Mary Poppins Opens the Door

Mary Poppins Opens the DoorThis is the third in the series and although Mary Poppins leaves for the last time in this book, the other books in the series contain stories that fit in the time scale of the first 3 books, so in a way this is comforting as Mary s departure needn t feel so final.We loved this mixture of everyday and magic, we love the family and we so wanted Mary Poppins just for once to admit the magic happened, only if just with a wink The children s character s are wonderful, ever hopeful and kind We loved the story of Neleus and his freedom for an hour or two and how the children would consider this statue s feelings and try to read within his sight in the park so he wasn t too bored, this is exactly the sort of thing my children would have wanted to do when they were younger.The cat can look at a king was a lovely story of philosophy, considering happiness and what intelligence really is.The chapter about the musical boxes is wonderful, the idea everyone has their own piece of music is great, what a nice idea, it has left us trying to work out what ours would be.A wonderful, magical story Like Mary Poppins herself, this book gives you no answers, but lots to think about. From The Moment Mary Poppins Arrives At Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane, Everyday Life At The Banks House Is Forever Changed This Classic Series Tells The Story Of The World S Most Beloved Nanny, Who Brings Enchantment And Excitement With Her Everywhere She Goes Featuring The Charming Original Cover Art By Mary Shepard, These New Editions Are Sure To Delight Readers Of All AgesMary Poppins Reappears Just In Time According To Her Tape Measure, Jane And Michael Have Grown Worse And Worse Since She Went Away But The Children Won T Have Time To Be Naughty With All That Mary Has Planned For Them A Visit To Mr Twigley S Music Box Filled Attic, An Encounter With The Marble Boy, And A Ride On Miss Calico S Enchanted Candy Canes Are All Part Of An Average Day Out With Everyone S Favorite Nanny The end of the trilogy Especially poignant, as revealed in the introduction, which explains the historical significance of the 5th of November and alludes to the horrors of WWII which robbed many children of the innocence and happiness that all should experience.But the story itself is much akin to the first two, and that s a good thing I really like the original fairy tales inserted into each In this entry, it s The Cat Who Looked at a King, a parable on the difference between cleverness and wisdom Lovely and valuable Also lovely are the illustrations, now by Mary Shepard and Agnes Sims I get the impression that Shepard drew MP, and that Sims drew the children, other characters, and settings in the style of Shepard The drawings are refined, a finer line of brush or pencil enables detail.Note these are dated, and there are a few problems For example, I m not at all comfortable with the depiction of Friday, from Robinson Crusoe Otoh, the depictions of the servant class and of the poor are sympathetic, and men are gently mocked as much as are women iow, not sexist.I recommend these to all adults who have access to their inner child, and to families who can discuss the wonder, the joy, and the small issues. I thoroughly enjoyed Mary Poppins Opens the Door much than I thought I would, as it is P.L Travers third book in the Mary Poppins series and because the very first story about Mary Poppins beleaguered cousin, Mr Twigley, was so reminiscent of tales in both the inaugural Mary Poppins Uncle Albert Wiggs and Mary Poppins Comes Back cousin Arthur Turvy and his housekeeper Topsy However, the ensuing tales proved delightful and inventive, although never up to the standard set in the first book.In Mary Poppins Opens the Door, Jane and Michael Banks and, at times, their twin siblings Barbara and John encounter very unusual horses, an enchanting and enchanted statue, a very clever cat, and other adventures Some of the tales, particularly The Cat That Looked At a King and The Marble Boy, dispensed some subtle wisdom as to what things are truly important in life, morals that were missing in the two earlier books These were quite touching The Banks children also encounter beloved characters from the previous books, returned again for another visit.I had been planning to abandon the series after three books, quitting, so to speak, before the series invariably deteriorated But the I think about it, the I think that I shall read the fourth and final storybook, Mary Poppins in the Park As Jane and Michael could testify, Mary Poppins always leaves you begging for And, thus far, so it has proved. This is probably my least favorite Mary Poppins book as the story format has fallen into a predictable pattern Mary Poppins returns in an epic way, we meet family members, fairy tale and animal stories, and kids forget that Mary has to leave and try to get her to stay Even though the stories followed a pattern they were still unique and kept me interested throughout the book I m not sure what it was about the second chapter that made it my least favorite chapter but it almost made me change my rating The rest of the book made up for it though especially the last few chapters with all the dancing In the last chapter, all of Mary Poppins family and friends returned and it was wonderful I m still upset that Bert and Mary didn t dance together, but there was a tender moment between them that fits Mary s characters.It became very clear how much Ms Travers cared about Mr Banks over Mrs Banks Reading you can tell how important his feelings were, and Mrs Banks seemed like a nervous or upset person whenever she appeared I m not sure why this is so but it doesn t seem like it will change in the last Mary Poppins book Ms Travers wrote. These are such fun books I really enjoyed this particular collection of adventures, with the fairytales coming to life in the crack of the new year, the peppermint horses, the marble boy, the cat who looked at a king, and the undersea adventure