Magic Hour

Magic Hour Dr Julia Cates Was One Of The Country S Preeminent Child Psychiatrists Until A Shocking Tragedy Ruined Her Career Retreating To Her Small Western Washington Hometown, Julia Meets An Extraordinary Six Year Old Girl Who Has Inexplicably Emerged From The Deep Woods Nearby A Child Locked In A World Of Unimaginable Fear And Isolation To Julia, Nothing Is Important Than Saving The Girl She Now Calls Alice But Julia Will Need Help From Others, Including The Sister She Barely Knows And A Handsome Doctor With Secrets Of His Own What Follows Will Test The Limits Of Julia S Faith And Strength, As She Struggles To Find A Home For Alice And For Herself

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 451 pages
  • Magic Hour
  • Kristin Hannah
  • English
  • 21 August 2019

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    Going against the grain again not something I ve done a lot, thankfully maybe 3 or 4 times in the last year and a half This dialogue in this book seemed to have a Lieutenant Horatio Caine David Caruso in CSI Miami undertone.This is the third Kristin Hannah book I ve read.I finished it in order to count the author in a reading group challenge on GoodReads 3 books by each author to count.while the first two books I read were okay, they were in my opinion young teen novels But right away, Magic Hour seemed to be much adultified, yet within the first 3 short chapters, I had a pretty good inclination where the book was going. so a star is lost for predictability.Having 3 children with autism, this book left a bad taste in my mouth the main character initially suspects Girl to be an autistic, but then gradually deciding against it only when the child makes meaningful eye contact this annoys me no, she did not say no child with autism can have meaningful purposeful eye contact, but she rules out autism as a possibility BECAUSE girl made eye contact.I acknowledge the author probably hasn t had her own personal experience with children with autism, and even if she did, I also recognize this is only a character the author has written I let this one go, hoping not to see references to this over and over again.But then later on, I was further upset by this You re not autistic, are you Julia said finally You re worried about my feelings Yes, Kristin Hannah, you ve probably heard that people with autism sometimes don t outwardly recognize or acknowledge or worry about someone else s feelings but I have three children with autism who are very in tune with other s feelings and who worry about them And my children are NOT the anomaly I get that Girl is fictional, and that she was created by the author NOT to have autism and no I do not think Girl presented as having autism.I m not arguing these conclusions but it s the insinuation that is coming across in the book that is reinforcing the stigma so many people believe that a child cannot possibly be autistic if they give meaningful eye contact or if they are worried about other people s feelings.these are the constant battles so many people with autism and their parents face and it s being validated in your book How many times have I heard there s nothing wrong with that kidshe s fineshe gives beautiful eye contact and look at how she s caring for that child that just fell on the ground I almost quit reading. The lack of research into this and child welfare and other issues becomes further apparent as the book moves along In a brief paragraph the character, Julia, a supposedly professional psychiatrist, contemplated Asperger s Syndrome, Ratt s syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, PDD NOS Ratt s Syndrome I assume you mean Rhett s Syndrome I do see where I might have enjoyed this book at one time, and where many other people might give it the 4 stars interesting plot, smooth and easy reading.but having 3 children on the Autism Spectrum, being caught up in a world of therapy and psychiatric assessments, I found the characters misleading and lacking authenticity Hannah attempted to purport Julia as a highly esteemed psychiatrist, yet was one that if she had spoken to me about my children in the unintelligible ways she did in the book, I d immediately ask for a different psychiatrist to be assigned to my children.the child welfare portion of this case was also not in the least well researched I was also quite insulted by the character of the small town police chief.I don t think Hannah is a horrible author I just think she hasn t found the genre that is most suitable to her writing.I d like to see her concentrating on teen novels.that s not an insultit s a lateral movement, reallywith the 3 books I ve read of Hannah s I believe it s a better fit for her writing.

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    Another impossibly beautiful novel by Kristin Hannah The story follows Julia, a disgraced child psychiatrist living in Malibu, who s called home to the small forest town of her childhood by her police chief sister, Ellie, to work with a wild feral girl who had been living in the untamed forests of the Pacific Northwest Everything about this book works perfectly from the charming warmth of this little town, to the colorful characters and vivid descriptions Like all of Kristin s books, you ll still be thinking about it long after you finish.

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    Interesting plot I struggled with the quality of the writing, the easy awkward introduction of a romantic subplot, and the oversimplification of small town life Just to start, in this book small town life the REPEATED mention of who was homecoming queen 20 years ago by almost EVERY adult character in the novel, loads of uninformed gossip, the collective best friendness of the entire police department, etc., etc., etc I also wish the child welfare issues were researched carefully and were less sensational if the voices behind this book want the press to stop seeking a scapegoat whenever something terrible or unpleasant happens it seems the author would try to do the same and honestly examine every side of this fictional story.I also struggled with the idea that the main voice of the book was trying to prove herself as a leader in her field, but she missed OBVIOUS psychological issues with her sister, boy friend , co worker, best friend, etc.Anyway, quick mediocre read.

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    I would run to the train after work just so I can sit down and read this book, and I was so sad when it ended A little girl raised by wolves is rescued in a small town, and she changes people s lives as she adapts to her new world Really, really good story

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    Given the reviews I seem to be very much in the minority, but I thought this was a wretchedly written book It had an interesting premise Two sisters in small town Washington state, a child psychiatrist and the town s police chief, try to help a six year old feral child My problem is that from the start the book took an overly melodramatic tone as it related Doctor Julia Cates facing a decision in a lawsuit about a tragedy involving a patient of hers Her sister, Ellie Barton, is an incongruous mix a chief of police with the mentality of a small town beauty queen But what made this an excruciating read was the cliche ridden prose Sentences and phrases such as listening to the surf, thinking how much it sounded like beat of her heart could have heard a pin drop and all hell broke loose Goodness There s too many good books and too little time to put up with that.

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    I m a huge fan of Kristin Hannah WINTERS GARDEN and THE NIGHTINGALE are two of my all time favorite novels Somehow I missed MAGIC HOUR the first time around, but picked it up last week from my local bookstore What a beautiful novel The characters are complex and compelling From the first page you are captivated by Alice, an obviously abused and feral little girl, venturing out of the deep woods for the first time, her wolf pup clutched close I read the first half of the novel in a single sitting, staying up well past my bed time and happy I did so Couldn t wait to get back to it the next day I love novels with characters you genuinely care about and root for MAGIC HOURS captures an entire small town that feels like home Thank you, Hannah, for another great read

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    Exactly what I needed after a 970 page read quick, easy and even a bit predictable, but with likable characters I even found myself crying at the end A nice beach read.

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    This was an excellent book The story was sad, about a young girl who was kidnapped and taken deep into the woods How she survived, and what happens to her when she re enters society Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite Authors.this is one of her best.

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    Don t Bother Buying this BookI purchased this book because I enjoyed THE GREAT ALONE Unfortunately the writing of this book was not of the same caliber In fact, I doubt I will ever buy another book by this author The idea of discovering a child who has grown up in the woods was interesting but the author could not carry it off Plus the love story which wasn t needed was too unrealistic Save your money for a better book.

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    After reading my second book by Hannah he is at the top of my must read list I can t wait to get my hands on of her books I can read them in one sitting and love every word she writes.

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