Mary Poppins Comes Back

Mary Poppins Comes BackMost people are pretty familiar with the Disney version of Mary Poppins But not everyone knows that Mary Poppins is the first in a whole series of books, and that the tone of the books is quite different from the Disney version of events I highly recommend you consider checking out these slightly grittier books.Mary Poppins Comes Back is the second book in the series If you ve seen the Disney movie, you could easily pick up this book and start from here if you know nothing about Mary Poppins, I d recommend starting with Mary Poppins.So in the books, Mary is rather stern with the Banks children, but it works She s also a bit uptight, domineering, short, and bossy She even tells Mr and Mrs Banks what to do sometimes She sets her own schedule, coming and going out of their employment at her will, not theirs When she puts the kids to bed, she simply tells them to go to bed and then leaves the room No sentimental storytime or good nights In the movie, she cheerily sings Spoonful of Sugar and magically makes castor oil taste delicious in the book she makes the kids take the med without changing the taste or singing a song.However, the magic is definitely still there, and that s what makes these books so excellent No matter what is happening on Cherry Tree Lane, Mary Poppins and her magic can distract and or make things better This series of books is almost written like a series of vignettes the chapters can easily be read one at a time, as there s no cliffhanger endings In each one, one or the Banks children is facing a conflict and in each one something magical happens Also at the end of each chapter Mary totally denying that anything unusual happened For example, in one story Jane Banks wakes up having a bad day Yes, a very minor conflict, but a conflict in the life of a child still She ends up magically shrinking down and entering the world depicted on the side of a fancy porcelain bowl on the mantelpiece, where she meets three young boys When things don t go as well as hoped for, and Mary has to rescue her, she comes home in a much better mood and much appreciative of the life she does have Mary, as usual, tells Jane that she imagined the whole thing Yet, Mary s scarf is clearly visible in the picture on the bowl after the whole escapade The magic continues throughout the book the children meet Mr Turvy and his wife, Mrs Topsy They also go bouncing through the park, buoyed by big colorful balloons And finally, they also learn the story of the King of the Castle and the Dirty Rascal, and learn that Mary may have been involved, of course.If you find yourself needing a magically surprising escape, like the Banks children sometimes do, check out the Mary Poppins series This book is between a 4.25 and 4.5 rating for me Oddly enough I enjoyed this sequel than the first book When I read the first book I had no idea what to expect and was really surprised by what I read though I still enjoyed it This time I was familiar with Travers s version of Mary Poppins and was able to just enjoy the stories like children at heart are supposed to I plan on reading the third book soon. Pulled Down From The Clouds At The End Of A Kite String, Mary Poppins Is Back In Mary S Care, The Banks Children Meet The King Of The Castle And The Dirty Rascal, Visit The Upside Down World Of Mr Turvy And His Bride, Miss Topsy, And Spend A Breathless Afternoon Above The Park, Dangling From A Clutch Of Balloons Another dazzling, comedic and fantastic addition to the classic Mary Poppins series This is technically a children s book, but it can certainly be read by all ages, not to mention that the author s depiction of Edwardian England is just amazing. The real Mary Poppins is mean Julie Andrews made her sweet and likeable, but the children had reason to be afraid of her in the books Many of the adventures in the books begin with the children following a creature or wandering off on their own to somewhere amazing without Mary, and then discovering she is already at the party She always glares at the children when they try to bring up a fantastical experience they ve had with her, and acts as though it never happened She s pretty stuck up and strict for a nanny who just blew into town with the wind.One of the flaws to the film adaptation is that the screenplay makes all of the adults seem ridiculous and the children the only sane characters In the books, the children have their very bad days not wanting to wake up, grumpy and misbehaving , true to life, and there are still a few adult characters with collected senses Mr and Mrs Banks personalities for example, might even be considered normal in the books, whereas in the films, they were pretty eccentric and clueless.I didn t like the series of adventures in this second book as much as the first, still continuing through the series. Had the collection of all the Mary Poppins stories as a child and read them many times Rereading them now is going back in time.In Mary Poppins Comes Back she does come back as unexpectedly and unapologetically as