I have to say, as stingy as she can be, I am growing and fond of Mary Poppins I can understand that to admit that the adventures she organizes for the children are real would be to get too chummy with them There is a comfort in consistency, even when it s not all roses and sunshine I even think the name Mary Poppins is indicative of her personality Mary is sensible and no nonsense, but Poppins promises something a little bit on the wild side.I also love the narration in these books I think the joy in simple pleasures and innocent adventures is wonderful I love all the cozy passages as I think of them, about how Mary Poppins smells like toast, and how warm and lovely the fire is I am also interested in random historical tidbits, like the fact that crumpets were apparently delivered by a crumpet man at one time. This is my favourite of the 6 books so far Up till now they ve been mainly magical, and I had mixed feelings about children being left in the care of a nanny who screwed with their minds and refused to answer their questions However, in this one, the mystical element hinted at in the previous book becomes a bit obvious and there are passages of incredible beauty amongst the commonplace magic if that s not an oxymoron. These books are weird, and the adventures are random, but I love them anyways Mary Poppins has currently brainwashed me into thinking that it s refreshing to read about a thoroughly empowered woman Some might say she s a little too empowered, to the point where she thinks she s the cat s pajamas, but so be it Favorite stories are when MP makes peppermint sticks turn into horses and when they travel under the sea to visit an ancient turtle. Despite its claim as the third in the Mary Poppins series, Mary Poppins Opens the Door is the book containing the story of our heroine s final departure and hence, should probably be read last Once again she returns to a state of disarray One and all are lost without her children, parents, fellow servants, animals and even the surrounding neighborhood Why did she leave What has kept her so long Never mind, Mary Poppins is back You might as well ask why the gift horse is a dapple gray Because it is be grateful Life at 17 Cherry Tree Lane can return to normal well sort of Anyway, it can be happy again Normal is overrated anyway One of P.L Travers trademarks are the little telltale bits of evidence which confirm the most incredible things the children Jane and Michael have seen Mary Poppins do such as reappearing in a rocket or cavorting under the sea things which she also vehemently denies And yet if she really didn t want the children to know the truth, why not also be tidier about all the scraps of proof which belie the adventures Rather, like the loving person we know her to be, Mary Poppins lets them have the joy of belief while outwardly scorning their suggestions of impropriety on her part As readers we smile sympathetically along with Jane and Michael s secret knowledge but inability to confirm it In this third book we are introduced to things found in the movie, including one of my favorite lines,Close your mouth, Michael You are not a Codfish , except I think in the movie, Mary says, we are not a codfish, but close enough The closing episode and possibly my favorite in the series Interestingly this book ended with these Latin words written in all caps GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO or GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST This is of the same It s a series of random, unconnected adventures concerning the toxic, rude, abusive Mary Poppins and her charming, thankfully resilient young charges I kind of thought hoped that this book would be comprised of, basically, Mary Poppins literally opening a door, and that would be it, but there was a little to it than that.This one starts with a random historical discussion on Guy Fawkes Day, leading to the return of Mary Poppins via firework in the Park From there you read about stories involving peppermint stick horses, an undersea party honoring Mary Poppins of course and a celebration of the New Year with a multitude of rival fairy tale characters joining forces in The Crack between the old year and the new This book also includes the story that was adapted to an animated short and included in a recent DVD release of Disney s Mary Poppins, The Cat That Looked At a King So for some reason every creature in the world adores Mary Poppins at least in the non human world , and I still don t really get it The parents are oblivious than ever, the kids are still pretty fun, but Mary Poppins is toxic than ever She s always looking at the children with disgust and treating them like they re absolute morons for mentioning the adventures that she led them on The strangest part is that these adventures sometimes include the entire cast or other visitors of the park, but she still is furious and mortally offended at any implication that she would do anything reproachful How can someone claim to be practically perfect when she s so horribly cross all the time The writing is still all right, and the illustrations are still charming, but it s so hard to get on board when the main character is such an unpleasant prig Why does she keep leaving and coming anyway Perhaps to inflict further psychological damage to poor Jane and Michael I don t think the series needed to continue this long, but, well, it did There s a little of the charming, and a lot of the maddening, but the balance is obviously off I think Mary Poppins reaches her height of unpleasantness in this third book in the series.

Pamela Lyndon Travers was an Australian novelist, actress and journalist, popularly remembered for her series of children s novels about mystical nanny Mary Poppins.She was born to bank manager Travers Robert Goff and Margaret Agnes Her father died when she was seven, and although epileptic seizure delirium was given as the cause of death, Travers herself always believed the underlying cause w

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