Lyon's Gift (The Highland Brides, #2)

Lyon's Gift (The Highland Brides, #2)Lyon s Gift I really enjoyed this book and I was impressed with the quality of your work You have a great imagination. English soldier Piers Montgomerie, also known as Lyon, has been given land in Scotland as a reward for service As he struggles to make peace with the Highlanders that surround him, Meghan Brodie literally walks right into his hands Once he lays eyes on her, he knows that his world has changed dramatically Marrying her will solidify his standing with the Brodie clan Meghan s three brothers but even than the advantageous union, Lyon comes to realize that Meghan is unlike any other woman he has ever known This is a wonderfully compelling romance of a stern hero hiding deep philosophical angst and a headstrong heroine struggling to be seen for her mind rather than her beauty Their banter is delightful and, at times, downright hilarious I couldn t put this down and read it nearly straight through If you re looking for a sigh worthy romance with a dash of humor and some major heat, then this book is for you. Piers de Montgomerie is an English knight who has been rewarded with a portion of land by King David of Scotia for service and friendship Piers, better known as Lyon, is a bastard, and son of a prostitute His mother made sure her son was provided tutors that taught him to read and write, and he became a bit of a philosopher rake.Lyon was searching, yet every pleasure he indulged in did not provide him with what was missing in his life That was until he caught a thief making away with one of his lambs.Meghan Brodie mostly raised by her three brothers after her parents passed, has become a bit of a wild child with a very strong streak of independence Through observing her brothers, and those men and suitors that tried to win her hand in marriage Meghan has decided that all men want only one thing from women sex They care nothing for a woman s mind, soul or heart Meghan has decided that she will never marry because she loves her independence too much.Fate brings Lyon and Meghan together and as events unfold like a Rube Goldberg obstacle course they discover truths about themselves that each other has gifted to the other.This is 2 in The Highland Bride Series There are currently five books. I m usually a fan of Tanya Anne Crosby but this is probably one of the worst Medieval Romances I ve read listened to The characters had potential but the plot was flatter than a pancake It was so dull not even a knife sharpener could help The AWFUL narrator Ewan MacRae didn t make things better The heroes voice sounded like a whiner and a dolt all at the same time Unfortunately this narrator narrates the rest of the series I only finished this because I have a thing about reading all books in a series If the next book is as bad, I will break my own rule and completely stop What a waste of credit. EnjoyThis was a good read It keeps you interested and is easy on the mind Which is what I look for to unwind. Another Great Read One of the things I love most about these books is the personal development of the main characters, making the plot so much than a quick romance But don t get me wrong, the other thing I LOVE about these books is the amount of time each main character focuses on their senses, sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing, which are affected by their romantic counterparts The detail to romantic tension makes my hopeless romantic soul giggle and reread clean romantic thrilled scenes So fun Esse o segundo romance que leio dessa autora e chego ao mesma conclus o eles s o apenas OK Mas n o me entendam mal, o problema n o necessariamente a autora, o problema sou eu, a leitora Ultimamente tenho ficado mais ranzinza com minhas leituras e se o estilo de escrita do autor n o me prende, apesar do plot interessante, ent o tudo vira apenas O.K Portanto, n o se baseie em minha opini o para decidir se ler ou n o esse livro Ainda assim, necessito expressar minha opini o A ideia central para a trama boa, com toques de humor, o enredo em si tem muita coisa interessante sobre a cultura das Highlands que mostram um bom trabalho de pesquisa por parte da autora Por m, n o houve absolutamente nada que surpreendesse e, principalmente, justificasse 300 e tantas p ginas Cento e cinquenta, como muito duzentas, e estaria a uma leitura que realmente n o passaria t o batida com um mero OK, isso Se tem uma coisa que me irrita s o repeti es Odeio quando uma hist ria fica dando voltas e voltas num mesmo ponto, que nem crucial para hist ria, s para encher p ginas E o que acontece Tanto nesse como no outro que eu li da autora e em muitos outros livros de autores diferentes N o sei se isso acontece por exig ncia das editoras ou se n o houver determinado n mero de p gina n o bem aceito pelo p blico E se for ambos os casos, quem foi que disse que para um livro valer a pena tem que ter centos de p ginas S rio, gente Eu digo mais vale um livro com 50 p ginas bem escrito que esse mundar u de palavras que nem fede nem cheira. Disappointing Not up to author s usual standard I listened to it via audible Not sure if it was due to the narrator or not, but I struggled to finish the book Story line seemed ludicrous at best. Horrible I tried, I really tried to get through this and couldn t Stopped at 20% The h was childish and I hated her.What drove me over the edge here s my list1 The dialogue was awful It s as though it was written by a 4th grader.2 How many times did the author have to repeat the word Bloody Is that the only Scottish word she knows 3 The continual repeating of words the characters said to each other.4 The h was stupid and her actions ridiculous.5 The H is an idiot for putting up with her.I could go into detail and point out the specifics, but I truly wasted too much time on this already to write a detailed review.I m sorry I really wanted it to get better, I like this author for the most part, but this book was a total waste of my time I returned it for a refund. Known As The Lyon For His Prowess On The Battlefield, Piers De Montgomerie Has Been Sent To Squash A Troublesome Highland Rebellion He Soon Discovers That What He Truly Desires Is The Highland Beauty Who Holds The Key To Peace Between The ClansMeghan Brodie Refuses To Be A Pawn In A Political Game And Vows Not Be Won So Easily, But Even As She Begins To Realize Their Love Is Destined To Heal An Injured Land, She Cannot Dare To Hope The English Lyon Will Look Beyond Physical Beauty To Love The Imperfect Lass Within

Tanya Anne Crosby is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thirty novels She has been featured in magazines, such as People, Romantic Times and Publisher s Weekly, and her books have been translated into eight languages Her first novel was published in 1992 by Avon Books, where Tanya was hailed as one of Avon s fastest rising stars Her fourth book was chosen to launch the com

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