she left at the end of Mary Poppins And somehow she gets away with it, just leaving and coming back at will, to her job as the Bank s children s governess She finds it open to her when she arrives, and steps back into place as if she never left, welcomed as the only one who can restore order Part of you wants to be annoyed with her moxie, but another part your greater self prefers to admire her waiting to see what she will do next, especially to stand in wonder of what s coming next For surely something amazing s about to begin And amazing adventures happen over and over to Jane, Michael and the twins, John and Barbara The author, P.L Travers, knew what appealed to children of my generation Although the books may seem strange tame to children today who are used to so much action, for those who long for less and like things at a slower pace, these books are a treat.They remind me of old fashioned ballads with numerous verses which are fun to sit around a camp or a log fire and enjoy Somewhat repetitious and nostalgic but restful, sweet, and homey for being so. I recently finally listened to Mary Poppins and discovered that there are way books in that series than I ever expected So we ll be plugging along with these for a while Mary Poppins Comes Back is, well, just as the title tells us Mary Poppins does come back, after leaving Michael and Jane at the end of the first book just as she did in the movie A lot of readers are really upset that the movie was not in line with the book for much of the story, but when has Hollywood ever been that accurate Especially when it comes to Disney.One could say that the new Emily Blunt Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Returns, follows loosely the events that take place in the second book in the series No, in the book, Jane and Michael are not grown up and trying to protect the family home In the story, they are still children, and the twins John and Barbara are still around though possibly a bit older I don t know, I still don t even know why the twins exist because there s not much too them And now there s even another child because someone keeps letting the Banks have children Annabel, who is even worthless than John and Barbara No one cares about the little ones Let s just talk about Jane and Michael Though to be fair the twins did get their own little story in the first book and Annabel had a rich story in this book I m just not interested, probably because Disney broke me and I only care about Jane and Michael But some of the things that occur in the book do happen in the Emily Blunt movie, such as a visit to Topsy Turvy who is decidedly nothing like Meryl Streep and the bit with the balloons and an adventure inside the painting on a bowl.And, for the record, if you didn t like the way Mary Poppins was portrayed in the first book, you won t like her any in this book She is still well, Mary Poppins.The kids go on adventures, Mary Poppins is still vain and not so nice, and I still giggled every time the word perambulator was used because I can t get over that word for some reason.But, seriously, why can the Banks family not get their shit together Did they learn nothing after the events in the first book Or was the moral of the story apparent in the Julie Andrews movie Mr Banks is insufferable and probably needs a nanny than Jane and Michael and those twins and new baby.There seems to be magic in this book than in the first Or the author was on drugs when she wrote it, either way People complained that Mary Poppins is not as magical as the Disney movie makes it seem, to which I remind you all again DISNEY But in this second installment there is a bit of magic, or so it seems Shit happens that are completely out of the ordinary, so either Mary Poppins drugged everyone again or maybe there is some magic in her carpetbag after all.As is typical with many second books, the formula is the same as the first, almost chapter for chapter It will be dull if all the books follow this formula, but for now I ll assume it s just a problem with most sopho releases.The audio version is narrated, again, by Sophie Thompson I have no real complaints with her narration, and I think I ll be sad if any of the other books in the series are narrated by anyone else As far as I m concerned, she is Mary Poppins Though, okay, yeah, one complaint that her vocal characterizations are actually not that good It was like she would narrate one character and then go to the next voice, but it would take a second for her voice to change into the next character s voice, and that was a bit distracting But not enough to make me want a different narrator I ve gotten used to this one, thank you very much. Still working but not sure how much longer the series could continue to be this enjoyable There are some repetitive elements, Poppins staring at herself in mirrors, or denying that anything magical has happened Also some of the plot outlines are similar but these are all minor things in the grand scheme For now still charming.In my review of the first book i compared Poppins to the