little bit of Erin in all of us so this book is relatable on so many levels Even though this book isn t really a suspense type novel, you will be blown away by the twists unraveled during this story. Wow this book is not at all what I expected But a great read Different but interesting story. Oh my gosh When I finished reading LOST IN LOS ANGELES I realized I was crying and holding my breath I don t mean just crying, I was sobbing Erin has just lost her best friend, Star, tragically A few weeks later, while at the prom, she is violated by her high school crush Looking to escape and get away from her life she takes a trip to Los Angeles While she is having coffee one morning, she meets the mysterious and gorgeous Ben Erin has been one hot mess due to all that has happened to her but for some reason, Ben makes her want to try harder and be better I m not going to say anything else, as I m afraid I will give too much away All I m going to say is you have to read this book Trust me, read it I have to say, my emotions were all over the place reading LOST IN LOS ANGELES I had tears, I was angry, I was happy and snorting out loud Jenny Lynne made me feel like I was right there with Erin, feeling everything She was Her pain was so real and it broke my heart LOST IN LOS ANGELES is only 192 pages, but what a wild ride it is Oh and all I m going to say is the ending will blow you away What an awesome twist Well done Jenny Lynne I can not wait to read by this mind blowing author. My Goodreads friend Susan was reading this book, so I had to pick it up Note to Susan, I m going to kill you Just kidding How can you not feel for the female lead, Erin She loses her bestfriend, is raped by a boy she trusted and is in a world she can t seem to sink her feet in and then to make it worst, while swimming in the ocean, she finds a dead girl Christ this poor girl can t get a break, that is until she meets Ben and finds he is everything she wants and , but who is Ben And where did he come from Was it just her luck that she ran into him at the coffee shop Or is there something deeper in the real truth.This story will grip your emotions, suffocate you at times, but in the end you will be begging for.

J.W Lynne has been an avid reader practically since birth and now writes inventive young adult novels with shocking twists, turns, and surprises In the science fiction series THE SKY ABOVE THE SKY, RETURN TO THE SKY, PART OF THE SKY, and BEYOND THE SKY , an eighteen year old fights to survive in a dystopian future society founded on lies The romantic contemporary novels LOST IN LOS ANGELES and

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