Magic or Not?

Magic or Not?One of the Edward Eager books I missed as a child Laura moves into a new home with a well that, according to knowledgable sources, grants wishes What wishes will the well willingly work Another great book by Edward Eager Even though the characters are different, the magic of Edward Eager s writing is always present I adored this book as I ve been adoring all Eager s books since I read his first bookbut, this book was especially great, mostly because of its title obviously the story contextualizes it and the way that Edward just kept us all wondering view spoiler I especially adored the idea of perpetuating, throughout the whole book, the uncertainty regarding magic s existence It was never truly clear to the reader if the events were influenced by magic or not and to me, that s made the book truly irresistible It s up to the reader to decide if he wants to believe in magic influence or not, much the same way Laura decided that she believed in magic and that was that hide spoiler The Magic Begins When Laura And Her Family Brothers James, Baby Deborah, And Her Parents Move To A Country House In Connecticut There Is A Well In The Yard, And Laura Is The Kind Of Girl Who Believes In Making Wishes Her First Wish Comes True, And This Sets Off A Round Of Adventures For Laura, James And Two Neighbors, Kip And Lydia, Who Mix What Seems To Be Genuine Magic With Good Deeds Saving Old Miss Isabella King S House From A Mortgage Foreclosure, Rescuing The Long Lost Heir, Persuading Snobbish Mrs Witherspoon To Support The New School Proposal, And Discovering The Secret Of The Antique Desk And As For The Magic, Is It Or Not This book, and The Well Wishers, were probably my two least favorite Edward Eager magic books, because he started waffling about whether the magic was really happening or not I hated that The thing that made his other books so much fun especially when I first read them as a child was that he wrote about ordinary kids who had real magic adventures I don t know what made him suddenly start prevaricating about the magic, but I found it very frustrating Probably my favorite book in this series so far I really liked the back and forth question of whether or not what was happening to them was magic or just coincidence I loved how the author used this as a theme, like, even if there isn t magic, but maybe there is things can still be magical I also loved the idea in that magic is fueled by, comes from, or maybe just is good turns It s a good message And, of course, like all books in this series, beautifully written. Half Magic is still my favorite of Eager s books, but in Magic or Not he hasn t lost his signature touch with characters or plot In this book, I enjoyed the play with the concept of magic as fate or magic as coincidence in the real world and the ultimate pleasure that the children took in considering that the adults had set all of the magical adventures up for them All in all, a sweet book that I m glad to have read, magic or not Reading aloud to my own children these wonderful books that my Dad read to me as a child, or that I read to myself when I was younger or even to my older children when they were younger , awakens such fond memories within me Marvelous This book is, in some respects, poignant than the earlier Edward Eager books, in large part because it s not clear whether there s any magic involved or not, or simply a case of children befriending each other, discovering things about themselves and their neighbors, and seeking to do what is good and right Very nice, and well written besides. So I seem to be reading this series backwards Anyhow it was lovely charming story But I was a bit put out by one thing in the end Did they or did they not return Mrs T Witherspoon s desk And did she find out I would bloody like to know because my heart was racing when they the 5 children carried it away in the middle of the night Yes its fine and well to say magic was in the air and the identical desks needed to be reunited But I kinda had a heart failure I guess I take things far too seriously.. Charmingly written I ve always liked Edward Eager s writing style. Although it s listed as Book 5 of the Tales of Magic series, this book features all new characters and no cameos from the children from the other books at all.I have the sense that Eager really hit his stride with this book It flows smoothly from chapter to chapter, and the adventures in the story link together better than in the previous four books I loved the other four, but this one is just tightly written and satisfying to me My daughter enjoyed it, too She s not a huge fan of fantasy she s a very practical almost eight year old perhaps too practical and I think there was great appeal for her in the fact that magic or not remained a question throughout the book Everything that happens to the children can be explained without magicbut then, it can all be explained magically, too This ambiguity was delicious, to use my daughter s word her word is delicious not ambiguous she s quite precocious but I don t think she s learned that particular word yet My daughter says she likes Magic or Notabout the same as the other books, but it may well be my favorite of the bunch, so far.One book left in the Tales of Magic series I m looking forward to it, but I ll also be sad to say goodbye to the books I ve tried to get my daughter into Edith Nesbit s books since the children in Eager s books like them so much, but aside from Five Children and It, she shows no interest She says they re, BOR ING And this is the kid who reads field guides for fun I don t really get it Luckily, there are plenty of children s classics to read after we finish Book 6.

Eager was born in and grew up in Toledo, Ohio and attended Harvard University, class of 1935 After graduation, he moved to New York City, where he lived for 14 years before moving to Connecticut He married Jane Eberly in 1938 and they had a son, Fritz Eager was a childhood fan of L Frank Baum s Oz series, and started writing children s books when he could not find stories he wanted to read to

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