Discworlds Granny Weatherwax but at this point she reminds me of Doctor Who, especially the early versions of the doctor During the read i was wondering if the Mary Poppins stories count as magical realism but i then needed to define that term so i came up with this Magical Realism is when a story has magical ie non scientific elements, said elements being neither Consistent nor Persistent I concluded Poppins was inconsistent enough but failed the second criteria because Mary and the magic around her was too Persistent Anyway, sidebar over.Overall still delightfully weird enough for me to continue the series. P.L Travers famously loathed the 1964 film Mary Poppins so much so that her will stipulates that a sequel can never be filmed No wonder I and so many others never realized quite how many books there are in this series.In Mary Poppins Comes Back, the legendary nanny reappears from the sky with as much notice as she gave when she vanished at the end of the very first book none The Banks family, at sixes and sevens without her, welcome her return particularly the children Jane, Michael and the toddler twins Barbara and John In this book, first released in 1935, Mary Poppins rules the household even imperiously than in the first, if that s possible But, as always, Miss Poppins brings magic and good sense wherever she goes Some of the characters from the first novel reappear as well Admiral Boom, the prissy Miss Lark and her dogs, Mrs Corry and her giant daughters, and Bert the Match Man but quite a few new ones emerge, too Some of the adventures are a bit repetitive e.g., cousin Arthur Turvy bears too much of a resemblance to the uncle, Mr Wigg and chapter on the introduction of spring falls flat however, some of the tales are a bit darker than you d find in today s children s fare, and most of the tales are reasonably funny Chapters on Mr Banks harridan of an ex nanny, on a celestial circus, and on the Dirty Rascal prove particularly satisfying While not quite in the same league as the 1934 debut Mary Poppins book, adults and children alike will still love the sequel. This book has or less the same pros and cons as the first, but I was a little vexed by them this time because it was a second book s worth of them In fact, I think my first review might have been colored a little by having read this one too, since I wrote it after reading both Some of that indignation probably belongs here I wanted to believe that the sequel would be pleasant, but not so In any case, this is another random string of adventures involving Mary Poppins and the Banks household The children are still charming including the new addition of Annabel , the parents are still useless and blithering, there are even hints that certain members of the staff are also somehow magical or something, and Mary Poppins is still cross and priggish and mean and glaring If there were just the slightest hint that she actually cared about these children, I might be able to get on board, but she s just so unpleasant I don t think the kids need to be coddled by their nanny, but they re practically mistreated There are hints that Mary Poppins can be a wonderful, charming person dancing in the stars, upside down tea parties, though never in relation to the kids , but then they re squashed when she immediately turns on anyone who dares intimate that anything extraordinary could possibly have happened, despite the hints that inevitably turn up on the last page of every chapter The magic is still kind of fun to read in parts, but there doesn t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it like, who IS Mary Poppins WHAT is she , though it s not too hard to just go with that element at least and realize that magic doesn t always have to be explained We see a couple glimpses of elements used in the movie and stage musical in this book, including the fearsome Miss Andrew, the former nanny of Mr Banks Her presence would be a lot formidable if Mary Poppins provided of a contrast, but instead she s just another brand of unpleasant, and Mary Poppins only dismisses her in the way only Mary Poppins can because Miss Andrew offends her Oh, horror Never mind the horrible things she says to the kids or Mrs Banks Also, I don t really understand why or how, but there are quite a few pretty inexcusable typos I noticed in this one The illustrations are still fun the one of Miss Andrews is inspired.In the end, of the same, really The very ending kind of won me back over, enough to at least pick up the third in the series, but I m not holding my breath for Mary Poppins to pull out any spoonfuls of sugar any time soon.

Pamela Lyndon Travers was an Australian novelist, actress and journalist, popularly remembered for her series of children s novels about mystical nanny Mary Poppins.She was born to bank manager Travers Robert Goff and Margaret Agnes Her father died when she was seven, and although epileptic seizure delirium was given as the cause of death, Travers herself always believed the underlying cause

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